Making the most of the fall

The fall is an amazing time and we are loving the season change in Greenville.

Sadly, we were not able to enjoy this season prior to moving to Greenville as we spent the past 10 years (14 for Karel) in Florida.

Sure, it was nice in Jacksonville, FL when the temperatures dropped to 70 degrees and it felt "cool" but there's something special about the crisp fall air and colorful trees to remind you that it's a new season.

Seeing that our 2017 triathlon training (foundation building) started a few weeks ago, there's a lot of structured back in our life as it relates to swim, bike, run. We are strength training 3 times per week, we are in the pool 4 times per week, we run 3-4 times per week (no brick runs) and we are biking 2-3 times per week. There's a lot of specificity which means choosing our terrain/environment properly to ensure proper execution.
But then there's a nice sprinkle of "free" workouts where there is no focus. 
These workouts are designed to be low intensity and skill oriented. 

The fall makes it easy to love training outside for those fun, free workouts. Karel's been having fun on his mountain bike, I love being outside on my road bike (it's like play time for me) and we have ventured out to the trails for running. 

We know that the cold temps are coming (which means more indoor training) and the specificity in our training will limit these fun free workouts.
It's not hard to make the most of this phase of training before our training load increases.

Greenville is so beautiful to train in, in the fall! 

All bundled up for a morning ride. 

Bumped in to Trimarni athlete Thomas and his new ride...oh wait, we both have new rides!
Karel was left out of the new ride feeling so he had to take the picture :) 

Loving my new road bike (Trek Silque SSL with Di2). So light, responsive and comfortable! Thanks Karel for building it for me!

The key to riding outside in 40 degrees....layers...lots and lots of layers. 

And riding toward the sunlight will help warm you up!

So happy on two wheels. Yay, that new ride feeling is amazing! 

Love our bike friendly roads and having SO much routes to choose from. Most of the time, we just leave our house and let our bikes decide where they want to take us. 

Farm life is everywhere. 

Sometimes you have to stop and say hello to the furry friends. 

Love our State Parks in Greenville. 

Off for a 60 minute trail run. 

Running to North Lake at Paris Mountain State Park. 

Nature is so beautiful. 

Am I the only one who sees water and wants to go for a swim??

Exploring with Karel. 

What a view!

Dirty trail shoes, 2 consumed flasks and no twisted ankles or boo boos.....successful run!

Technical MTB riding for Karel. I'll stick to the roads. 

Roots and rocks make for a fun MTB ride (according to Karel).

Enjoying his view. 

Letting the bike lead the way.