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well, my brain is almost fried. I'm almost completely better from my bug. I'm very tired and I would love a vacation. Therefore...I am going to cover several things, but keeping things short.

1) Good luck to those racing at St.A's....I thought about writing emails to everyone, but that would take me all day!!! I will be watching for a few hours to cheer on everyone. Hope to get in some kind of run when I am down there. Looking forward to seeing all of Florida down there. I think I am the only person not doing the race..oh, karel said he isn't doing it :) hehe

2) Speaking of karel..he is about to race in the Twilight crit tonight!!! the weather is a little overcast and the radar (which I keep checking) shows a few showers heading towards athens, Ga. Rain would not be good during that race but I know those cyclists will race rain, wind or shine. I sent karel a good luck package of lots of goodies (Hammer nutrition, chocolate, a card, trail mix, water bottle, gum) and I also printed a bunch of quotes on hard work, teamwork, motivation and success. I sent the package to the team manager (Jeff Kopp) and he suprised Karel with the box as the team was heading up to Athens. I think Karel was super surprised. Karel has some of his Gearlink friends up there watching him and aside from the thousands of people in the crowd, I think Karel is ready for the "big show". That is what he calls this race :) Also, Karel texted me his number which was #112 and that he was getting ready to race. I didn't think anything of it but I checked my box of race numbers and at Ft.Desoto, that was my race number!!! Crazy!!!Good luck Karel..I'm cheering you on!!!!

3)I'm really thankful that I can be a coach right now. I have been able to help so many people with training plans, one-on-one coaching and nutrition. I just love helping people and I can't wait til school is overwith so I can devote all my time to helping people. I really appreciate everyone putting up with me during these last few days of preparing for my finals. I haven't been able to fully commit my time to everyone and that is hard for me. When someone wants me to help them I devote 100% of my time, energy and passion to helping them achieve their goals. I felt that being upfront and honest about my lack of time would be hard for people to understand. However, all my athletes and friends have been very accepting and I really appreciate it. Just a bit longer and I get a full 3 weeks of no school!! Wahoo...but then I start my dietetic school on May 20th and I will continue with 3 more semesters and hopefully finishing by August/Sept 2009. I'm sure there is a light at the end of that tunnel....

4) I'm really sad about the Shark killing of the triathlete in california. It is all over the news and it is really scary. I know these things are rare but it doesn't take away from the sadness. The scary thing is that athletes are always putting their body in danger. Of course cycling is the most scary of them all, with hundreds of cyclists around the world being killed by cars, riding in groups or just riding alone. Then there is running when people are running early in the morning in the dark or even with swimming in the pool. Anything can happen. However, we must remember that we are doing something that we love that ultimately is a good habit. This morning I had a coaching session with Gary, at..of course, Sand Key park for an open water swim. I read last night and right away I email sure you don't want to just swim in the pool. Me, as his coach..wimping out! Well, just like usual, when I'm in the open water I just forget about everything. All went well and we had a great 20 minute swim. I ended up riding my bike down there and after the swim, I biked home. So much better than driving. I rode 50 miles this morning and finally, I am feeling a bit better with this head cold. the sniffles are gone and my headache is getting better.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I know this blog was kinda random but please remember to tell your loved ones how much you care about them. Thank your friends and family for putting up with you...I know triathletes live in their own world sometimes (me included!). And lastly, just remember to live life to the fullest. If your working too hard and always stressed, sleep deprived and unhappy, are you truely enjoying and focusing on the little things. You only have one life....enjoy it! :)


The bug!

Well, I guess I can only blame my big mouth. Karel got sick last weekend and he felt like it was coming the days before. I told him just to rest and in my mind I'm thinking to myself "I never get sick. I am so lucky. I take such good care of myself..blah blah blah" Well...I got the bug! and my wishful thinking that I wouldn't get sick. The thing is, Karel isn't even here! He has been in Jacksonville for the last 9 days so I guess he gave me a "virus" via the internet ;) Luckily, I am better now and all it really did was give me a pounding headache and a runny nose. No chills, feaver or sore throat. I just felt like I had a pound of bricks between my ears. So I passed on training on thursday and enjoyed the day of doing nothing. I tried studying for my finals every now and then but it was really hard to retain the info. Just like with trying to study, I would get absolutely nothing out of trying to train my body. I did feel a little lazy on thursday morning and not doing anything at 7am but the more I started thinking...if I would just rest one day I could have a chance to be better by friday. My plan worked. I was in the pool this morning for a great 4000 yard swim. I did feel like I needed to blow my nose the whole swim (sexy right???) but I guess the water was the best place for me to get in some type of workout. As I had mentioned, I was fortunante to not get the flu or anything like that, so maybe this was all allergies. Oh well, I finished the morning with a 4 mile run and I think having a release of endorphins really made me feel better. I am a bit tired now but I must be good and study. My last 3 exams of the semester!!!
My thinking of training while sick is isn't recommended if you are sick from the throat down. So pass on the training if you are experiencing stomach problems, trouble breathing or a fever/chills. However, if it is the throat up which can be nose running, headache or stuffy head, studies have shown that a little low intensity exercise can actually strengthen the immune system. Don't expect to gain fitness but you may feel better overall than if you need nothing. You must always listen to your body and in most cases if you just rest your body entirely for a day or two, you can be back to normal sooner than if you try to train while your body is fighting a cold or virus.
When I do get sick (which is rarely...I guess I should stop saying that before I get sick again) I don't like to reach for the medicine. Actually, Karel and I don't have anything in our place besides ibuprofen (which was mostly for my aches post-kona). I am not a big believer in reaching for the meds everytime something hurts. If you are injured, you probably didn't listen to your body when it hurt and you just tried to get through training. Sometimes you can survive and be fine with an ache, but like in my case, my ache turned into 5 monthes of no running. I didn't listen before kona but you better believe i listened post kona. I sure learned a lot with my injury...
Anways....Usually, when you feel the symtoms of getting sick your body is already doing its thing by fighting whatever you have. The hotness, runny nose, chills or aches are usually because of the body trying to kill whatever it is that got into the body. These are all symptoms. Therefore, if you reach for medicine you are only trying to make yourself feel better from those symptoms. You aren't really trying to make yourself any healthier. However, if the "sickness" prevents you from daily functioning and life(includes work, planned events which can't be cancelled or sleep. Unless you are a Pro or about to race an important race, training technically is not part of life) then you may want to find the best medicine to help you make it through the day. Again, don't think that taking medicine every 4 hours is going to make you feel 100% the next may, but perhaps you need to look at your daily routine and see why you got the virus in the first place. Kids, eating out, work...yes, great places to spread germs. However, in need of more sleep, stress and an increase in training...I think I have my culprit for why my immune system was a little down. I am sure I am in contact with germs and virus's everyday but if I step up my training and feel a little stressed with school, my body is having to work overtime and that virus ultimately wins.
So...I thought instead of buying some meds I would go the natural route. No, I didn't just lay around in misery and light some incents and eat herbs (hehe) I went to the farmers market and bought myself some healthy, antioxidant rich fruits and veggies. YUM!!! And after cutting up all the veggies (which were only $11!!!! Yes fruits/veggies when they are in season, especially at a farmers market) I made myself a yummy smoothie w/ vanilla whey protein, a little strawberry yogurt, organic skim milk, cinnamon and my fruit. This one came out supper creamy!



Here is the latest race report on Karel's great race in TN

  • Linder Team Blog

  • It is a nice race report. However, I'm surprised that Karel gave James (who writes the blog, races for the Linder team..and also just completed IMAZ!!! see, cyclists can be triathletes!) so many details!!!! Coming from Karel, I usually here "It was tough, it was hard, I did ok" HEHE-it must be a guy thing :)

    This Saturday is one of the most exciting cycling races in the states. The well-known Athens Twilight Criterium.
  • Athens Twilight Crit

  • Karel and the other Linder Capital Cycling Team guys will be racing the PRO-only race. With the majority of riders, racing in teams, Karel and his teammates will be racing in one of the most thrilling races. This has been a dream of Karel's for a very long time and seeing that they only let in "the big boys", this is a privilege for any rider to race this race. Although Karel loves Road Racing, he can't get enough of crit racing. The tight corners, the crazy pace, the breakaways and the crowds!!
    I wanted to show a couple YouTube clips to show the speed of this race. Check out the massive amount of riders and spectators!!! Oh..I forgot to mention that this race is a 2-hour race starting at 8:45pm!!! And if that isn't enough, the race is 80K on a 1K course!!!!

  • Athens Twilight Crit Video

  • Athens Twilight Crit Video

  • Athens Twilight Crit Video

  • Athens Twilight Crit Video
  • 4/22/08

    Crazy Interval Tuesday!!!!

    "Top results are reached only through pain. But eventually you like this pain. You'll find the more difficulties you have on the way, the more you will enjoy your success."

    "Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder."

    Ask yourself: "Can I give more?". The answer is usually: "Yes".

    "It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect it’s successful outcome.”

    "The goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break."

    Another Interval Tuesday. 5:30 am I'm making some coffee, mixing my amino's w/ water and checking my email. 10 minutes later I'm out the door to the YMCA. My treadmill calls for me. 10 min. warm-up, feeling great at 7.2. Legs started to feel like i was breaking my stride so I bumped up the speed to fomfortable 7.4mph. Here we go....
    8 x .5 mile @ 9 mph (6:40 min/miles) w/ 45 seconds recovery (no running/straddle treadmill). This came to .6 miles every set. Around 7 miles total in 50 minutes and I was beat. I felt like my breathing was controlled, I was sweating like crazy and my legs were feeling good with a little lactate. I felt comfortable until I got the worse cramp in my side at #5. OUCH!!! I ran through it and tried to stretch it out on the recovery. I know that side stiches can be in response to short and shallow breathing or bexhaling when your right foot hits the ground. If you suffer from right side, side stiches, you want to exhale when the left foot strikes the ground. When you exhale as the right foot hits, the liver is dropped and ligaments stretching from diaphragm are pulled, thus promoting a side stich which is usually in the right side. Just a helpful word of advice....however, I still had my cramp. I pulled through the last 3 sets and wow was I hurting. At that point I had the aches and i was getting hot. I muscled them out just like I plan to run at disney 70.3 in less than 30 days. Hoping to break the 5 hour mark for my 70.3 race, I was running like crazy on the treadmill. I tried not to laugh when several older men would come up to me, look at my speed and then confirm how crazy I was. Oh well...there's no stopping this crazy Iron Girl on an interval tuesday. I quickly recovered from my intervals, did a few weights and abdominals and jumped in the pool for a 1000 yard "play in the pool" swim. I just love the water so a 500 swim, 500 pull was just fine for me. The smoothie was just perfect this morning and I am feeling good and refreshed. I'm sure I'll be feeling it all a little later today.
    Well, the next few hours will be spent studying for my Biology Lab final at 2pm. One more exam and quiz tomorrow and then time to focus on those finals. Have a great tuesday!

    So, I leave with this quote in hopes that you will make it through your intervals....
    "Running is like mouthwash; if you can feel the burn, it's working."



    After a GREAT weekend of training (13 mile run and 20 mile bike on sat. 53 mile ride and 4 mile run on sun) I had a mental breakdown. With 2 exams and a quiz this week and 3 finals next week, my brain is oozing out of my ears. Or, maybe it feel out when I was swimming this morning. Either way, I am stressed beyond belief. Here's my deal..I am not a procrastinator. I have been freaking out about finals for the last 2 weeks, which was the same time I started studying for my finals. I do a little studying everyday because I go to bed early (no later than 10pm) and I wake up early (around 5-5:30). I don't find the time to nap so I rely on a good night's sleep to help me recover from my daily activities. Also, I don't comprehend and retain info if I cram. I have never been a crammer. I was always the one to finish a project the week it is assigned, if it isn't due for several weeks. Maybe that is why i love the long distance training, because I am not one to sign up for a race without many months of training my body to get stronger and faster. Well, I think I get a little overwhelmed with everything because I have 5 bazillion things to do. Articles, nutrition, coaching, writing on my blog (very important to get out my many thoughts in my head), training and showing a little attention to Karel, my friends and family. The school and training have become my lifestyle but with everything else, there are some things which make the days entirely too busy. BUT-I do it because I love it. I have never been the person to just sit around. I am always doing something. My dad always tells me that i need a hobby besides nutrition and training. Well, get me started on a scrap book or making something and I will spend all day doing it. But, it is hard for me to just sit and watch tv or read a book without my mind thinking about everything I need (or want) to do. I think about the future, how I can help more people with nutrition or what I will write about for my next articles. So, if I asked myself if I procrastinate I would have to say NO!
    How many times have we, as athletes, found ourselves getting to the starting line of a race a little undertrained. Perhaps, a little overtraining. If we would have only taken a few more days of rest, or thought about how many weeks we needed to dedicate to an Ironman, marathon or Olympic distance training plan in order to feel ready to participate or race. When you pay the money for the race why is it after you sign-up that you question if you will have time to properly train. How about procrastinating with an injury. You just want to train and work through it (or being sick) but if you would take the time to rest, rehab and recover for multiple day you would keep getting yourself back to the sick and injured athlete that you don't want to be. There are so many times that we procrastinate with our training. What is another 5 miles on a bike ride going to do if I miss it, or if I don't get to my brick workout this week. Well, if you are competitive and putting pressure on yourself to do well at your A-race, you can't expect to squeeze in all those important and critical workouts during the last 3 weeks of training (or even worse, during taper week).
    Then there is nutrition. How many times have you looked at yourself the week before a race and became frustrated that you didn't lose the 5-10 lbs that you wanted to lose for your A-race. A few extra hundred calories everyday didn't dawn on you as you enjoyed your ice cream or pizza after a hard workout, yet cutting out a 100-200 calories everyday for 2 months would have done the trick to get you to your lean and shapely body. Or, you are feeling super strong with all your hard training, yet with 2 weeks to go you think you would do a lot better if you were 5 lbs lighter. Well, starving yourself of useful fuel is not practical or healthy, but 3 months ago you could have started your weight loss endevour and found yourself 15-20 lbs lighter.
    I think at times we all procrastinate and don't realize the impact that daily stress can have on our body. Sleep, healthy and calorie controlled nutrition and proper training (and recovery) need to be applied everyday. So, instead of procrastinating. Start TODAY and hold yourself accountable to everything you want to do to get you to where you want to be!
    ok...back to my studying :(


    Don't miss it!

    3pm EST on versus!!!This is the well-known Paris-Roubaix race. Here is Karel at the Florida version of the Roubaix.

  • Paris Roubaix

  • Wait and see what the big boys get to do! This is one of Karel's favorite races to watch...Enjoy!
    Here are the other Cycling races which will air on versus
  • Cyclism Sundays

  • Also, don't forget that live coverage of the Boston marathon starts at 9:30am on Mon 4/21.
  • Boston Marathon

  • As my most favorite event (tied with Kona), Boston is the most unbelievable experience I have ever felt. The crowd, the runners, the hills (ouch!) and the finish line. Unbelievable! I hope I get to do it again.
    *The Women's marathon Olympic trials was this morning and that will air next weekend.