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I AM an Ironman!!
I just love hearing that at the finish line... I was smiling ear to ear from mile 25 to the finish line.
RR (with pics) to come shortly. Probably in the middle of the night tonight when I can't sleep because my quads are burning. Karel, my parents and myself are heading to watch the last hour of finishers soon.
I had a lot of goals for the race today. Although I had a hip pain for the first half of the run, which turned into intense quad tightness for the second half, I can honestly say that today was a great day for me. I PR'd in the swim and bike and set a best time for an IM. I broke 11 hours!!! I didn't want to look at my watch but at mile 25 I knew that I would come in before 6pm which meant that I would break 11 hours. The pics I will post show my excitement.
Thanks to everyone for your support today. I thought about a lot of things on the course today. The day went by fast, the course was beautiful and I loved every minute of the swim, bike and run on this beautiful Sunday.
Swim: 1:04.20
Bike: 5:44.21
Run: 3:57.49
Total: 10:54.45
7th age group (25-29) out of 91 starters
24 amateur female
35 overall female