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2018 Trimarni Coaching Application will close TODAY!!!

At Trimarni Coaching, we only accept new athletes for one-on-one coaching in September/October for the following year. Although we have training plans and an educational membership for athletes who want to train under our guidance throughout the year, there is only one opportunity out of the year to be coached by us as a Trimarni athlete for the following year. While this may sound a bit strict, as it requires new/potential athletes to think about coaching for the next season well before the New Year, there are a few reasons why we do not add new athletes to our coaching roster throughout the year. 

  1. Athlete/coach relationship - It takes time for us to get to know an athlete so we start building this relationship early in the year (Nov/Dec). Effective coaching is so much more than workout delivery or being great workout writers as we need to understand athletes on an individual and personal level. We also want to start opening the lines of communication so that the athlete feels as if she/he is in a safe, trustworthy and supportive coach/athlete relationship. 
  2. Team building- Although online coaching is not for every athlete, we make sure that our new athletes understand that they are joining a team. At Trimarni, we consider our athletes as family. Our athletes are not our "clients" but they are teammates. Triathlon is an individual sport and with busy work/family/life schedules, it's very easy to feel alone and isolate from other people. We make a strong effort to make sure that every Trimarni athlete feels part of a team, with caring, supportive, fun, passionate, judgment-free and ego-free teammates. We not only offer camps and key races throughout the year to bring our athletes together, but we use social media in a positive way, to help connect our athletes to one another. By welcoming new athletes to our team all at once, everyone has an opportunity to get to know one another.

  3. Education - A big component to Trimarni coaching is education. We don't want to tell our athletes what to do but to make sure that our athletes are doing things well. Over the years, we have learned that triathletes are great at training but when it comes to race day, athletes struggle to effectively put that training to good use when it counts. Therefore, we make the effort every week throughout the year to educate our athletes through weekly FB live chats and weekly check-in educational emails. There is no shortage of education for our athletes as it relates to training, nutrition, racing and so much more.

  4. Development - If an athlete is focused on training for one race, we have a Trimarni training plan that will allow for smooth progression and race day readiness. We take great pride in our training plans as we update them every year to keep them current and fresh. But for our coached athletes, we believe that a long-term relationship is imperative to allow for development, while keeping the body in good health. To reach athletic excellence within a racing season, an athlete needs patience, a hard work ethic and consistency. The process is not quick or easy but when done right, our athletes can maintain a sense of athletic-identity without feeling like training is taking over their life. Above all, we want to keep training fun and exciting as it should be a health-promoting hobby that enriches your life. When a new athlete starts with us, we have time to develop the athlete and work through the different phases of training to build resilience, strength and the necessary skills to work from year after year. We take great pride in building strong, healthy and happy athletes.

  5. Commitment - Our job as coaches is to help athletes reach personal athletic goals and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When an athlete applies to be a Trimarni coaching athlete during our 2-week application submission period, we immediately know that the athlete is committed to the journey. On the flip side, as coaches, we are committed to helping every athlete on our team and it is important for us to carefully select our athletes so that everyone is a good fit for our team and so that we do not coach more athletes than we can handle. Although there are three of us (Me, Karel and assistant coach Joe) and coaching is our full-time job, coaching is much more than writing workouts. We are committed to all areas of coaching, which most importantly, means communicating and being there for our athletes. It's very important to us that we make sure that every athlete that we coach will benefit physically, psychologically and emotionally from our coaching. We are looking for individuals who are committed to the process of development in an effort to achieve athletic excellence with a healthy and strong mind and body.

If you are interested in joining the 2018 Trimarni coaching team, TODAY is the last day to apply.

To learn more about our coaching categories and to apply, CLICK HERE.