Unselfish ME time

Every morning, Monday through Friday, my alarm wakes me up at 5:45am.
You probably have a similar routine.

First thing in the morning, BEFORE my workout, I have my ME time.

Even though I do not start my morning workout until 7-7:15am, I intentionally get up early so that I have at least an hour to myself before I train.

No matter how tired I feel, I need that one hour. Even though my bed is cozy, I really look forward to me ME time.

Seeing that I spend my entire day, every day, taking care of my coaching and nutrition athletes and Campy, I look forward to the opportunity to do something in the morning that makes ME feel good.
I feel it is important for everyone to have ME time everyday.
You will work, function, think, love and take care of others better if you give time to yourself.
But ME time should be more than just carving out time for a workout each day.

ME time should also include time to tune into your thoughts, goals, interests and emotions.
ME time should not be interrupted or rushed, it shouldn't be spent thinking about other tasks that you need to accomplish or be filled with guilt because you are taking care of yourself, instead of taking care of others.

ME time is the time that you intentionally give to your yourself because you deserve to be high on your priority list.

How will you enjoy your ME time today?