My HR monitor is alive!!!

This morning I had a speedy swim and a fast run. Both were hard and I am learning how much I don't like speed...nor have much of it in my body. I think I need to devote an entire week to speed workouts. I just feel like I only have one speed no matter if I am trying to go fast, tempo or slow.
Yesterday Karel fixed my Polar HR monitor watch which has been dead since Oct 2007. We ordered batteries for my chest strap and monitor from radioshack.com because Karel said that he could fix it himself, rather than send in the watch to Polar. Well, Karel didn't let me down and I have my watch back!!! I loved that watch for the entire time that I wore it in 2007 and it became a big part of my training. I love training with HR!
There was an exciting moment when I started changing the settings of the watch last night on the couch. After I set the time and date, I went to the File setting and realized that my last workout was still stored in the watch. The date read October 13th and the time of the workout was 12:26. I was almost in tears when I told Karel that the last workout was the Ironman World Championships. I never looked at my watch after the race because the day after Kona was spent in pain on the couch, inside my condo. Although I updated my blog w/ pics and a race report the next morning, I never looked at my results after the race. I think it was about 6 months until I looked at my actual splits because the times meant nothing to me after crossing the finish line.
It was such a great feeling last night, knowing that my watch remembered the race that I will never forget. I just think it is funny that my watch was just as tired as I was after the race and it decided to die on the plane ride back to Florida. Very appropriate since I was hobbling my way through the airport on crutches :)

Well, it is all good now because I am training without pain and focusing on quality. More so, the sport of triathlon is just so rewarding in all aspects of my life. Because I haven't done a triathlon race since August, I am super ready to get out there and race!

Here is a great smoothie recipe for you!!

Probiotic vanilla smoothie

1/4 cup low fat vanilla yogurt (recommended: Lit n’ fit)
1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk
2 tbsp cranberry probiotic
(Here is a link to buy it online http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=OY-1041 )
¼ cup frozen blueberries (about a handful)
1/2 banana (best if frozen)
½ grapefruit (fresh and sliced – get out seeds)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein (body fortress wal-mart)
*may need to add a little water if needed

Blend all ingredients except for whey protein. Add the protein powder last so it doesn't get stuck on the bottom of the blender. Enjoy!
You can add different fruits (ex. orange instead of grapefruit, strawberries instead of blueberries, etc.) and use a different yogurt (strawberry, peach, blueberry, etc.).

Here is a yummy, healthy, and quick nutty and fruity salad!

1/2 cup Spinach
4-6 mandarin oranges (canned in light syrup)
8-10 Peanuts
10-15 Raisins
3-4 Apple slices (chopped)
3-4 baby carrots (chopped)
1 ounce Mozzerella cheese (cubed)

Starting with the Spinach, combine all ingredients in a bowl. Top with 4-5 squirts Raspberry vinagerette spray dressing.

I usually buy my cheese (and meat for Karel) in the deli section at Wal-mart (much cheaper than if you buy it in a package in the refrigerated section) but if you go to the cheese section at Wal-mart you can buy mozerella cheese in a block (raw form) which is great to cube and add to salads. You can also buy shredded mozerella cheese if you'd like.