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Hanging around

Spending most of my day on the computer today. Although I've been super busy with nutrition consultations I'm taking a break from work this weekend. well, I'll try but when you love what you do, it's hard not to spend extra time on things which are work-related. I'm watching the NYC marathon trials right now on TV and checked out the post-race coverage on the internet earlier this morning. I'm also checking out the Ironman Florida coverage. Looks like great weather and I'm thinking there are going to be some surprises with the pro's and super fast times. Tomorrow I'll be watching the NYC marathon and I'm sure Karel will want to see how Lance runs. Sadly, I just heard that Ryan Shay was rushed to the hospital at mile 5 of the trials and he past away. very sad for the running community and my sympathy goes out to his family and friends. Although sudden deaths occur, it is just one of those things that you can't predict and hope never happens to anyone. I remember IMFL last year and I was so worried about how I would be able to finish an Ironman and if my heart would beat so hard for so long. Well, i finished and I felt great. However, there are many times when I finish workouts and races and feel just awful. I suggest making the most of everyday and letting your friends and family know how much you love them. If it isn't love for everyone, just let your friends know how much you care. For most of the people who are reading this blog right now, I'm sure there are many times when triathlons/running/multi-sport events take precedence over your life. NOt saying you have to cancel all your workouts or stop racing but be sure you make time for others.
well, back to checking out some more coverage. Just finished my sponsor letter for some potential 2008 sponsors and I'm getting really excited for the 2008 season. I feel my leg is 98% healed and just a few aches in the hip. Karel and I rode last night and for the first time since Kona I felt really strong on my road bike. This morning I met Karel and the Gearlink riders and rode Seduza for about 38 miles. felt great and just enjoying my progress. Swimming is going well and I'm kicking with no pain. No running until I feel 110% but I absolutely feel great compared to the last 2 months! I'm thinking no 70.3 world champs (even if I just swam and biked) and just taking the next week to continue my healing process. I can't wait to run again and start working on my base training with Karel. Looks like the 2008 season will be exciting for both Karel and I as we are both taking our training to the next level.


Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

A big HAPPY birthday to my brother who turns 23 today!!! Woah, he is catching up to me. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family. Parents who have always been very supportive, encouraging and loving and a brother who has been nothing but great to me. My parents considered themselves the luckiest parents in the world because they had two children who never got into a fight with one another. My brother is my best friend and even from an early age, we have always been nice to one another. Not only is my brother an amazing athlete but he is very intelligent and I've always looked up to him as a collegiate athlete. Aaron graduated from the business school at the University of Michigan and if you know anything about UM you probably know about the prestigious Ross Business School. Not only did my brother graduate last year with an outstanding GPA but he was a full ride scholarship, 4-year NCAA athlete. I have no idea how he fit in school with all his gymnastic practices (including summer jobs to keep him busy without school) but he did it all and never complained. As the 2007 Big Ten High Bar Champion, my brother is someone that many people can look up to. Aaron is now earning the big bucks in Pitt, PA where he works at PPG as a business man. While a full-time job in a new big city is a big change from college life, my brother learned a lot from 4-years in college and he stays very busy on the weekends going out to bars, watching football games with friends and hanging out at starbucks.
I love you Aaron!! Happy birthday and can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving!


Staying busy...

I may be walking a bit funny but I have no pain in my leg and I am really happy about that. Haven't felt pain for the past week so the healing process is going very well. Just a slight limp due to sore and weak quad muscles but it is a great conversation starter! I got back in the pool pretty quickly after Kona but it took a week and a half to get back on my bike. Now that I can ride again, I am feeling super excited for next season. So many goals and races to think about! Saturday morning I rode just a bit and as I mentioned in the last blog, it felt great to be outside in comfortable florida weather. Karel did his own thing on Saturday morning but the weather wasn't so kind to him. He got a little rain during his ride. In the evening, Karel and I went to the movies (something we rarely do) and we saw Dan In Real Life. This was the cutest movie I have ever seen! If you are a girl, single parent, wife and/or mother you have to see this movie! And for my guy friends, it is really funny. Karel even said he enjoyed it. What a great movie! I really recommend seeing it....or if you are like me and don't really enjoy going out to the movies, rent the movie as soon as it comes out!
On Sunday morning Karel joined some Gearlinkers for the Publix ride and once again I went on my bike for a little spin. I forgot that the Dunedin Blue Moon 5K and half marathon was going on that morning and I saw a lot of familiar faces as I was riding. The race was on the pinellas trail and there was a good number of people racing. Since I started before the race had begun I didn't get in the way of any runners. I rode home on the street after my grueling 16 mile, 1 hour ride (hehe) and cheered for people as I was riding. I couldn't help to smile at myself when I could recognize familiar faces 50 yards away from me. I just love watching people race!
After breakfast it was time for cleaning. BOO! Unfortunantly, with two athletes in the house our cat is the only thing that doesn't get neglected. As far as our place, it was getting a little messy. Karel came home around mid-morning and we spent a couple hours making the place spottless. Although it smells clean (it didn't smell bad before I promise!) I can't really tell a difference. Oh well-we cleaned and we have lots of dirty rags and trash to show for it.
After we cleaned we ordered a pay-per-view movie. Even though we get the HBO channels, there was a recommendation for a movie that Karel really wanted to see. Once he told me it was about cycling I told him we had to watch it. I don't know who is luckier...karel who has someone to watch cycling with or me who has someone who enjoys watching cycling (swimming and running) with me. Well, I think we both are pretty lucky. The movie is called the Flying Scostman. Here is the link The movie is about Graem Obree who broke the velodrome record a while back. The amazing part of his story is his drive and determination to break the record on a bike that he built by himself. I recommend this movie to anyone who is about to do a race (IMFL peps!) or to anyone who needs an inspirational movie. I really enjoyed the movie plot but since it was based on a true story, Karel knew the names of the people in the movie and he had to keep explaining everyone to me. I sure learned a lot!
After the movie we straightened up our place a bit more and decided to go get pumkins to carve. Instead of driving a few miles, we got on our bikes and rode to the pumpkin patch in dunedin. I think both Karel and I felt like little kids with our backpacks on as we were riding our bikes. Searching for the right pumpkin made me feel even younger but the real trick was riding back with a big pumpkin on my back! It was a great day. After a little more of doing nothing that evening I was sad to say good-bye to the weekend.
It is now Monday and I am finding myself busy again....but I love it! I've been getting more and more nutrition consultations and trying to keep up on projects for beginner triathlete. Seeing that the off-season presents an opportunity for unwanted weight gain due to less training volume, I am semi-happy that triathletes need me to help them with their off-season nutrition.
Well, back to my long list of things to do..just thought I'd let everyone know what movies I watched this weekend..instead of working on my list of things to do... :(