What leg?

I just realized that I went a day and a half without noticing, feeling or even thinking about my leg pain. That makes me feel really good. Yesterday morning I joined the swim team for a nice practice. Lots of 50's since a lot of people where in the lanes but we still ended up with 2800 yards. After the swim I decided to walk on the treadmill (because of my blister) but after 10 minutes of walking, I was so over the blister. The speed increased and I ran for 20 minutes at 7.2 mph. At least I am getting up my speed and a little endurance as well. The last 10 minutes I did 3 x 2 minutes w/ 1 min rest in between and the 2 minutes I ran at 8 mph. That makes me feel so good to be able to run fast (and comfortably). After the run I squeezed in a few sets of abs on the stability ball and I was off to go personal train someone. After a day of studying, I decided to go for a short bike ride. At first I had trouble making myself want to get on my bike but I had been studying all day INSIDE and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I decided I could get in an hour of cycling so I headed out and started my ride. I bumped into a race director I know so I joined him and his friend and I enjoyed being pushed a bit. I was riding side-by-side with the RD but after a few miles of 22 mph, I decided to drop back a bit. the pace went up to 24 mph at that point and I was wondering how I would be able to make it back in the head wind (yes, we had some nice tail wind). I decided to branch off and head to Howard Park and at that point I had 13 miles on my speedometer. Oh well, what's 2 more miles going to do. So I ended up with 30 miles and my hour ride was extended just a bit :) I guess I really didn't want to go back and study.
well, I ended up getting in a few hours of studying in the evening and I am glad I rode my bike.
Looks like Karel and I are switching our routine today and he is heading to the gym but I am hoping on my bike. I don't want to miss my opportunity of wanting to ride my bike. have a great Friday!