I'm Cooked!

What a weekend...Actually, what a WEEK!!! I am cooking here in Florida! The heat and humidity get to you no matter what time you train! Thursday I had a hard time getting in the water after my 4th of July intense bike ride (65 + 1 hour spin class). I just stood at the edge of the pool at 5:20am and forced myself to get in. Every workout to me needs to be a quality workout. Regardless if I am spinning easy on my bike or doing an aerobic long run, I want to get something from everything that is tri-related. I wondered what the Pro's would do the day after a weekly ride and from that point on, it was an easy decision to get in the water. The workout wasn't too hard but I did get 3600 meters in that morning. I followed the swim with a 8 mile run and I was surprised how good my legs felt. Thursday evening I hoped on the road bike and did a nice 35 min ocean swim to get me use to open water swimming. I don't get anything out of the swim for speed, but just for the simple fact that I like being around other triathletes while being in open water.
Friday morning I rode the Morton Plant Mease bike course 2 x's (including memorial causeway 3 x's) and completed 30 miles on my bike before a 7 mile run. Again, I felt powerful with my running and I think all that cycling is finally paying off. A year of kicking my butt on the bike and I'm finally seeing some results. I have great cycling friends (and Karel) to keep me going fast (a.k.a drafting off of) and they give me great pointers.
Saturday morning was a good day. Warmed up with karel to clearwater beach and at 8am we met the gearlink group at CVS. It is never a warm-up when I ride with Karel so with tired legs (FROM WED!!!) I was pedalling my legs off to stay on his wheel. The Gearlink riders met up with the Panera ride and I knew this would be a great opportunity to show myself that I am a strong rider. I have to tell myself that for that little push...plus, I always do my best when karel is around. even though I don't see him cause he is always at the front of the group, I just know he is proud of me and hopefully his fast cycling skills are rubbing off on me. I had my other two girlfriends there (Celia and Roberta) so I was in good company that morning. The ride was fast but I kept up. A couple times I feel behind but luckily I caught up to the group in time to not get dropped. After the 54 mile ride, I finished the morning with a 7 mile run. Running at 10:30am is no fun, but I guess it is good Kona training. After my workout I rushed into the shower, blended me a yummy protein smoothie and quickly got in the car to go to Tampa. I first dropped my bike off with Karel for a well-needed tune-up (new chain, new cables) and cleaning. Oh-seduza looks great! I spoke to a room full of Doctors (10 Amazingly nice people) about Triathlons. Most of the talk was preparing for the Morton plant tri this weekend and I spoke briefly about nutrition for sprint triathlons. I really enjoy speaking to people and seeing the excitement from newbies! I remember the day..... Anyways, after my 75 minute talk I had a quick stop at starbucks and i was heading home for a well-needed nap!
this Blog is already a long one so i will leave you hanging before i tell ya about sunday!