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Day before the wedding!

Karel's family came in last night with no delays or problems with customs. I'm sure it was emotional since that was the first time Karel has seen his family in 8 years! After almost 24 hours of traveling from czech to vienna to paris to atlanta...they finally arrived to Jax at 9pm.
Now, Karel and his family are making their way down to new port richey.
My aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and grandma made it in yesterday and now our house is full of people. I'm a big family person so this is just great for me to have everyone here.
This morning I ran 13 miles and finished the run with by brother as he was heading out for a 45 min run. We ran together for about 10 min and then I soaked my legs in my parents pool (the water is a bit chilly).
The day is actually going pretty slowly. The food is almost done and we have chopped lots of veggies. I am finally lying down and ready to go over my speech and vows.
Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I probably won't be blogging again until Mon.
Time to go get married!!!!


2 more days!

The hours are flying by....
I started my day in the pouring rain with Campy not wanting to go the bathroom at 5:30am. So instead I went to the gym and Campy pooped and peed inside. Oh well, his first mistake of the weekend.
I had a great run at the Y and I even saw some familiar faces. I ran 8.6 miles and it went by super fast. I did one of my favorite sets:
20 min warm-up
6 x 45 sec @ 9mph
6 min @ 7.8mph
5 x 45 sec @ 9.1mph
5 min @ 7.8 mph
4 x 45 sec @ 9.2mph
4 min @ 7.8mph
3 x 45 sec @ 9.3mph
3 min @ 7.8mph
2 x 45 @ 9.4mph
2 min @ 7.8mph
1 x 45 sec @ 9.5mph
1 min @ 7.8
Super fast set!

After a little lifting I showered up and headed to wal-mart for some wraps for our rehearsal dinner. I decided on wraps for everyone instead of getting it catered so I will be helping my family chop and cook on sat all day long. I can't wait to eat all the yummy foods and deserts (my mom made chocolate peanut clusters. I don't like chocolate so I pick out the peanuts and I'll give the chocolate pieces to Karel :)
I headed home and after breakfast my mom and I packed up the car with the guest gift bags, table settings, signs for the beach, pictures, posters and favors.
I decided I couldn't do all of these errands alone so Campy joined me. Although he slept most of the way for our 4 hour journey around clearwater and dunedin, he enjoyed everyone petting him and telling him how cute he is. Campy was super good and so well-behaved.
The first stop was Bon apetite for the reception stuff. After that I dropped off the gift bags at the Best Western Yacht Club hotel. Then we went to the comfort inn for more gift bags. We had a quick look at the water but it was a little rainy out and super windy. That's ok, better today than sun for my beach wedding.
Then we went to the fruit and vegetable market that I use to walk to at my old place. Oh I missed it!! I bought a bunch of veggies and only spent $6!!!
Then we went to honeymoon island to drop off the signs for the beach people so people don't get lost for our 11am wedding on sun.
Afterwards we were finished with errands and after a quick stop at McD's (yes, you heard me right) to get a parfait to feed my dropping blood sugar levels we had one more stop to make.
I have family at the WTC (world triathlon corporation) in Tarpon Springs. I just love the people there and Judy at Iron Girl has been one of the best mentors ever. I love going to the WTC and saying hi and today it was extra special because I was with campy and I could talk about my wedding. Also it was nice to not even bring up triathlons or even kona. I just popped in every office and said hello. It is always nice to see everyone there and I absolutely care for everyone there. They are wonderful people and since my internship I have a new found appreciation for what goes into the IM corporation and the events. Also, campy was a bit hit and he got lots of love.

Well, I talked with Karel and he is awaiting his parents arrival. Just a few more hours and they will be there! The weather is really bad in ATL and both my aunt's family and Karel's family will be flying through. We just hope that the customs department is having a good day and they will be nice to Karel's family. For anyone who has gone through customs, it can take 20 sec or 2 hours. Hopefully everything will be ok and they will get in around 9pm.
As for the rest of my family, my grandma came in today and my bro comes in tonight (around the same time as my aunt, uncle and cousin).
Well, I'm sure I'll have some pics by tomorrow. I have been so busy to even bring out the camera but that is no excuse for this special occasion.

Tomorrow morning I am feeling a good 2 hour run (at the minimum). I can't wait to clear my head, run through Starkey park and just enjoy a few early morning hours to myself.


Just another day

This morning I woke up at 4:40am so that I could swim with my old swim team at the Palm Harbor Y. There was no question that I would join them for an early swim, 4 days before my wedding, since I was in town. I arrived at the Y and said my hellos before jumping in to the semi-cool outdoor pool. It was pitch dark outside but the pool was lit up just enough to see the bottom of the pool.
The swim set was great and it kept me from thinking about the wedding.
16 x 50's w/ fins warm-up on 40 sec (more like a 800 straight)
5 x 200 kick w/ fins on 3:30 (my fins were giving me blisters and since i hate fins and I have to wear sandals on sunday, I suffered through 4 of them and then got rid of the fins for number 5)
Main set: 16 x 100's on 1:30 w/ fins (I did the first 4 with fins and my feet were killing me. I toughed it up and did them all without fins while the other two guys on my cycle did them with fins).

Then I was ready to run. Instead of running on the treadmill I decided to grab my radio and hit the pinellas trail. Oh how I missed running on that trail! So many memories...IMFL and KONA!

As I was driving home I started thinking about my day. I worked out for 2 hours and then did my wedding stuff. Fun beauty stuff today...I had my hair done for a practice run and it came out great! A wife of one of the gearlinkers works at a hair salon and she did an awesome job on my hair. I can't wait til sun to see the real deal. Then after lunch, I went and got my nails done. I am struggling a little bit on the has been 8 years since I have had a french manicure. I think it was my senior prom when I had fake nails. They do look nice and they will look good in pics but I would not pay $40 for these to stay on on a daily basis. I think campy likes when I rub his back though.

Aside from all the wedding stuff I was thinking about starting my day with my workout. I didn't think twice about not working out this morning. I often wonder how people can tell me that they don't have time to exercise. 1 hour a day is my recommendation for 6 days of the week. when you think about it, if you sleep 6 hours a night and work an 8 hour day, that leaves 10 hours to workout. Ok, I know there are other errands to be done and commuting takes up time, but to give yourself 1 hour a day to raise the heart rate, get sweaty and burn calories is not that hard.
I think there are a few reasons why people make excuses not to exercise.
Sleep is a big one. I am usually in bed around 9:30 with lights out around 10. Sometimes I watch the beginning of Nancy Grace at 10 but I am really consistent with my sleep. I know a lot of people don't have the luxury of going to bed early but it takes a little time management to get things done during the week (Not all in one day) in order to go to bed 30 min earlier a few nights a week. I think sleep is a major reason why people don't make it to the gym.
Another reason, which occurs a lot in athletes, is that feeling that the workout won't be productive. Regardless if we are tired or full of energy, we always eqate workouts to rewards. Of course quality is better than quantity but we look at HR, zones, times, durations, speeds, power, etc. all to define if we have a successful workout. For the past 4-5 weeks I think I have done something active almost every day of the week. Maybe 2-3 times I have taken the entire day off (aside from crunches) but I find myself looking forward to exercising because I am just burning calories and getting in a good sweat. I don't care about interval times or how much I think I should do. I am just outside or in the gym because I like to challenge my body. Even if I don't have expectations, the challenge to my body is to become a little healthier than the day before.
I think if we could all just enjoy being active it would be a lot easier to make ourselves just exercise. We don't always have to train.
Well, as for me, I am LOVING just exercising and getting myself to the gym, in the pool or out on the road almost everyday of the week. Hopefully everyone out there is finding ways to keep their bodies in motion during the "winter" so that come spring, the body will be ready to train.
Oh-did I mention I will not be training, exercising or doing any type of physical activity on sun morning!!! Instead, I'll be burning off my lunch and cake calories by dancing all afternoon!!!!

*To Karel: I MISS YOU! Can't wait 'til you are here with your family on Sat.


Need a good laugh???

I had a great 4000 yard swim practice today. The main set was 2 x (200 kick, 5 x 100 swim on 1:30, 400 pull). Then 200 kick and 500 swim for time (6:58!).
After the swim I ran on the treadmill for 4 miles and then lifted. Since Karel was out mountain biking at Hannah Park in Jacksonville beach I couldn't wait to get home and see my Campy.
When I got to my door I could smell graham crackers. That's weird, I didn't have graham crackers on me?

When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw! The graham cracker bag that was on our kitchen table was now on floor!!!
Oh-did I mention that those graham crackers were one of several items that were being used for gift bags at the wedding!!!

I guess campy had a nice carbohydrate breakfast.

And for some reason I don't think he was alone in this plan!!

I find it strange that Smudla, who couldn't even walk by Campy in the hallway without an evil look or hiss in Campy's face, can now be on the same couch with him...hummmmm?????

After I vacuumed the floor and gave him the silent treatment...a puppy like this is too hard to resist.



I work well under I thought.
I guess I never had to balance school, nutrition, Campy, Karel and working out with my wedding in 6 days!


Puppy brick workouts

Campy is just too fast for me. I think I need a new runner for campy. Someone who can run sub-6:30 min/miles.
Not only are we going on long walks on a daily basis (more than once a day) but Campy is my new transition dog. Although I'm not "training" right now, I consider bricks w/ Campy a perfect exercise for both of us on the weekends. Unfortunantly, my legs just don't go that fast.
On sat morning I went for a nice 1:35 run. I wasn't really sure how the run would go since my mind was in a million places when I started and with my radio batteries dying at around 30 min. into the run I wasn't sure how the run would end. Luckily, the run was great, the weather was cool and I couldn't wait to get back home to be with Campy. My legs felt great during the run and I didn't stop to walk. Since that last half, I have committed myself to not walking during long runs.
When I got home from my run I put on Campy's harness and grabbed the leash and he was ready to torture me. We started walking down our apartment stairs and once we hit the parking lot he was ready to run.
We ran around our apartment complex and I couldn't believe how fast he can run!!! We are working on continuous running and I can't wait til we can run a mile together. I see a 5K in his future!

As for this morning, Karel and I had a date on our bikes together for a nice 40 mile ride. When I took campy out this morning at 6:30am it was SO cold out!! Ok, to some 50-degrees might be "warm" but we were not expecting the sudden drop in temperature. We pulled out the arm warmers and at 7am we hit the road on our road bikes.
I tried not to draft off of Karel too much so we rode side-by-side. It was nice to finally ride together since this was the first time in about a month that he has been on his road bike. However, as I am pushing hard in my big ring, trying to hold 20 mph in windy conditions, Karel is spinning his legs in the small chain ring. I had a little melt down around mile 25 in the ride when we made a left turn and all the lactic acid flushed into my legs and I was just so mad at the winds. As I am getting frustrated on my bike Karel is there to brighten my spirits and he tells me that the wind is just there to remind me that I finished Kona. Ok, so today was nothing like Kona but the little frustration that I get on my bike just makes me want to work harder to get stronger. Maybe one day I will pull Karel :)
After 35 miles Karel headed home and I rode for 10 more miles. When I got home Campy was ready for another run and I was ready for my brick with him. Another run around the apartment and this time he was ready to set a PR. I felt like Campy was running me and I was just being pulled by his leash.
Well, this was a great weekend bur I can't wait to get through the next 3 days (2 days of school) so that Campy and I can hit the road to see my parents.

Campy and I before our 10 min brick run

I think that bone is too big???

Campy taking his evening nap after a walk.

(we didn't put him like that. He loves sleeping on his back and he loves being under blankets)