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Hello from St. George!

Without a doubt, I knew that I would 100% love St. George, Utah. Without ever traveling in or through the area, the pictures and race reviews made me fall in love with the nature and all of its surroundings. 

After traveling from Charlotte to Las Vegas, we drove the 2 hours to St. George. I wow'd the entire drive because I was now seeing what I had heard so much about. 

After our drive, we checked into our hotel (Best Western Coral Hills) and little did I know that I booked the "honeymoon suite" (which I thought was just a larger room for $10 more when booking online). The reaction was priceless from Karel as our room was filled with lovely decor and lots of mirrors and chandeliers.

On Wednesday morning, after breakfast, Karel assembled our bikes and we were off to ride from our hotel, to and through Snow Canyon to ride the last 25+ miles of the bike course. 

The dry, hot air was a bit uncomfortable but the views had me riding so happy as we climbed 4+ miles in Snow Canyon. 

I made sure to take lots of pictures during the ride because come race day, I will be in race mode. But little does Karel know, that even on race day, I make sure to take note of any animals and beautiful sights while racing. 

Enjoying the views and grinding away. 

Climbing and climbing....

Look at those views!

A quick pic at the top of the climb before descending down into town for 13+ miles. The descend is fast but you still have to work for it. 

After our ride and checking out of our hotel, we met up with Anthony and Peggy and headed to the grocery to do a big shop for our stay in our rental home. A bit before 3pm, we checked into the Green Manor house (our rental home). Our house is super charming and dates back to the 1800's. It is also just 3 blocks from the race finish/T2. 

Because of our large Trimarni group, I booked two houses for our athletes. The other house is about 3.5 miles away and we like to call it "the Mansion" as it is 7000+ square feet, with 6 bedrooms and a movie theater. Booking rental homes on VRBO is never easy and brings me a lot of stress but thankfully, these two houses worked out great!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in St. George on the Trimarni Facebook page.