Get out of your own way

If you are training for a race that is happening in the next 6-8 weeks, you may find that this is a tough time of the year. While your excitement is building to put your fitness to the test, you may find that your motivation, focus and determination to train is like a rollercoaster - some days you are exhausted and struggle to get started whereas other days you have the energy to tackle what's on your training plan...and crave more.

While all of this is normal for a hard working athlete like yourself, it's very easy to let your mind get in the way of the body.

If you don't believe me, how many times have you felt so exhausted, tired and sore, struggling to even start a workout and then after the warm-up you feel great and surprise yourself with the energy that you thought you didn't have?

If you want to conquer yourself and reach your goals, you have to believe in yourself.
It’s human nature to enjoy doing things that come easy and are within your comfort zone and to put off things that are uncomfortable or difficult.
Don’t be afraid to fail when trying something new.
Fear of failure is often the main reason why athletes do not move closer to their goals.

Many people resist making changes because it is uncomfortable to change.

If you believe in yourself and your own ability to be successful, you will put yourself into a position to be eligible to reach your goals.
Don't let your mind be an obstacle in your journey.

Beliefs drive behaviors. 

If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will succeed.

As a goal-driven, hard-working and dedicated athlete, it’s very easy to lose enjoyment of your sport simply because there are too many self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that weaken great training sessions and strong race-day performances.

You don't have to have perfect to be successful. You just have to give your best effort.

If this post resonates with you, identify why you are letting yourself get into your own way.

Like anything in life, goals require hard work.

If you stay focused, determined and motivated AND find a way to have fun, your goals will become reachable.

Next time you find yourself mentally unfocused or in an uncomfortable situation, don't let your mind get in the way of your body.