IM Kona '15: Day 6

After a lot of training this past weekend in Kona, Monday was a well-needed recovery day. 

Karel wanted to swim in the ocean so I walked down with him to the pier and walked around while he swam for 25 minutes. 

It's amazing to see how the island has changed over the past few days now that more athletes, spectators and volunteers are arriving for the race. 

There is signage everywhere - it's hard to forget that it's IM Kona race week!

It's so great to see so many familiar faces here in Kona - it seems silly but with so many people on a small little island, it's really easy to bump into people you know.

We made the list!!!

Marni #2129
Karel #1739

A wall of names in front of the Courtyard King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel  (host hotel).

After Karel's swim, we walked back to our condo and got ready for an EZ 1 hour spin on the Queen K Hwy.

Karel and I kept seeing this crater-like hole on the side of the road so we stopped by it to take a picture before turning around on our ride (it's just a mile or so down the road from the airport on the right)

After our ride, it was time for a meal and then we hung around the condo for a while before riding our bikes a few miles down the road on Ali'i drive to the Oakley Safe house to hang out with Greg Welch and to receive some awesome Oakley swag. 

Custom Oakley bike cruisers. 

Be sure to follow Oakley on social media!

Karel hanging out inside the Oakley Safe house. 

The view inside in the Oakley Safe house - open windows everywhere!

No filter needed...what a view!

Thank you Oakley - we LOVE our new race day Flak 2.0 shades!

We love our Oakley family!!!

Thank you Oakley and Oakley Women for spoiling us!!!

After our Oakley visit, it was time for coffee (and a danish) from Kope Lani to hang out with  my friend (and Ironman editor) Jennifer. We only see each other in Kona (and once at IMFL) so it is a nice yearly check-in with each other to talk in person (and not via email).
Jennifer stays super busy with Ironman.com content all week so I was happy to see her before her madness begins. 

Karel and I spent the rest of the afternoon laying around before heading to the grocery store and then it was time for dinner.
Earlier in the day, I made this delicious potato, edamame, chickpea, onion and mushroom stir fry (with olive oil) which hit the spot in the evening. Karel got some fresh bread at the store which went perfectly with this dish.

We stayed up a bit later this evening watching a few episodes of Breakfast with Bob on You Tube and then one episode of House of Cards on my iPad (via Netflix) so by 9:30pm, we were asleep.