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Oakley Women - Napa retreat Day 1

It's never easy saying good bye to this guy (and the hubby) but I knew a lot of positive energy was waiting for me in Napa.

It wa a looooong day of travel with getting up early (in the middle of the night) to drive to Orlando, to wait in ATL for 5 hours for delays and to battle San Fran rush hour traffic for over two hours to get to the resort....

But - 18 hours later.... I MADE IT!

After checking into my room, I quickly changed and headed to the welcome reception and to see some new and familiar faces.

It was great to meet the new 10 ambassadors for Oakley Women and although only briefly speaking to most of the last night, I know they will bring a lot to their respective communities for they each have a lot to offer in terms of performing beautifully and inspiring the world.

The evening was very inspiring and we were able to preview some awesome items from the 2013 collection. Once again, Oakley Women spared NO expense to create European-inspired gear and stylish yet active shades to make us feel beautifully when we are performing.

When I returned to my room, I had a bag full of clothing and swag from Oakley, Trek, Garmin, Asics, Tone it Up and more...

Although the free swag is great, what I love the most about these events is the energy that I feel from strong, confident women. From people in the fitness industry, to magazine editors/writers to professional athletes and to the Oakley Women crew...there's a lot of doing and very few (if any) excuses when it comes to performing beautifully.

I'm so excited for today - a Garmin and Oakley O lab demo, along with Yoga at Trefethen vineyard. Followed by a 5K run through the vines.
Then a beautiful lunch at the Silverado followed by an entire afternoon of bike riding with Trek Bicycles to 3 different winery's, followed by dinner at our last stop this evening.

So to inspire you to perform beautifully, here's a fantastic video that was shared last night (parts of it) with Oakley Women athlete Lolo Jones who describes her "Beyond Reason".


Performing Beautifully in Napa!

Off I go to Napa for the Oakley Women Fitness Retreat!!
(Silverado Resort)

Over the weekend I will be joining 100 fabulously strong, confident and passionate women for:
A 5K in a vineyard, Trek Winery bike tour, great fresh food, hiking, nutrition seminar at the Culinary Institute (guess who will be doing this!!!), yoga, networking and fun...and testing the 2013 line of Oakley Women clothing and shades.  

When I was picked to be an Oakley Women ambassador in 2011, I won a contest that asked me what it means to "perform beautifully" and how I inspire others to "perform beautifully".  Shortly after finishing my Dietetic Intership I got word about winning this contest wth 9 other amazing girls (Lacey, Amanda, Kim, Katie, Caitlin, Brittany, Deanna, Katie, and Francesca) who are now my close friends who are inspiring the world to live a healthier lifestyle. The best part about this lifetime opportunity last June -I received the most amazing trip to Napa just a few days after passing the RD exam!

It was a great honor to receive the opportunity to return to the Fitness Retreat (this Fri - Mon) as one of three returning 2011-2012 Oakley Women ambassadors to share the Oakley Women love with the NEW 10 amabassadors for 2012-2013!!

Congrats ladies!! Cheers to a weekend of memories and year of performing beautifully!

Charlotte Neitzel
Aj Govoni
 Carly Swanson
Cari Shoemate
Christine Donaldson
Emily Sukiennik
Fitz Koehler
Maria Romaine
Natalia Maldonado
Page Williams

Stay tuned to the blog over the next few days as well as Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition (Facebook) for lots of updates. and pics My nutrition seminar and cooking demo at the Culinary Institute is on Sunday.....who thinks I am a bit super excited for this opportunity!?!?!?


Modified workouts due to weather

I suppose this is a good description of Florida at times during the summer. For right now we are dealing with Tropical storm Debby. I know for certain, however, no storm will seperate me and Campy. 

As a triathlete, I have a selection of sports to choose from to keep me exercising indoors when weather is not corporating. For runners and cyclists. This may pose a problem if you don't have the right equipment to train indoors. Before I give a few tips on training indoors due to weather, I will first say that there is no need to waste energy on something out of your control - like weather. The great thing, believe it or not, is that you can use your energy on things that are within your control. However you may need to be a little creative and be ok with changing up your structured routine.

1. For cyclists and triathletes - I LOVE my Cyclops Powerbeam pro trainer. It is really use to tolerate for those who don't like the trainer and I love that the joule always me to adjust my watts and provides resistance to keep me in my specific zones.

2. For triathletes and runners - find a treadmill. If you don't like the treadmill or don't fel comfortable on the treadmill, I recommend bumping up the incline and doing a power walk to get the heart rate up.

3. Change up the routine - head to the gym (drive safe) and do some strength and cardio. Do an aerobic class, the stair stepper, elliptical, rowing machine, take a dip in the pool, water jog or do a spin class. Don't set yourself up for failure by saying you don't like those things and think black or white. Something is better than nothing and you may end up getting a quality workout - which beats lying on the couch wishing you could train outside.

4. Get creative at home - not only in the kitchen but find something to keep the body moving for at least an hour (either continuous or total). Dance, do aerobics from the web, strength train with equipement at home or do some heavy duty cleaning. Stop worrying about losing fitness and not burning calories...the body always enjoys a new exercise and a change in the routine and nbelieve it or not, your  body will eventually appreciate your effort (when you can return back to your normal routine) to not stop your workouts when it is stormy outside.

5. Find your connections - ask your training buddies if they belong to a gym. Often, members get free guest passes (or at a cheaper price than normal) and it may be fun to workout  somewhere new with your friends.

6. Invest in your fitness - spend $15 or $25 for a week temporary guest pass at a local gym if you don't belong to a gym. The great thing about going somewhere new is the chance of making new friends and perhaps being motivated by others.

I recommend keeping indoor workouts around 60-90 minutes unless your schedule requires you to do more for your upcoming races (or phase of training). .I enjoy intervals all the time but find them great for indoor workouts when it can be easy to feel bored starring at a screen (or walls).

Here are a few workouts (2 different main sets listed for each sport) that you may want to try to spice up your indoor routine:

*2-3 x 1000's
(swim like this continuously: 50 easy, 50 fast, 100 easy, 100 fast, 150 easy, 150 fast, 200 easy, 200 fast)
If you are a new swimmer you can give yourself rest breakfast between each part of the set for 10-30 seconds.

 *400, 2 x 300's, 3 x 200's, 4 x 100's, 5 x 50's
(rest as needed, effort 75-90%. Try to keep same interval. Ex. if you can swim a 50 @ 90% in 1 minute, your 400 should be on 8 minutes)

*over/unders: 3-4x's:
2 min under, 1 min over, 2 min under, 1 min over, 2 min under. Recover 5 minutes
(find your threshold zone (or functional threshol) or around 85% max HR and your goal is to be a little under and a little over for each interval)

*10 x 30 sec "sprints" w/ 60-90 sec recovery
(this can be in or out of the saddle - focus on good form, not bouncing on the saddle. RPM should be 100+)

Run/elliptical/walk/water jog
*5 min easy, 5 min fast, 4 min easy, 4 min fast, 3 min easy, 3 min fast, 2 min easy, 2 min fast, 1 min easy, 1 min fast

*2-3 x's
3 x 1/4 mile (or 90 seconds) @ 90% max HR (or mid to upper Z4) w/ 1 min recovery. Then 5 min "tempo" (75-80% or Z3 low to mid). Recover 1 min, then repeat 1-2 more times.

How I fuel

Ok -maybe that was misleading. I should have said "How I eat."

Well - then again, shouldn't we all be fueling with the food that we put into our body? For everything we eat eventually turns to energy and supports metabolic processes.

Before I continue - I wanted to share my metabolism boosting, energizing cabbage slaw and B6 article from my PLATE NOT PILLS column on LAVA magazine online.

B6 article and creation

On Friday morning (5:15am), I had a small pre-training snack of a WASA cracker w/ a smear of PB and 1/2 banana w/ my coffee and skim milk. I sipped on water on the way to the YMCA near my parents for a leg-shaking, core-on-fire, strength workout. It didn't feel that tough when I started but the lunges, squats, deadlifts (all with free weights) and adductor/abductor machine + core/lower back/hip exercises had my legs shaking as I was putting on my swim gear.
My swim was relaxing. 3 x 1000's - outside. I absolutely love swimming outdoors, especially when the sky goes from dark to light within a main set.

I made a smoothie on Thursday evening (at my parents house) and froze it in a giant mug/cup to consume on Fri morning on my way to Clearwater beach. I left it in my car during my 90 min workout and defrosted just enough to slurp on my hour drive to the ISSN conference. With the smoothie - my favorite mixture of Shredded Wheat cereal + Cheerios.

I couldn't complain much about lunch. The view was priceless and I was in great company as I enjoy my vegetarian boxed lunch (whole wheat bread w/ some kind of cheese spread + sauteed veggies and lettuce + noodle salad + raisin cookie) provided by the Hilton Hotel.
I was not very satisfied with this lunch so good thing I brought an apple and nuts to keep my tummy happy.

There are not too many times in life when you can get free advice from someone who you look-up to but it was great to spend one-on-one time with Dr. Susan Kleiner, author of many books (Power Eating, Good Mood Diet, High Performance Nutrition, Powerfood Nutrition Plan). I picked her brain about how to get started in the "book" industry and she provided me with a wealth of valuable information on furthering my vision and philosophy.

I don't have pics of the happy hour eats on Friday evening but next to the pig-carving station (obviously not Marni friendly), I enjoyed a super yummy made-to-order stir-fry w/ wild rice and the best nutty/seed rolls I have ever eaten! For dessert, angel food cake cubes w/ fresh fruit and chocolate dipping sauce. Oh boy, was I well-fueled for that run on Saturday morning and I felt great going to bed with a happy and fueled belly.

On Saturday, I was treated by James (who I stayed with and an athlete of mine) who prepared the most delicious lunch that I once again enjoyed overlooking the beach (I love fresh air).

Pineapple, corn, carrots and herb quinoa and a tomato w/ basil and fresh mozzarella (and a little balsamic)....oh - so mouth watering. On the side, green beans w/ garlic and almonds and a little oil.
Heaven in my belly.

And Monday night......

Kasmati rice
Steamed - asparagus
Tofu, corn, peas, onions, cilantro, orange and yellow sweet peppers  - cooked on low heat in olive oil
Canned black beans (rinsed)
Canned no salt added tomatoes (basil, oregano)

1. In large pot, I cooked tofu mixture in a little olive oil.
2. After 8-10 minutes (Stir occasionally), I added 1/2 can beans to mixture. I also added 1/4 can of the tomatoes to mixture (feel free to save leftover beans and tomatoes if you or your family want extra in their own dish). I added one large handful arugula at the end and stirred lightly and left it covered for a few minutes.
3. Serve 1/4 - 1/2 cup Kasmati rice on bottom of shallow dish and top with veggie mixture.
So flavorful - no additional seasonings needed!

If I could give you one take-home message it would be to consider all your food choices to be fuel. Keep in mind that you are always fueling, repairing and energizing your body. Any food can fit into a healthy diet so long as you are emphasizing the nutrient-rich foods that can be used and metabilzed effectively before, during and after workouts and not overflowing your "gas" tank. Think about it - if you are taking a trip you wouldn't put more gas in your tank than you you need -especially when gas is expensive and that would just be wasteful. At the same time, if you are planning a road trip, you wouldn't start on empty an just wait until the light goes would hopefully fill up the tank and continue to check the status of your fuel as you continue on with your trip.


Weekend wrap-up

There was a wealth of valuable and credible (key word - CREDIBLE) information provided by a group of brillant individuals at the International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference. Info presented on research, not found on blogs or from strong-minded nutrition guru's.

Whereas most of the population hears info like this "the amino acids in protein will help you recover faster after a workout", this is what I hear at the ISSN conference from the PhD's:

"Essential amino acids (EAA), particularly leucine, also have been shown to activate the mTOR signaling pathway, which turns on the translational machinery necessary for muscle protein synthesis in both rodent and human models. Recently, it was shown that EAA apparently activate mTOR via a unique class 3 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K), hVps34, which stimulates mTOR by an unknown mechanism, bypassing the insulin-induced activation of mTOR through Akt. However, mTOR activation due to nutrient intake of both essential amino acids and carbohydrate (EAA+CHO) may be accomplished via the insulin-stimulated signaling pathway through PI3K-Akt-TSC2 as well as the insulin-independent amino acid-induced pathway just described (i.e., hVps34).
More recently, we measured mTOR signaling and muscle protein synthesis after ingestion of a leucine enriched EAA+CHO solution. After ingestion of EAA+CHO, muscle protein synthesis increased ~100% within 1 h. The rapid increase in muscle protein synthesis was associated with a significant increase in Akt and mTOR phosphorylation as well as phosphorylation of downstream components S6K1 and 4E-BP1, indicating that translation initiation was enhanced. In addition, eukaryotic elongation factor-2 (eEF2) phosphorylation decreased significantly compared with base-line, suggesting that elongation of translation was also stimulated by this leucine-enriched “anabolic” nutrient solution.
Postexercise nutrient ingestion, in the form of EAA alone or in combination with carbohydrate (EAA+CHO) has clearly shown that muscle protein synthesis is elevated above that measured following resistance exercise alone."
(Source) - this research study specifically was not discussed in the conference but there was a lot of great recent research on leucine and protein for increasing protein synthesis.

Certainly, this is heavy duty stuff for even me to understand in terms of fully understanding the mechanisms of action...I'll leave that to the PhD's. However, in my Master Degree program, we did learn a lot in term of HOW nutrition and exercise affect the body, specifically on a muscular and chemical level.

And, I must add that this is why it is so very important for the public to consult a qualified professionals to help with training, nutrition or health for research can answer questions but it doesn't answer all questions. Science must always be applied to real world situations and it can certainly be confusing and misleading when bloggers, websites and guru's are citing every single research study OR can not adopt the information in a real-world setting.

Although I didn't completely remove my clinical dietitian/RD hat at this conference, I am leaving this two -day conference with an abundance of information on nutrient timing, supplements and exercise physiology. As a professional in the field of health and wellness, I can firmly say that my ongoing (and always evolving) philosophy and POV with diet and exercise is supported and validated by a bunch of great research presented this weekend....specifically on the topics of a plant strong diet, not avoiding carbs, consuming quality protein, prioritizing sport nutrition before, during and after training consuming dairy in the diet. And, to the relief (or surprise) of many there was absolutely no support or discussion on ANY diet that restricts or limits carbohydrates (aka "carbs are bad" in order to increase lean muscle mass or to improve performance and I strongly caution anyone who chooses to follow a mass-marketed diet that severely restricts critical nutrients in order to boost performance and help with health and body composition.

Now, I will say that EVERY individual has his/her own prescription for the distribution of macronutrients in his/her diet but this should not come with a list of dietary rules or off-limit lists that make you feel restricted or guilty. I strongly support a balanced diet - I believe fat, carbs and protein should all be consumed as macronutrients within a plant-strong micronutrient-rich diet. ...for health, body composition and performance gains.

I have a great appreciation for professionals who provide sound advice and this is why I choose to treat my athletes and fitness enthusiasts as individuals and do my best to keep up with research and apply in real world settings. I'm so excited to take all this amazing info and continue to help others fuel for life and for sport. I am also happy to have a roller dex of emails and go-to contacts for when I need a second opinion or clarification for a research study or topic.

I am very excited to sum-up the conference as there was SO much awesome info I just couldn't help but soak it all an effort to help all you athletes and fitness enthusiasts that have athletic, health and body composition goals. I may be a RD, but I am an exercise physiologist at heart. It is this nice balance that allows me to (legally) help individuals reach all types of body-related goals.

Speaking of exercise "long" run on Saturday morning was a successfully challenging one. I stayed with one of my athletes at Clearwater Beach to help me save some time from driving an extra 2 hours (there and back) to my parents on Friday evening. I still didn't have a lot of time for training on Sat morning so I did what I could and focused on what I "CAN" do. I normally bike before I run but there wasn't enough time before my 9:30am conference + 90 min run (plus making sure I didn't sacrifice too much sleep because we all know sleep can make or break consistent performance gains) so I did about 10 min of active running drills before my run plus a solid warm-up around the streets of Clearwater Beach.

Mentally, this workout wasn't bad because I love running on new roads. Physically, the workout was tough but doable.

1:20 - 1:30 run
(instructed no more than 12 miles by Karel if my distance was reached before the time)

3.5 mile warm-up
Main set:
3 x 1 mile mid to upper Z3 (or holding 7:10-7:20 pace goal) w/ 45 sec rest.
4 min EZ jog
3  1 mile mid to upper Z3 (same pace as above) w/ 30 sec rest.
4 min EZ jog

Cool down

For nutrition:
Pre-workout 45 min before
*Piece of flat bread + smear of PB + banana slices, 8 ounces water + cup of coffee w/ skim milk.
(Typically I have toast before my run specific workouts but since I was not biking before, I know I need a little lighter carb choice on my system but one that still supplies a similar amount of carbs to toast)
*During workout:
1 bottle water and 1 bottle w/ 1.5 scoops HEED (Hammer) at my "stopping" point. I refueled after warm-up (sipping sport drink and using water to rinse mouth and cool body) and took a sip to simulate aid stations between every interval.
*Post workout:
12 ounces - 8 ounces milk + 4 ounces water + 1/2 scoop whey protein + handful shredded wheat cereal (had this as I was getting ready).
My amazing host/athlete, James, made me the most delicious egg omelet w/ beans, spinach, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, onion and 2 slices whole grain bread (I couldn't finish it all so I saved 1 slice of bread for a mid morning snack w/ the other half of my banana). I also had 1 FIZZ during the morning at the conference and had a glass of water with breakfast.

Stats from run:
1:27 (time)
Miles: 11.06
Average pace: 7:55 min/mile (didn't stop my watch during the workout - this includes walk breaks)
Average HR: 139 beats

Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 8:00
Mile 3: 7:51
Mile 3.5: 8:03
Mile Intervals:
#1: 7:08 (HR 144)
#2: 7:13 (HR 147)
#3: 7:06 (HR 150)
4 min EZ jog (8:35 pace, HR 135)
#4: 7:14 (HR 146)
#5: 7:18 (HR 149)
#6: 7:35 (HR 148) - didn't have much left so went by perceived effort...this was my 80% effort and I'll take it vs quitting and not doing the last interval
4 min EZ + cool down: 9:31 (130 HR)