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Saving calories during workouts to lose weight
Avoiding/minimizing carbohydrates to burn body fat
Afraid of sport nutrition because of the sugars
Feeling lethargic during workouts and overeating post workout
Bonking, dehydration, cramping, unintentional weight loss/gain

Are you struggling to fuel your body to support your metabolic needs before, during and after training?
Do you struggle with developing a healthy relationship with food and your body?
Are you looking to maximize performance gains through nutrient timing?

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 Also -  Be sure to check out the April issue of Triathlete Magazine pg 68-69. I'm so proud of this article for it's the most comprehensive article I have ever written so that YOU could fuel right for every type of swim-bike-run workout (as well as a few key tips for fueling for an Olympic distance triathlon).
I hope you continue to enjoy making performance gains with your well-fueled body.