Two years ago I dedicated an entire month on my blog to the New Year. It was a lot of work but I was passionate and determined to provide my blog readers with exactly what they wanted....quick advice for long-lasting results. Providing pratical, informational and realisic advice to gradually acclimate to the New Year was my goal and today, I still find myself referring people to my 2010 January month of blog posts. I invite you to check out my blog posts from 2 years ago, regarding
31 changes, starting with day 1.

Several years ago I wanted to have my own business and most importantly, I wanted my own website. A place to call my own.
I found it important that I dedicated my entire life to my education, FIRST, prior to creating a philosophy and deciding as to what services I will offer to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

It took 8 years to obtain my credentials and certifications but I still have a lot more learning to do. I believe it is better to keep an open mind and be accepting to change rather than believe there is only one right way to do things.

Year after year, I have longed for this day.

For the firs time ever.....
Introducing TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC

Thank you for visiting my new website (which will always be a work in progress as I plan to add more "recent news" on a weekly basis) and for passing it along to others.

HAPPY 2012. May this be the year of YOU. For the next 12 months, believe that you CAN succeed!