Honeymoon is over

What great fun we had here! We spent most of our time in the snow in the morning and then relaxed in the evening. There was lots of eating (healthy and yummy food of course), lots of warm coffee and lots of pictures.
Totals for our trip:
Hours cross country skiing - 7 1/2
Hours on the slopes - 4
Movies watched - 4
Hours on the computer - 3 (love that one!!!)
Pictures taken - 100+
Money spent on activities - ??????
Money spent on food - $50 (love that one even more!!!)
How many times we ate out - 1
How many times I talked about Campy - too many to count :)

Time to head to the airport for a 2 hour and 5 hour flight. Then, get our animals and get in the car for a 4 hour car ride. Errr...traveling.