Goodbye Jacksonville!

Growing up in Lexington, KY for 21 years and moving to Davie Florida in 2004, I never thought that I'd be where I am today.

Actually, let's turn back the clock to 2006. I moved into my parents new home in New Port Richey, FL with negative money in my bank account and no job.....yet I did have an expensive new piece of paper letting me know I had a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.

From 2000-2006, I sacrificed a lot in life for my education and wrapped it all up in 2011 after finishing 3 time-consuming, costly, exhausting years to obtain my RD credential. Why did I do all of this? Well, I don't like short-cuts. I always wanted to have my dream job of owning my own business and I knew that I couldn't just wish for things to happen...especially when I wanted to do things the right way.  I made my dreams come true through hard work, dedication and commitment. 

As a long-time student-athlete, the same traits that have helped me find personal success in my professional life have also helped me find success in sports. Seven Ironman finishes, including 3 Ironman World Championship finishes are constant reminders for me that I can be motivated, inspired and excited to reach a goal but I have to be open to hard work, dedication and commitment to turn my goals into dream-come-true.

I'm grateful to have such wonderful support from Karel and my family for I don't think I'd be where I am today without being able to share my enthusiasm for Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition with them. My family knows when I have my mind set to something, it's very hard for me to get distracted. 

As many people know, Karel is 100% on board at Trimarni since he stopped working at Trek Bicycle store of Jacksonville in November 2013 (after 5 years of being the GM).

Over the past two years, since officially "opening" Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, I have had the great honor of helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world reach personal health, fitness, body composition, performance and lifestyle goals. 

And like any small business owner would agree, it takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication, commitment and patience to grow a business and to experience success. There are ups and downs but it can be extremely rewarding to know that your business is helping other people. 

As many people know, Karel and I love to travel. 

IM Lake Placid 2013

Retz, Austria 2013

Nature, local eats, mountains, water, physical activity. These are a few of our favorite things we like to experience when it comes to exploring the world with our active bodies. Lucky for us, we both love that our triathlon lifestyle allows us to race to travel (or travel to race). 

But as much as we love to travel, it's important that we have a place to live that gives us enjoyment for the same things that we love to experience when we travel. 

With Karel's job at Trek as the reason for us moving from Dunedin, FL to Jacksonville FL, we realized that there are so many great places in this world for us to live and to grow our business. Although we are leaving a lot behind, sometimes you have to take a chance every now and with that, be willing to put in even more work than you did before.  

As much as we have enjoyed our making and building friendships in Jacksonville, we confirmed our decision to move after our recent trip to Greenville, SC

Mountains, nature, community, bike-friendly.....

We are excited to bring Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition to you and make you our home this June!!!