Trimarni Endurance Triathlon Training Camp!!!

Who didn't love camp growing up? 

Hanging out, meeting new people, changing up the normal routine (no parents!), enjoying food with friends and making a lot of memories to share with others when you returned home. 

When Karel and I discussed having a training camp, we both had two different ideas for our camp but with the same philosophy. 


We repeatedly stress the importance of training smart in our training philosophy and we also abide by this thought as well.

Not only do we focus on quality training and removing the junk miles but we also do a lot of research, learn from great coaches and we believe in placing the least amount of stress on the body with the most physiological performance gains. 

There are so many ways that an athlete can train smart and we focus on those other areas to help take structured training to the next level. 
-Stress management
-Good sleep
-Mental skills/confidence
-Good form/drills/skills
-Immune system health
-Sport nutrition
-Daily nutrition
-Flexibility in a structured schedule
-Get stronger before getting faster before going longer
-Season planning (annual training plan)
-Strength training
-Proper use of gadgets
-Quality equipment
-Periodized training 

Those are just a few of the many ways an athlete can train smart alongside following a balanced training plan that is focused on individual goals. 

So when I brainstormed about having a camp, I was really excited about helping others learn how to train smart and to discuss in detail, the many ways an athlete can train smart to train hard and then to recover harder. 
I was also excited about the hands on opportunity to be with athletes and to watch them use their body for swim, bike, run. Beyond analyzing every movement, I also wanted to talk about skills, form and drills. I also wanted to focus heavily on education (of course, my favorite - sport and daily nutrition). I wanted my campers to leave the camp with a new toolset of knowledge that allows for smarter training (and a more balanced lifestyle all together). If anything, clear up any confusion on how to train for endurance races because there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the smartest  and healthiest way. 
Lastly, I wanted my athletes to enjoy camp. To have as much fun as I do when I balance training with my everyday life (like so many others do) but without the responsibilities of "life". Just four days to train like a pro and be surrounded with like-minded individuals, great food and positive energy. 

Karel was on board with all my ideas but he also wanted to make sure athletes left the camp with four days of quality workouts that would boost fitness, motivation and confidence with swim, bike, run in the endurance triathlon distance. 

And together - we created our ideal itinerary for our training camp. 

Our camp is not for us. Our camp is for our campers. 

Karel and I are lucky that we both live the same lifestyle, we each have knowledge when it comes to specific areas  and can pick up and go and train wherever and whenever anytime (so long as Campy gives us the day off from work, which rarely happens). We both agreed that this camp was not about us training for 4 days with 15 athletes but instead, our 15 campers training for 4 days with us to give guidance, support, education and enthusiasm.  

So, after much planning, discussion, communication......

I proudly announce the first ever (but not last) Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Endurance Triathlon Training Camp.


Reserve your spot before the camp fills up!

Learn more here:

(any questions, send me an email - Marni@trimarnicoach.com)

See you at Camp!
Your coaches, Marni and Karel Sumbal