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Sport Nutrition Tip + Trimarni Custom clothing

Working out or training for more than an hour today?

Consider the benefits of a pre and post workout snack.

During exercise, energy demand is high. Your body will experience an increase in skeletal muscle blood flow and to get stronger, it will release anabolic hormones (like growth hormone, testosterone and IGF-1, epinephrine) to assist in protein synthesis. Insulin concentrations will also increase post workout as an anabolic "side effect" whereas during exercise insulin sensitivity increases. On the flip side, however, every time you place stress on the body via exercise, catabolic (breakdown) effects take place like glycogen depletion, increased cortisol concentrations, decrease net protein balance and possibly dehydration.

Take advantage of at least 30-60 grams of carbohydrates and a little protein pre workout, along side a post workout snack of 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein (grams) to help the body fuel and re-fuel for a more consistent exercise/training routine as you move closer to your body composition and training goals. Don't think of sport nutrition around workouts as calories your body doesn't need...instead, it is the fuel your body requires to maximize your time training. Consider more what you are eating (or not eating) during the day when your your body systems (cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, respiratory, etc.) are not working in overtime, like they do during exercise to allow you to function properly.

Speaking of using your body......

The Trimarni Store is now open!
The clothing is not limited to Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition athletes but instead, to any person who desires a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle and chooses to dream big. We don't have a date in 2013 for placing another order due to custom orders taking 6-8 weeks. Deadline for orders is December 14th, 2012 so take advantage of the current $1 shipping fee. Thanks for your support.

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