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Your must-have, go-to lists

What happens when you have an off-day (or start to the day)?
What happens when you feel like you can't stick to your routine/schedule no matter how hard you try?
What happens when life happens and you just feel off?

And what happens if this happens month after month no matter how hard you try to do your best?

It can be frustrating and you may find yourself wanting to quit on your goals, wait for a better time to start something or search for a quick-fix to get back to your routine. 

If this is you, then you need to make a list of your "go-to" items. 

Something that makes you feel good even when times are busy, you are tired, emotional, feeling "off" or stressed. 

I want you to create a go-to list of the following items so that you never have to feel as if you are not making progress. I have also attached some helpful links to help get you started. 

1) Have a go-to meal when you are super busy/tired that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes and feel absolutely amazing when eating it (and satisfied afterward). 

2) Have a go-to cardio and strength routine that takes less than 30 minutes. You can do this early AM or anytime during the day. Never convince yourself that you are too busy for a 10-30 min workout. 

3) Have a go-to healthy outlet when you feel emotional, stressed or exhausted. This outlet (whether person, funny video, location or blog/website) should be easy to access and should lift you up and put things into perspective. 

4) Have a go-to destination when you are feeling bored with your workout routine. Change is a great way to spice things up and often take you out of the comfort zone. But if this doesn't help, identify why you feel off during your workout.

5) Have a go-to routine to get yourself back on track. It shouldn't be more than 4 things that you will consciously focus on to make tomorrow a better day than today. I recommend sleep, exercise, stress management and meal planning. 

Now is the time to get off the computer or your smart phone. 

It's time to start thinking and with pencil and paper, get to it with your go-to list and make sure that list is accessible and visible!


2015 diet tip: Channel your energy

Channel your energy

 It's crazy, right?

You know that we are all different as human beings. No two people are the same.
Yet it's so easy to compare your life to someone else's. 

Over the years, the comparison issue has gotten worse thanks to social media making it so easy to see what everyone is doing, all the time (even those that you are "friends" with but have never even met).

So now is a great time to sift through your social media outlets and channel your energy to only positive, feel-good, inspiring people who can guide you in your journey and keep you motivated and inspired. It's ok if you don't know those people - just make sure that your "network" (including blogs, forums, websites, etc.) is giving you realistic, practical and helpful information and doesn't cause you to point out your individual flaws/imperfections (which merely make you unique and individual). Only you can decide what is best for you and your journey in life. The more you narrow-down on who you are getting your information from when it comes to changing habits/lifestyle, the easier it will be to move in the "right" direction for you. Information overload is never a good thing.

Now, extra Campy kisses - that is always a good thing in excess. 

If someone else has something that you don't have, you may think that that person is lucky or perhaps, you wish you could be happy like that person.  

Although it is natural to compare, you must ask yourself how this is serving you in life... assuming that you need what someone else has (and this relates to looks, health, fitness/performance, wealth, etc.).

 If you are spending energy on your flaws as a direct comparison to someone else's perfect _______, you may find yourself in an unhealthy psychological place. When you want what you don't have at the moment, this can cause you to develop thoughts that may cause you to take drastic measures to try to get what you don't have....quickly.

Here is a fabulous message by Gloria - Happy New Year Vlog. The message is powerful - acknowledge yourself and reflect on how far you have come in the past year. Let go of what you feel is left undone and remind yourself that you are where you should be with it all. 

When it comes to channeling your energy to your 2015 diet as a way of improving your health, quality of life or fitness/performance, you absolutely need to focus on yourself. 

And when you think about yourself, you need to direct your energy on what you feel are important areas of change as it relates to your diet.

So that you do not start changing everything too quickly and find yourself, overnight creating a lifestyle that is just not realistic for you right now in your journey, I want you to place a lot of positive energy on no more than 3 changes that you want to focus on in the first 2 weeks of your journey. These should be extremely important to you in that if you change these three things, it will snowball into other changes.

For example, rather than telling yourself that you need to stop eating bread because bread is bad and it makes your tummy hurt or it is a trigger food for overeating, how about make a change so that for lunch a few times per week, you simply rethink the components of your meal.  

CHANGE:  How about you turn that sandwich inside out and replace the bread with 1/2  - 1 cup rice/whole grains/noodles or small potato. 

In making this one simple dietary swap, you not only keep a good relationship with bread (it's not off-limit because sometimes bread will feel right and sometimes you will need a sandwich) but you have now introduced a more plant strong meal into your daily routine which will satisfy you and not deprive you.  

Additionally, you are going to have to prepare this item ahead of time so this means you are making an extra step to plan ahead. 

And on top of that all, without making bread off limit, you are also going to learn that you can't eat this meal in the car as you need utensils and you probably can't eat this meal in less than 5 bites. So by this one simple swap a few times per week, you have essentially changed at least 4 lifestyle habits that may positively affect your health, nutrition and performance journey.

What a beautiful concept that most diet plans don't teach you.
This is the special benefit of eating mindfully - foods are not off-limit, you just change the way you eat by thinking about food differently.

Don't change your entire life all at once because that is too extreme. And when you focus on yourself, you may not need to change everything because you may be exactly where you need to be right now in your journey. 

What else can drive your changes?
How about any recent lab results or a doctor visit that may have given you a few red flags? What about those ongoing tummy issues, headache or bonking issues during workouts. Are those worth exploring now (I would say so!).

 Even if a drop in weight will make you healthier, don't put all your energy on the number on the scale. Is there something in your diet that you can change that will improve your life, your health, your fitness, etc. and a chance in body composition will be an added bonus? 

The "Channel your energy" step is extremely important because we are all in different places in our own journey. My idea of improving my cooking skills and varying the foods in my diet may be completely different than someone who struggles to find the time (or desire) to make or even eat a salad.

Channel your energy on you.

All you need to do is discover no more than 3 things in your diet that you can work on for the next two weeks that will make a difference in your personal nutritional journey.

It's not about good food/bad food, being disciplined or having willpower.

Your relationship with food, your reason for change and intentions for change will make this step much easier so make sure that you don't rush this part of your journey.

You can move at your own pace and add in new changes anytime you want. It's your life and you have no one to compare yourself to except for who you were yesterday.

Key points:

-Sift through your social media outlets and channel your energy to only positive, feel-good, inspiring people who can guide you in your journey and keep you motivated and inspired.

- Listen to this fabulous message by Gloria - Happy New Year Vlog.

-Direct your energy on what you feel are important areas of change as it relates to your diet.

-Place a lot of positive energy on no more than 3 changes that you want to focus on in the first 2 weeks of your journey. These should be extremely important to you in that if you change these three things, it will snowball into other changes.

-Don't change your entire life all at once because that is too extreme.

-Your relationship with food, your reason for change and intentions for change will make this step much easier so make sure that you don't rush this part of your journey.


2015 diet plans

Hello 2015!!!
The best time of the year to start a diet!! 

Big feast, lots of treats/sweets, off your typical routine. 
You have gone a bit overboard and now feel as if you have sinned with overindulgence or enough is enough and you are tired of your flaws and you have self-criticized yourself enough that you now have all the motivation in the world to finally start that diet plan. 

Sure, these are all things associated with the holiday season but they are also associated with individuals who seek diets. 
And let me tell you about diets these days...they are all over the place in terms of the rules, guidelines and promises that they make. 

What's always the same? 

They offer best-seller books and cookbooks because the media loves the attention that the diet is getting. You know about the diet because it's all over social media. Of course, those who aren't on the diet don't talk about it and those not on social media, well, they aren't in your bubble to talk about it so it certainly seems like everyone is doing it.

These diets, well, they have big results that make you believe that this diet is a life changer and convince you that as long as you "stick to the plan" you will lose weight and feel better. And above all, they have a tough love type of appeal - as you read the diet plan information, you can't help but think about what's not going well in your diet and although it may be the processed food you have heavily relied on for the past few years, the inability to pass on any sweet that comes your way, your lack of desire for home cooking, your unhealthy relationship with food, your lack of understanding about how to fuel for your workout/training routine or your lack of motivation to make a few healthy swaps in your diet, you go big and you know that a diet plan will not let you down because they told you if you followed the plan exactly (no slip-ups, cheat days or off-moments) you will change your life. 

   Lowered blood pressure, reduced diabetes risk/controlling diabetes, renal disease, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk for cancer, GERD, IBS, Celiac disease, Crohn's - did you know that there are specific, clinical diets that have been studied for decades and the "diet" will assist in a positive way to control symptoms in all of these conditions? 
By why start there when you can follow a diet that cures everything....even what you don't have!

Just eliminate sugar, dairy, legumes and grains and eat real food, your gut will be healed forever, your hormones will be balanced forever and you will never have inflammation ever again!
Interesting that these days, no diet talks about the big reasons why people die -  the conditions that have a high mortality rate like heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease.

Interesting that these days everyone is so concerned with their gut, inflammation and hormones and the diet plans understand this. Perhaps they can make you feel better by eliminating food but show me the science that these diets will improve longevity and quality of life?

If you have a serious gut, inflammatory or hormonal issue, visit a doctor, get extensive testing and work with a RD. You are an individual so treat yourself as one. 

Food freedom
As a former clinical RD who has a lot of experience working with athletes who athletes who have clinical issues/food intolerances which require dietary changes, I understand how life-changing it can be to have to change the diet. Although a diet change can make that person feel better, it is not easy to know that you have to abide by certain dietary guidelines for the rest of your life in order to control your situation or manage the symptoms. The diets you see that are popping up all over the internet  they are for everyone but they often promote that they are for those who have clinical issues.
The rapid rise of gluten free cookbooks and blogs is fantastic....for those who have celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance.

But let me tell you this, the moment you find out you have a disease or a food allergy, your life changes forever. You no longer have food freedom. You quickly learn what food elimination is all about because it is not temporary. There is no cheat day or I'll be better tomorrow.

If you do not have a clinical condition, consider yourself extremely lucky that you do not have to deal with these things on a day to day basis.

When was the last time you thought about your food freedom? The ability to eat what you want, when you want, anytime. It doesn't matter if that food makes you feel good or bad but rather, the freedom that your food choices are not limited by a clinical situation related to your well-being.

Talk to someone who has Crohn's, lupus or Celiac disease, live a week with them and you will quickly learn what "gluten-free" or food restriction is really all about and talk to that person about the symptoms she/he experiences when she/he eats foods that are "off limit" - it's far more serious than the inflammation, gas or bloating that can be eliminated by going gluten-free.

The ultimate goal of any individual, regardless of clinical issues, is to eat the most varied diet possible and not feel food-restricted so that food ultimately enhances life and improves health.

Feeling "off"
So once again, I hear ya! What's not to love about a diet that cures all diseases and conditions and makes you so healthy that you have no choice but to be so happy in life with your lifestyle changing, "non calorie-counting"  diet?
Anytime you overindulge, it's normal to feel a little off. It doesn't matter if it's in the entire month of November and December or 5 days of traveling - we have all been there.
If you are off your routine, it's easy to feel guilty or as if you are failing on your weight loss/body composition goals. 

So my question to you is, how do you define you idea of "ON". What's typical for you that makes you feel great about how you are eating?
A few days here or there of overindulging will not set you back in your weight loss/body composition goals and is perfectly normal and even healthy. The biggest problem with overindulging is how you feel afterward. But more so, it's not just a feeling but the actions that follow. 

For many people, there is no shortage of motivation to start a diet plan on January 1st because it follows the holiday season. It's a great time of the year to start fresh and begin a new journey. Not sure why our society doesn't have the same mentality about birthdays as the New Year is a mass celebration whereas your birthday celebrates your time on Earth.
But regardless, due to the way you may be feeling after the holidays, you may find it very hard to separate the methods of eating to improve health vs eating to lose weight.
You just want a change and you need it to feel better about yourself, your body or how you are living life.

I get that and I can't blame you for thinking that way. 

If you currently feel "off" right now, you must ask yourself what your diet looked like when you were feeling "on". If you feel your diet is typically very balanced and nourishing, you probably have the foundation in place, you just need to get back to your routine and I'm sure you will have no trouble achieving that come January 2nd. 

But if you feel "off" right now and motivation is really high to kick-start a new (or previous) diet plan, you must be careful of what diet plan you are super excited to follow to regain your great health or to help you reach your weight/body composition goals. If you have no "on", anything will sound better than what you are doing now or have been doing for the past x-months. 

If you have ever had experience dieting come the New Year, you may have noticed that most diet plans promise huge results and offer a quick fix. They probably won't make you feel this way at first and when you fail the diet, you will only blame yourself.

One of the biggest issues with dieting is the process that you put yourself through to get healthy or to change your body composition. Diet plans are products. You buy it (or buy into it) and then you "use" it. But when you can no longer adhere to the rules or the plan, you blame yourself for giving-in, cheating and not being disciplined enough. So, essentially, you fail the plan and it's on to the next diet or you try to buy-in one more time. 

I can't deny that most diets (if not all) will help you lose weight if you stick to them. But weight loss doesn't mean improved health. It makes no sense to change your body composition if you do not experience an improvement in health or quality of life. (Please agree with me on this). 

So if you think about starting a diet plan, it should be one that makes you healthier than prior to starting the plan. Not deprived, not hungry, not starving, not restricted, not isolated, not sick, not broke and not unhappy.

But of course, I am speaking to those who have food abundance. Sadly, 805 million people in this world are undernourished. Yet in America, we obsess about what not to eat, we throw out food that is "bad", we eliminate food to make us be healthy and more active. And what's crazy is that once the processed and fast food is gone in your diet (which is a big culprit of health issues in the USA), you begin to eliminate real food that can actually nourish someone who is hungry and malnourished!

But our society doesn't think like that. We don't think about those who don't have food because we are too busy talking about how easy it is to change our diet by the next time meal time comes around. 

A diet should not make you develop an unhealthy relationship with food. 

In 2015, I encourage you to stop dieting. Dieting is not a lifestyle, it's a product that you use until you are tired with it or can't follow the rules. Many times it does not serve you well long-term. 

I spend most of my time with athletes discussing their relationship with food. It's not exciting, it's not extreme, it's not hardcore and it's not media-catchy. It doesn't happen overnight so it's certainly no quick fix. 

But, it's life changing. 

In a diet and body image obsessed society, it's very difficult for many athletes/fitness enthusiasts to create and maintain a healthy relationship with food and the body. Dieting, food restriction and dietary fads fuel the fire when it comes to moving further away from improved body image confidence and understanding of how food makes you feel. 

Eating healthy

Healthy eating is extremely important and we are all in our own individual quest to be as healthy as can be. Your definition of healthy may be different than the next person and your methods of improving health may be unlike your best friend or significant other. But when you feel pressure on January 1st to follow the crowd and follow a diet plan (even if it's termed "lifestyle change") you must develop long term methods to healthy eating. 

Diets have a start and an end but a lifestyle change means you are focusing on sustainable changes. They aren't big nor extreme but manageable and realistic. They don't always make your body change quickly and that may make you feel like you are failing and question needing a new plan. 

But let's not forget one very important thing - with every change you consciously decide to make in your life, it should make you a better person. If it's a change in the diet, it should make you healthier. If it's a change in your workout routine, it should make you fitter. And if it's a change in your personal life, it should help you live better. 
Changes don't produce quick results.

I am trying my hardest but I know that many people are 100% set on following a diet plan in 2015. If anything, there's going to be a lot of support and enthusiasm for following a plan in January and you will have no shortage of motivation at the start of the New Year. 

Because it is my passion to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts learn how to create a healthier relationship with food and the body, I want to help you understand a few key points that you need to consider when changing your diet this New Year. 

Stay tuned for m Part II: Diet tips


2015 Trimarni kits - the store is OPEN!!!!

After months of imagination, design, formatting and tweaking......
the 2015 Trimarni kits are ready for your awesome body in motion!!

The Trimarni store is now OPEN!!

Karel did an AMAZING job designing the kits and Canari really did an excellent job helping Karel get his vision/design come to life. 
And, we could not be more excited to have the support of some small and large businesses who believe in Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition. 

As much as we wish we could offer our kits year-round, we are not in the clothing business so our custom clothing is a once-a-year, one-time deal. 
For the past two years, we have offered our kits to the public (and not just to the Trimarni coaching athletes) and we just love seeing our kits in action on race day, on all bodies, of all fitness levels.

We know that it's easy to not feel in "racing mode" right now and you may unintentionally pass up this offer. But believe us when we say that your race season is right around the corner and you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to race in at least a Trimarni tri top or Trimarni tri-suit this summer! 

Oh, and there is no need to wait until the spring/summer to sport Trimarni gear because we have jerseys, bib shorts and long sleeve jerseys for all of your winter needs.

It is very important that you do not miss this one-time opportunity (yes, only once until 2016!) to order your Trimarni kit item(s). 

The Trimarni store will only be open until Jan 15th. 

Every fitness enthusiast turned athlete has a reason to get started but what keeps you going?  
If you want something in life, you have to be willing to work hard for it. You may call it a dream at first but as long as you don’t give up, you can turn those dreams into a reality!

It’s hard not to be inspired and motivated to workout, after watching the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. As a 3x Ironman World Championship finisher, I know first-hand what it is like to race on the biggest stage of endurance sports. It is an honor and privilege to race among the best athletes in the world and no Ironman distance triathlon should be taken for granted as 140.6 miles is a long way for the body to travel on one day.

But you don't have to be an Ironman athlete to have a goal and to be willing to work hard for that goal. 

The design of the Trimarni kits has been tweaked over the past two years but what remains the same is our message to always dream big and to love your body in motion. The Hawaiian flowers with a tribal look has always been part of the Trimarni kit design but a recent Kona-inspired addition has been added as Marni and Karel gear-up for their first IM World Championship together…can you find it/them?

We are also so proud to have the support of some amazing companies and we are honored to have them featured on the Trimarni kits as they are all passionate about individuals who live a healthy and active lifestyle.

When it comes to our training/racing gear we always choose quality. Therefore, it was an easy selection to choose a company who makes clothing in the USA and offers custom clothing. Canari has helped us over the years and when Karel had a vision for the 2015 kits, Canari was able to turn his idea into a one-of-a-kind design. Karel has been involved in every step of designing our 2013, 2014 and now 2015 kits and we couldn’t be more excited about wearing the final product!

Sizing & Color
The clothing is gender specific. The green is male specific and the pink is female specific. This is the first year that we will be providing gender specific clothing as it is based on our experience in the past when we offered non-gender specific gear. Although some athletes requested it, more females wanted pink than wanted green and same for the males (although Karel proudly rocked his pink kit). You may certainly order a color of the opposite gender but be mindful of the sizing. Because there are guys who can certainly rock the pink and women who feel more comfortable in green, you can also check out our inventory of Trimarni kits to see if we have your color preference/style in stock. We are firm believers that if you love your training or race day kit, you will get so excited to use your body in training and racing!
We strive for athlete customer satisfaction. Because this is a once-a-year, custom order, there is a small chance that we can offer an exchange of a different size. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with the fit, please let us know and you can return your unused item within 10 days of receiving it, for a full refund.
The Trimarni t-shirts and tanks are available for purchase anytime. 
We also have select items available in our inventory at close-out prices. 

Please allow up to 8 weeks for production/shipping on the 2015 Trimarni kit items. Do not miss your chance to order your Trimarni gear for your upcoming racing season (which will be here before you know it!). Feel free to pass along the Trimarni store page to your active friends and training buddies. The clothing is not limited to Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition athletes.
If you workout, train or race, we would love to see you sport and support Trimarni.
For more info:
Canari sizing
Canari dealer

Feel free to contact us via the contact page for more info if we have not answered your Trimarni kit questions.

2015 Trimarni kit items

Tri/run top (BEST SELLER)

Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey - NEW ITEM

 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Cycling and Triathlon shorts & bib cycling shorts

One-Piece Tri Suits - NEW ITEM

Thank you for supporting and sporting Trimarni!


Smashed apple and cream cheese stuffed pumpkin spiced crepes

Crêpes - very thin pancakes. 

What a perfect post workout meal.  

Depending on the filling, this is a perfect option for athletes/fitness enthusiasts who struggle with overeating/undereating post workout. Crepes are not too heavy or light so it fits the bill when it comes to a perfect carbohydrate-rich meal to go along with your recovery drink (or post-workout protein choice like yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese or lean meat).

Plus, you can make these ahead of time, let them cool and the refrigerate them for easy prep after your workout. 

Although crepes may not be typical in your cooking resume, they are super easy to make. Essentially, they are like thin pancakes, made with a runny/soupy batter. 

Karel is all too familiar with crepes as they are very popular in Europe - much more so than traditional American pancakes. 

During my long run yesterday, I had 10 running miles to create this delicious creation in my head. While running in on and off cold drizzling rain, running up and down the hilly streets in and around downtown Greenville and then finishing with 6 powerful, light on the feet strides up our hill outside our home (with Karel after he finished his 14-mile run), I had a quick epson salt bath and with compression on, it was time to get busy in my kitchen. 

The first step was to make pumpkin pie spice:

This recipe below makes 2 1/3 tbsp.
If you love this spice, double the recipe for ~1/4 cup. 
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground mace

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1. Mix together the above ingredients.
(if you are a baker, you likely have the following spices in your cabinet. However, not only do these spices come with great health benefits but they add a punch of flavor to any meal. Consider incorporating spices into your favorite meals and snacks. Just keep in mind that most spices go a long way so start with a pinch...unless you love cinnamon like me, then go to town with the shaker!

Now to make the crepes.

CrepesMakes 6-7 large crepes
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
1-2 tsp pumpkin spice (you can omit this if you want)
1 cup all-purpose flour
Pinch or two of salt

1. Mix ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk until batter is soupy.
2. Heat a large skillet to medium heat (but not too hot) and add a little olive oil or cooking spray for each (side) of the crepes.
3. Use a 1/4 - 1/3 cup (depending on the size of your skillet) to scoop batter on to warm pan. Lift the pan up and gently roll batter into a larger, thin pancake. 
4. Cook for 2 minutes on one side, then flip with spatula and cook other side for 30-60 seconds.
5. Taste your first crepe - add more pumpkin spice to your liking.

And for the filling.

Smashed apple and cream cheese filling

2 apples - pealed and then chopped
2-4 tbsp whipped plain cream cheese

1. Heat chopped apples in microwave bowl for 1 minutes until soft. Mash with a spoon. 
2. Add cream cheese, a drizzle of honey and dash of cinnamon and stir until combined. 
3. Heat in microwave for 10-20 seconds until warm and soft. 
4. Spoon a little of the mixture onto the far end of one crepe and then roll the crepe toward you. 

5. Sprinkle with a little more pumpkin spice on top and enjoy!

Other filling options: 
Raspberry jam and hazelnut spread
Smashed bananas and nut butter
Yogurt and fresh peaches
Smashed sweet potato, honey and chopped walnuts
Greek yogurt and pistachios
Applesauce, cinnamon and honey

Can you make pancakes from this recipe?

A basic pancake recipe will include the following:
1 cup all purpose flour
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking power
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup milk
2 tbsp unsalted butter or oil
1 large egg

So just omit the water from the crepes and add the baking powder, sugar and butter/oil and you will be all set for a delicious pancake meal.