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IM Kona '16: Day 10

The day has finally come! It's the day before THE Ironman World Championship.

I can't believe how quickly this week went by and now we only have one more sleep to go before 2000+ athletes from around the world compete for 140.6 miles on the big island of Kona. 

After a great night of sleep, I woke up around 6am. After Karel got up, shortly after, we enjoyed some coffee on our patio as we shared some oversized Trimarni pre-workout pancakes that I made while the coffee was brewing. Around 7:20am, Karel went out for his pre-race workout (ocean swim + ride) while I finished up some work on the computer.
Before my morning workout (which was a mini triathlon), I made a buffet of food for Karel to enjoy when he returned home from his workout. 

Waffles, scrambled eggs w/ tomatoes and cheese, yogurt w/ smashed mango, fruit fruit and oatmeal. 

As for my morning, my workout included a 25-minute swim, 75-minute bike, 40 minute run.

My plan was to swim, bike, run but it was all by feel (not by time).
I was joined by my friend Jennifer, from Ironman, for a ride on the Queen K and then I went out on Ali'i drive for a run.

I finished my workout around 11:30am, enjoyed breakfast and cleaned up before I headed out again for a food run. Croissants for Karel!
I also picked up some fresh fruit from the farmers market and fresh bread from Daylight Minds cafe. 
As soon as I returned back from my errands, Trimarni athlete Justine was at our condo ready to check in her bike. I accompanied her and her family (and friend Ginger, former Trimarni athlete) to bike check in and we met up with Trimarni athlete Leigh Ann.

After enjoying seeing my two Trimarni Kona athletes drop off their bikes and gear, I went back to the condo to get Karel so that I could be with him for his bike/gear bag check-in.

It's pretty cool to see how much work is being done to create the main stage of the Ironman here in Kona so I thought I'd share some pictures from throughout the day before the 2016 Ironman World Championship. 

Thank you to all the Trimarni fans who have been following us along during our time in Kona.
We really appreciate the support.
We also want to send a HUGE thank you to the companies who have played an integral part into our training/racing season:

Also, Boco Gear, Hot Shot, Mg12, Alto Cycling.

I'll be sharing updates throughout race day on my Trimarni Facebook page.
I encourage you to watch the LIVE footage of the Ironman at ALL day as I have a feeling this will be an exciting day of Ironman racing.

Start times (island time, 6 hours behind EST).
6:25am Race Start - Male Professional
6:30am Race Start - Female Professional
6:55am Race Start - Age Groups
7:10am Race Start - Age Groups Females/P.C. athletes