Isn't my brother amazing!!!
Finally getting warm after my swim this morning. Walked in the snow over to the swim building this morning at 7am and did a super long swim, 4500 yrds. It was great and I didn't want to get out..probably cause I had to walk back to my bro's house. The best part of my swim was watching the synchronized swimmers practicing in the pool as i was swimming. And I thought i was tough swimming for over 90 minutes. These girls were doing some crazy drills, so of course, i tried sculling with my hands and lifting my feet out of the water - nope, didn't work and I'll stick to swimming. hehe
Just chillin' right now as my brother takes a final. Just finished a yummy warm breakfast and about to bundle up and walk around the campus and probably head to Borders (gotta love books!) before i meet my bro for lunch at the Union.
I give credit to a lot of people in the sport of triathlon. Adults, for managing life stressors (work) around training/ parents, for managing kids and a hectic schedule/ the "older" adults (65+ yrs) for defying the odds of pushing the limits/ and now, the northerners.....how do you do it when it is so freakin' cold out!!!!!