Necessary traits for athletes

Type A and type B - two contrasting personality types. 
If you consider yourself a type-A personality, you may find yourself very organized, self-critical, time urgent and a non-procrastinator. 
The idea of having a plan is something you excel at.... and you probably already have an excel spreadsheet helping you plan your plans!

Although you may feel like you fit into one category (the category that describes you the best), human behavior is complex and there's not need to categorize yourself when it comes to a personality type.

As athletes and goal-oriented individuals, there are traits that we need to carry in life in order to get things done. But we also want to do things well so that means not putting too much on our plate at once. Lastly, in order to get things done in a timely manner AND do them well, we need to be good planners.

But as much as I love having a plan and believe that all athletes need to be great planners when it comes to the diet, training and life (to help with balance), sometimes we need to just relax.

So what are some traits that you can use to your advantage as an athlete?

-Don't procrastinate - if you want something, be willing to work for it and sometimes that means doing things when you feel like it doesn't count or doesn't matter.

-Be a great planner - I am a fan of writing things down before they happen. In the case of "logging" life (training/nutrition) in order to make tweaks, if you plan ahead you can then reflect.

-Believe in yourself - Don't think about why something can't happen. Believe that everything you set your mind to is possible. You are capable of everything.

-Be passionate - Everything you do in life should be meaningful. If you want something to happen, it needs your full attention. 

-Accept obstacles and setbacks - Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. Never let one off day set back your mind from your goals. 

-Be open-minded - Don't get yourself stuck in a deep hole by thinking there is only one way and it's the best way. Keep a narrow lens on your path but be open to change. 

-Don't worry, be happy - Find the good in every situation and don't worry or scare yourself away from something new. 

-Don't be a perfectionist - We all make mistakes. Don't get frustrated, instead just let it go. 

-Don't be too busy - Avoid putting too much on your plate. You will always feel like you don't have enough time and this causes life to rush by. Slow down and be ok with free time.

-Have a purpose - Be on a fun, energy-filled, awesome, loving and meaningful mission in life. It's your life - you decide how you can make the most of it every single day.