Fruit "salad"

I can't think of a better way to help meet BOTH my fruit and veggie recommendations.
While we are all in different stages of our journey of appreciating wholesome food and developing a healthy relationship with food, I hope you feel my excitement as you make your own yummy creations. I just love making beautiful salads, filled with colorful and filling ingredients. If only my body could speak to me, I have a feeling it would thank me for providing it with wonderful nutrients to fuel workouts, reduce my risk for disease and improve my quality of life. Or, perhaps, it will just show me how good it feels while I do a long "aerobic" recovery ride on Sat, followed by my normal transition run and normal short bike + (semi)long recovery run on Sunday.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Fruit "salad"
Dark greens
Green peppers
*not pictured is a large scoop of low fat cottage cheese which is under my bed of dark greens. You may choose your choice of protein to balance out the meal.