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Can you benefit from a group training camp?

Preparing for a triathlon or running event requires a lot of time - often alone time This leaves little time for socializing with others who share the same (crazy) passion with you. Although your spouse/friends may support your training, the enthusiasm at a group camp is often much greater than what you would experience alone. 

While you may be 100% personally invested into your athletic journey right now in your life, you are more likely to stick with your sport when your enjoyment factor is high. Although we all need to embrace the solo grind that is needed for self improvement, your sport allows you to live a active, happy and healthy lifestyle - thus, it's important to find ways to keep that “fun” factor going and you can do that through a training camp. 

When most of your training is done by yourself, it allows you to focus on your own journey. Your training environment becomes very controlled and familiar and you know what to do to deliver yourself to a quality training session. This can also keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone for anything new becomes uncomfortable. 

Because most athletes have a competitive side (and an ego), training with others can tempt you to compete against others, forcing you to go above and beyond what you are supposed to do. Also, in a group environment, you may find that you are constantly comparing yourself to other people, who may be faster than you. Training solo keeps you in a reality-check and allows you to focus on your form, breathing, nutrition and anything else that will help you on race day.

So why should you participate in a group training camp?

At a training camp, you are paying someone to take care of everything for you - logistics, routes, SAG stops and schedules. You are also paying for education and support. This means that all you have to do is show up and train. What a treat!

Whereas many training camps focus on accumulating miles, we believe in a nice mix of training, education and skill development. Ultimately, our goal at our camps is to help our athletes explore their true physical and mental capabilities. We help them overcome fears and what was once uneasy, becomes familiar and more comfortable. We love stretching comfort zones. Our hope is that when our campers return home, they not only have improved confidence and self-belief but they can apply what they learned at camp to their own training and racing.

Although we have a lot of fun at our camps (there is no shortage of laughs), we spend a lot of time on posture, running form, swim mechanics, terrain management, up and downhill running, bike handling skills, descending, cornering or terrain management – all things that may be new, unfamiliar, uneasy/uncomfortable or rarely practiced. At a training camp, you have the unique experience to apply workouts (in your own controlled/familiar setting) to the open road (or water).

A group camp also brings out the best in you – if you let it. You are less likely to make excuses, you stretch your comfort zone and you give a little bit more than you think you are capable of giving. 

A group training camp also provides you with the opportunity to experience what it is like to train when you are rested (good sleep), fueled (good eating) and present (mentally strong). It is important to us that our campers return to their home environment with a better understanding of how important good sleep, proper fueling, nutrient timing and application of sport nutrition, alongside better mental strength, can assist in improved fitness.  For many athletes, home habits sabotage performance improvements so in a group training environment, campers have the opportunity to explore new strategies for fueling, training and mental strength. Imagine what it would be like to perform with a body that is well rested, well fueled and mentally focused??

Regardless of the camp focus, whether it is solo as a weekend getaway, a private training or in a group, your camp experience should be fun, educational and energizing so that when you return home, you feel excited to apply what you learned at camp.

In our opinion, a training camp is so much more than just adding up training miles. 

A training camp is a big investment, requiring time away from work/family but what you get in return is an inspiring, education, fun, challenging, memorable and life-changing experience where you can stretch your comfort zone, learn, explore new boundaires, push your physical and mental limits and become the athlete that you are capable of being.