St. Croix 70.3 ready! Team Sumbal race gear specs

Today was our last day of prepping for St. Croix 70.3.
2 hour bike:
40 min warm-up
3 x 20 min @ half IM watts w/ 5 min EZ in between
1 hour transition run:
2 mile warm-up (10 sec walk each mile)
5 x 1 miles at half IM pace w/ 20 sec walk in between
(Because of the difficulty of the St. Croix course, with the heat and hills, pacing on the bike and run will be primarily by effort and not based on watts, speed or min/miles. I love difficult courses because these races require proper pacing and patience and the top athletes are those who slow down the least, all while knowing how to race smart in the conditions given on race day). 

Yay - the training is officially done!
All gear and nutrition has been practiced and perfected throughout months of training and today was the last opportunity to put everything together. 

It's far too common that athletes will welcome race week with months of miles and hours logged on Training Peaks but have no idea as to the best pace, fueling strategy (before/during) and gear to use on race day. 
Remember that your training is to help you execute on race day. To reach your full potential as an athlete at your upcoming race, it's important to use every training session to perfect your nutrition, pacing and mental strength as well as to discover what gear/equipment is going to give you the best race possible. 

As I tell my athletes for race day:
Trust your training, trust your plan, trust your nutrition and trust your gear. 

Here's the details on what we will be using on race day next weekend in St. Croix. 

SHIFTING: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electric shifting, 11 speed
HYDRATION: Aerobars: Speedfil Z4 cage (with garmin mount). Rear: Xlab Delta 100 mount w/ Elite custom race
COMPUTER: Garmin Edge 810
PEDALS:Look Keo blade 2 CR
WHEELS: Front: Aeolus 7 D3Rear: Bontrager Aeolus 9 D3 clincher (or rear disc wheel: Zipp Super-9)
CYCLING SHOES: Bontrager Hilo
HELMET (with shield): GIRO Air attack shield
SUNGLASSES (run): Oakley Radarlock
BIKE FUEL: 3 bottles of INFINIT custom formula drink (created by me) on bike.
RUN HYDRATION: Nathan sports fuel belt w/ a flask of Osmo nutrition and flask of INFINIT napalm

SHIFTING: Shimano Ultegra Di2 electric shifting, 11 speed
HYDRATION: Xlab turbo wing with Xlab Gorilla cages (2 rear, 1 on frame)
COMPUTER: Garmin 500
PEDALS: Look Keo carbon HM (Ironman edition)
HELMET: GIRO Air attack shield
SUNGLASSES: Oakley Women commit SQ
BIKE FUEL: 3 bottles of INFINIT custom formula drink (created by me) on bike.
RUN FUEL: Napalm in two hand-held flasks