New credentials and new article

It is with great excitement that I can finally add 3 more letters to my name!!!

For the first time on my blog....
Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N

I am so honored to be a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in the state of Florida. What a journey this has been!!!
As a Registered Dietitian, I am proud to follow the mission, vision, purpose, focus and values set forth by the Florida Department of Health:

MISSION: To protect and promote the health of all residents and visitors in the state through organized state and community efforts, including cooperative agreements with counties.
VISION: A healthier future for the people of Florida.
PURPOSE: To protect the public through health care licensure, enforcement and information.
FOCUS: To be the nation's leader in quality health care regulation.
VALUES: Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork, & Empowerment.

A little about licensure in the state of Florida:
The Dietetic and Nutrition Practice Council is responsible for licensing and regulating dietitian/nutritionists and nutrition counselors in Florida. Applicants seeking to be licensed as a dietitian/nutritionist may apply by examination or endorsement.

License Requirements:
•Possession of at least a bachelor’s degree with a major course of study in human nutrition, food and nutrition, dietetics, or food management as outlined in sections 468.509, F.S., and 64B8-42.002, F.A.C.

•Successful completion of 900 hours of pre-professional planned and continuous supervised practice in dietetics or nutrition, as described in subsection 64B8-42.002(3), F.A.C.

•Successful passage of the dietitian exam offered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration

Licensure Method (for me):
•Endorsement of Status as a Registered Dietitian - This method is for the applicant who is a registered dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

I am also so excited about my latest article on USAT online - Multisport Zone Fuel Station.
I absolutely love writing about this topic! Also, I enjoy sharing my thoughts as I have learned a lot from my own personal journey with food, while learning how to fuel for endurance sports as a vegetarian.

I hope you enjoy it and if you can relate to the article, please share with others.
Develop a healthy relationship with food