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Czech out what we've been eating

There's been a lot of yumming over the past few weeks! In no particular order, here are some pictures of the meals I've consumed while in Europe (primarily Czech).  If I don't mention who made the dish, it was prepared by Karel's mom. 

Vienna: Chicken curry wrap from Veggiezz with potato fries (all vegan!)

Cucumber salad (made by Karel)

Homemade vegetable soup w/ noodles.

Plnená paprika (stuffed pepper with tomato sauce and rice - all homemade and veggies from the garden)

Meruňkové knedliky - apricot dumplings topped with bread crumbs and farmers cheese

Karbanátky - fried burgers (made with soy meat for me)

Palačinky se špenátem - Spinach stuffed crepes

Pastries from the bakery next to where we are staying. 
Bramboračka - mushroom and potato soup

Šunkofleky - noodles with soy meat (the original recipe is made with ham)

Vanilla and chocolate pudding with fresh fruit and whipped cream (all homemade!)

Fresh bread from the grocery

Koprová omáčka - asparagus sauce with potatoes and eggs

Bramboráky - potato pancakes

Svíčková na smetaně - classic Czech dish (Karel's dish)

Meruňkový táč - Apricot cake

Fresh apricots from the tree. 

Black cherries .


Svíčková na smetaně - classic Czech dish (my dish made with soy meat)

Polévka s játrovými knedlíčky - liver dumpling soup (Czech restaurant)

štěpánská pečeně - Beef and dumplings (Karel's dish, Czech restaurant)
Arugula (rocket) salad


Grapes for wine


Black cherries


Rýžový nákyp - rice pudding with apricots

Vegetable and potato soup 

Apricot cake

Bramborové taštičky s povidly - Potato dumpling with plum jam topped with breadcrumbs and farmers cheese

Bruschetta - restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany

Spinach salad with cheese, walnuts and grapes - restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany 

Pasta - Karel's dish in Frankfurt, Germany

Pizza - Frankfurt, Germany 

čočková polévka - Lentil and vegetable soup

šopský salát - Salad with balkan cheese
And ice cream!