2016 Trimarni Clermont camp - pre-camp

Every year, Karel and I feel overwhelmed with all that goes into planning a training camp.
But as soon as we see our campers, we get excited to have the opportunity to spend several days of one-on-one coaching with our campers.

This year in Clermont, every camper is a Trimarni coaching athlete - either a one-on-one athlete or a performance team member (after purchasing a training plan, for only $50 a month extra they receive all team/sponsor discounts and benefits, access to our private Trimarni Team Facebook page and they receive detailed check-in educational emails every Monday).

Every camper knows our philosophy for coaching and understands our training methodologies. However, as the sport of triathlon continues to evolve, the athletes who have been coached by us for more than a year (alongside the new athletes) are learning new skills, tips and information at our camps.

Although we put a lot of attention and focus into our training plans, nothing can replace the immediate improvements in skills and fitness that can be accomplished in just a few days at a training camp.

Although our training camps are a lot of fun (there's a lot of laughing and smiling), there's no shortage of challenging workouts and education to ensure that every athlete leaves camp with the ability to train smarter to train harder.

After I shook out my legs with a short brick on Wed morning, it was time to get all the swag together for our campers. 

I feel so lucky to have Clif Bar providing sport nutrition food and drinks for our campers to ensure that they put quality ingredients into their body while training.
This year I am doing something that I have never done before and that is spending at least 45 minutes every evening of camp educating our campers on how to use sport nutrition properly and then how to best fuel for the next day of training. This educational opportunity provides our campers with information that is not overwhelming but also applicable to each workout. 

I also want to send a big thank you to Oobe for producing our team and camp shirts, Veronica's Health Crunch for providing our campers with all types of crunch flavors (be sure to try her newest flavor - cinnamon apple cranberry, it's so heavenly delicious!), Oakley and Oakley Women for providing bags, Justine (Trimarni athlete) for creating awesome Trimarni swimsuits (for guys and girls) and all of the other Trimarni team sponsors for supporting our team all season. 

After I was finished setting up the swag in the Team Duplex, Karel and I headed to the NTC to check out our camp and then we moved all our stuff to our rental Townhome to finally get settled for camp. 

Karel is always in high demand at our camps for bike mechanic work and RETUL fits so a few campers get to take advantage of his expertise at our camps (he would do more but there isn't enough time with all the training!)

After a long day, it was finally time to eat.
I was excited to finally cook in a kitchen so I made chicken for Karel (I had cottage cheese), roasted potatoes w/ melted cheddar cheese and a salad w/ oranges, strawberries and cashews. 

Stay tuned for my recap of our first official day of camp!
(or you can just follow the camp on my Trimarni Facebook page).