Essential Sports Nutrition


Carrot and Apple Slaw, Roasted veggies & Tofu egg salad

I LOVE this carrot slaw. I could eat it every day.
I also love roasted veggies, especially when they are easy to prepare. With hardly any prep, you can have a serving or two of veggies in less than 20 min.
Lastly, for a little protein in my vegetarian life, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my tofu egg salad. It's been a while since I made it and I sure did miss it!


Carrot and Apple Slaw
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup shredded apple (gala or yellowish apple)
Lime juice (usually 2 tsp but add to your liking)

1. Combine all ingredients. Add additional lime juice if you want a sweeter slaw.

Roasted Veggies
1 zucchini (peeled and sliced into thin wedges)
Onions (sliced)
2 cloves garlic (chopped)
1-2 tsp olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
2. On a baking dish, lined with tinfoil, spread out veggies.
3. Drizzle olive oil and toss.
4. Bake for 20-30 min or until veggies begin to brown.

Tofu egg salad
Equal servings of the following 3 veggies (about 1/2 cup):
Carrots, Onion, Celery
1/8 cup chopped jalapenos
5 eggs (2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites)
1/2 block firm tofu (crumbled)
4 roma tomatoes
1/4-1/3 cup chickpeas
2 big cloves garlic (chopped)
2 tsp spicy mustard
1 tbsp olive oil mayo
2 spoonfuls of your favorite salsa
Pepper, curry powder, cumin

1. Combine all ingredients and stir.
(best after an hour or more in the refrigerator)


Apple Peanut Butter Granola

Perfect on yogurt, with fruit or in milk.....I just LOVE my homemade granola. Too bad my granola doesn't last long in the Sumbal household!!

Enjoy my latest creation!! You can double the recipe for more servings.
(perfect for your kids as a healthy summer snack)

1/2 cup oats
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp flax seeds (ground)
1 tbsp wheat germ
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp all spice
1 medium gala apple (chopped)
1 heaping tbsp natural PB (I used Skippy creamy)
1 egg
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp chopped peanuts
2 tbsp raisins
2 tsp dark chocolate (shaved)

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix together all ingredients in a big bowl.
3. On a non-stick large baking dish, sprayed with a little non-stick spray, spread out granola all over pan.
4. Bake for 15-18 min or until granola begins to brown.
5. Use a spatula and mix granola on dish and turn off oven. Let granola "cool" in oven for 2-3 more minutes.


The new Monday

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. It is performed for various reasons.

Training can be the process of teaching or learning a skill or job or improving physical fitness by exercise and diet

Hopefully you fall into one of these categories. Are you exercising for health, to improve fitness level, to help with weight control/loss or to experience strength gains? Or are you training your body for physiologically adaptations, for an upcoming event or to improve speed, endurance and/or strength.

Obviously both definitions can be interchanged but it's likely that you use one or the other words to describe your active lifestyle. You either go to the gym to train or to exercise.

I find that many people struggle with the two definitions because of past experiences. Perhaps once you were training for an event but you got injured or the event is finished. However, you still want to train and live the lifestyle of training for an event. Rarely does the athlete consider "exercising" when he/she once "trained" for an Ironman or 10K. Perhaps training has a purpose and a clear goal whereas exercise is ongoing for many reasons other than a finish line or an event.

There are countless benefits of training and exercise but ultimately we NEED to exercise for the rest of our life. Sure, mowing the lawn doesn't sound like exercise but according to the American Heart Association and MANY other national exercise coalitions, you don't have to train for a marathon, Ironman or triathlon JUST to reap the benefits of exercise.

I strongly encourage people to "train" because it gives meaning to what you are doing. You can set short and long term goals and you don't feel as if you "have to do it". However, in an effort to "want to do it" you must design a schedule that works for you. I find that training for an event requires discipline and time management but in the process you learn a lot about yourself and you find yourself overcoming a lot of obstacles and doing things that you never thought you were capable of doing.

Life brings obstacles as well as exciting opportunities. The purpose of your exercise or training routine is to be consistent. If you find yourself negotiating with yourself to get out to bed to exercise, constantly battling with injuries/localized pain or if you find yourself tired, frustrated, moody or overly emotional from your current training/exercise routine, something needs to change. Although consistency is important in an effort to benefit from the many physiological effects of a balanced exercise routine, missing a day because you are tired isn't the end of the world. My advice to you, design a schedule that works for you so that you can train your body to adapt over time and in the next few weeks and/or months you will look back and be amazed at what you have accomplished overtime. Athlete or not, I encourage you to establish reasonable short term and long term goals and design a plan that will help you meet those goals in a fun (and perhaps challenging) way.
What are your 3 short term and 3 long term exercise goals? Do you have a balanced and reasonable plan to help you meet those goals

I have always used Monday as my recovery day and it seems to work well for most athletes who are training for an event. If you think about the rest of the population, who exercises, Monday is a day to hit the gym HARD because of the weekend of No-exercise, being lazy and perhaps partaking in poor food and drink choices.

When I design training plans for my athletes (and for myself), it is important to discuss training goals as well as life commitments. Maybe you are a stay at home mom and Wed and Thurs work best for your "long or hard" workouts. Maybe you have meetings all day on Friday and you would rather use Friday as a recovery day to rest up for the weekend. Maybe your favorite aerobic classes are Mon, Wed and Fri and Sunday is a great day to enjoy the outdoors or catch up on housework or errands.

Looking ahead, I will be interning Mon - Thurs for 8 hrs a day. Fri is "school" and Sat and Sun are designated to making sure I complete all of my weekly tests, quizzes, projects and assignments. As you can see, I am going to be an intern 7 days a week. I have always used Monday as my recovery day but considering that I am going to be super busy and having to think on my feet and absorb a lot of info Mon - Thurs, I decided that Thurs would be a better "recovery" day for me. Not only will I look forward to a day off (or active recovery if I feel like) from exercise on Thurs. but I will be on my last day of interning for the week and I won't feel totally exhausted and overwhelmed with my internship (which is my #1 priority). With 3 days of training ahead of me (Fri, Sat, Sun) I will have much more balance over my life and hopefully I won't feel tired, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

"Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go
faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment,
you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals,
and values are in balance."


Fruity Stuffed french toast ...for dinner

Lemonade, watermelon, cereal, french toast, pretzels, chex mix, ice cream, shaved ice, water....

What are your training cravings???

These are my Ironman Cravings. I am not sure if my body just knows that I am training for an Ironman or if it is the weather, but these cravings always occur somewhere during my Ironman training.

It's day 3 of my Ironman training and I'm feeling great....aside from the 95+ degree temps here in Florida.

Monday was a 4000 yrd. aerobic swim with long sets (2000 straight, 1500 straight) to get my mind and body excited for the 2.4 mile IM swim.
Tuesday I had a 90 min - 2 hr bike workout w/ an interval workout given to me from Karel/cycling coach. The set didn't look hard on paper so I asked Karel "That's it?" and he laughed. He said "just do it and then let me know what you think".
The under/over set: 2 min @ 5 watts below VO2 max, 1 min 5 watts above VO2 Max, 2 min @ 5 watts below VO2 max, 1 min 5 watts above VO2 Max. 5 min easy spin, 5 min tempo and repeat set. Thank goodness that was it!! After my 32 mile ride it was time for the run.
As my first run since the Rock N' Roll half on June 5th, I have to say that I was feeling good. Recovery always does wonders for the body and I believe that recovery does make the body stronger. Although hot as ever (I could sure use aid stations on my brick workouts!) I really enjoyed my run (which was followed by a walk with Campy and LOTS OF WATER).
Run stats:
3.32 miles, 25 min
7:34 min/mile pace
Mile 1: 7:32
Mile 2: 7:33
Mile 3: 7:31
.3 jog easy
Wednesday's workout started super early, despite a thunderstorm that kept waking us up (except for Campy who doesn't mind the thunder). I was up at 4:30 and got on the treadmill at 5:10am.
I was joined by my friend Mallory on the treadmill next to me (she did her own workout but kept me company) and my main set was as follows:
2 min 8mph, 1 min 8.5 mph (1.5% incline for it all)
2 min recovery 7.5mph
The set went by fast and 6 miles later (48 min) I was done and ready for some strength, core and stretching. Typically I would do this after my swim but I was all sweaty and not in the mood to do anything after swim, so I went ahead and did a small circuit of endurance strength and core.
Mallory and I headed to the pool and I enjoyed myself for a 4000 yrd swim.

As for these cravings, I do not excuse myself from my healthy and balanced diet "just because" I am training for an Ironman. In an effort to train for the Ironman (or any event) proper nutrition, nutrient timing/recovery nutrition, sleep, strength training and stretching/flexibility are all critical components. Training for an event isn't just about putting in the miles. It's about preparing for the miles, executing the miles at your full potential and recovering from the miles.
I could only imagine myself abandoning my personal nutrition habits (which I've worked really hard to develop over the past 3-5 years) just because I was craving donuts. Or, could you imagine if Karel came home from work and asked "What's for dinner?" and I poured him a bowl of cereal.

I don't believe that we should see food as reward food but rather food that will enhance performance, fitness or health rather than sabotage performance, fitness or health. Having said this, restriction, guilt and obsession are not words in my vocabulary and I hope that you are working hard to learn how to avoid using these words (or feeling these words) in your daily lifestyle, especially when it comes to nutrition.

If you experience a craving, learn how to incorporate that food into your diet as an "additional" part of an already healthy meal or snack. The key is to learn how to have a balanced and healthy diet that will minimize cravings, prevent overeating and will foster more energy throughout the day. More so, learn how to satisfy this craving on occasion. If you find yourself occasionally eating a cookie from Panera 1-2 times a month, alongside a veggie-filled omelet, congrats on keeping your diet balanced and healthy. If you find yourself occasionally eating a cookie every afternoon around 3pm, because you worked out hard in the morning, it would be wise to find a replacement for that cookie (ex. fruits or veggies) on most days of the week and perhaps 1 day a week, having 1/2 of the cookie with Greek yogurt as a snack.

Life is about balance...just like nutrition and training. If you are an athlete, do not feel as if you are eating just to fuel your workouts, you are also fueling your lifestyle.

Last night Karel was at the beach for a group ride and I was making dinner for two, but eating alone. I wanted French Toast but I knew that I needed more and I wouldn't be satisfied with French Toast and a little eggs.
Here's how I settled my French Toast cravings w/ my normal vegetarian foods on the side......I think I covered all the food groups in this meal.
Enjoy my latest creation!

Fruity Stuffed French Toast

1 sandwich thin
*1 slice whole grain bread - from Panera as seen in the picture for Karel)
3 eggs (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites) + skim milk (about 1/8-1/4 cup)
*1 additional egg for Karel's dish
Fruit: Strawberries and blueberries
Green beans (fresh from my preceptor's garden)
Veggies - tomato, chickpea, garlic
1 tsp olive oil
Spices: Cinnamon and curry
Optional: wheat germ

1. Toast sandwich thin. While toasting, scramble eggs and milk.
2. Heat a large pan to medium heat and spray w/ a little non-stick spray.
3. Dip inside of each sandwich thin in eggs (lightly) and cook for a minute.
4. Flip each sandwich thin over on the pan and on one thin, place a few sliced strawberries and sliced blueberries. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
5. Cover the fruit with the other thin and press down.
6. Use a ladle and spoon 1 ladle-full of egg mixture (from bowl) over the stuffed bread.
7. After 90 sec - 2 min (or until eggs on pan are slightly cooked), gently flip over sandwich (Hold the top as you are flipping with a spatula) to cook the other side.

*As the sandwich is cooking, cook chickpeas, garlic and tomato in olive oil on medium heat until veggies are semi golden brown. Cook green beans as you like.
(I had leftover corn, onions and chicken from another dinner that I added to Karel's veggies)
*For a thicker slice of bread, toast bread and cut almost the entire bread in half w/ a serrated knife. Stuff w/ cinnamon and fruit and dip into egg mixture (in a big bowl). Cook both sides until golden.
*Cook extra eggs on pan and scramble (or make an omelet for your veggies).
*Top each french toast w/ a little wheat germ.


Quick eats for busy days

I'm experimenting with new dinner meals which will help me ease into my dietetic internship, starting on July 5, 2010 and ending May 2011. I am trying out quick but healthy meals that will help fuel my busy and semi-stressful lifestyle/internship as well as my IM workouts.

I still believe in building a meal from the ground up so my focus is on creating wholesome AND satisfying meals. Sure, processed foods make for quick meals but I can't seem to feel satisfied (or well-fueled) with a whole list of ingredients in the foods that I am eating. Also, over the past few years I have learned to feel better on a daily basis with the base of my diet built from natural (little to no ingredients) foods and then the "extra's" added in for balance.

When talking about building healthy meals, I don't believe that a calorie is just a calorie. For example, take a wrap filled with veggies. For the person trying to lose weight you could say to yourself that a 300 calorie veggie wrap will encourage weight loss by reducing daily calories (and through expending more calories through cardio + strength training). But for the person wanting to maintain weight, perhaps a 500 calorie meal seems more realistic and fulfilling.
Well, here's two ways of creating the meal (first how most people do it, and second how I would recommend doing it)
Your way:
1) 200 calorie wrap + 50 calories worth of veggies + 50 calories worth of cheese
2) 2 x 200 calorie wraps + 100 calories worth of protein and some veggies

My way:
1) 1/2 wrap (100 calories) + 200 calories worth of veggies, healthy fats and protein
2) 1 x 200 calorie wrap + 300 calories worth of veggies, protein and fat

I find that if we can reduce the intake of processed food (there's no need to feel as if you need to eliminate all processed food) and add more wholesome food, we will become more satisfied with our meals, eat less during times of "boredom", experience less cravings and have more energy throughout the day.
To sum things up, you could eat 150 calories by eating two sugar-free jello's or an apple w/ cheese. By reducing your intake of processed foods (thus decreasing added salt, sugar and additives/preservatives) you will find yourself filling in the gaps with more nutrient-dense foods to keep your blood sugar stable and make you feel more satisfied (and healthy) throughout the day.
I can honestly say that with more wholesome foods in my balanced diet (which includes lots of healthy fats and low fat protein, lots of water, alongside complex carbs, fruits and veggies) and very little added sugar and salt, my stable blood sugar allows me to have the energy I need for quality workouts and an active, healthy and busy life. Additionally, in order to keep yourself injury free and consistent with a progressive, quality training routine, I strongly encourage you to prioritize your pre and post training nutrition.
As for Karel, well he has different calorie requirements than myself as well as different macronutrient (fat, carb, protein) distributions to keep his diet balanced. I don't believe that he should eat more processed food just because he can eat more calories but if 20-30% of my x-amount calorie diet is from processed food, it's going to appear as if he may eat more processed food than myself. But really, it is similar food (aside from meat) but in different amounts....although he does love his sweets (chocolate and cookies).

I believe that we should all eat similar healthy foods but in different quantities so that we can all figure out what works best for us to meet our individual health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Enjoy my latest "QUICK" creations...

Salad + open pizza wrap
Romaine lettuce (fresh from my preceptors garden!)
Honey Roasted Peanuts

1/2 Flat out multigrain wrap (toasted)
2-3 spoonfuls marinara sauce w/ a little mozzarella cheese (shredded) - microwaved for 20-30 sec.
1 whole egg + splash of skim milk (scrambled)

Desert: Fruit and yogurt parfait
(presentation counts)
Raspberry low fat yogurt (about 3 ounces)
Topping: instant oats and cinnamon


New blanket & Hemp protein

Campy received the most wonderful gift in the mail. The box was addressed
TO: Campy
FROM: Trixie

He even received a card. What a lucky dog.

A few months ago, Judy (Iron Girl VP and my mentor) showed me this awesome blanket that she had personally made for her dog Trixie. The blanket was almost like a furry garbage bag for Trixie (Italian greyhound) to snuggle and sleep inside. To my surprise, Judy had a sleeping blanket, plus open blanket, made just for my little one. As expected, Campy LOVES it!!! It is even personalized just for Campy.
Thank you Judy....You are the best!! See in you two weeks at Iron Girl Atlanta!!!

With Campy receiving a gift in the mail, I was feeling a bit jealous until my good friend Cass (
- future mom's, you must read her exercise/nutrition approach to having a healthy pregnancy, natural and quick labor, plus healthy baby...and buy her books too!) sent Karel and me a present.....HEMP PROTEIN!!
I have heard lots of great things about hemp protein but it wasn't until I read Cass's article about it, I was more convinced that this is a must in the diet. This would be perfect for both the exercise enthusiast and the competitive athlete, as well as the young and old.
Here's the protein she sent us:

Hemp Pro 70


Here are some facts from her article:

The fatty-acid composition is one of the key properties of hemp’s nutritional benefits (2, 3). The oil, which makes up half of the weight of the seeds, contains 75% essential fatty acids, of which ~20% are the omega-3, alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). It also contains ~3% of the healthy omega-6 fatty acid, gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), and ~1% of the rising omega-3 fatty acid star, stearidonic acid (SDA). Overall, the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of hemp oil is a fabulous 3:1, while most modern diets are an alarming 10:1, or more.

Another fantastic “fat” property of hemp oil is that it contains a high content of naturally-occurring vitamin E compounds (tocotrienols and tocopherols) (1,2,3). These free-radical scavenging antioxidants protect the oil from oxidation and rancidity. Typical levels of vitamin E per 100 grams of oil are about 100 to 150 mg. Therefore, one to two tablespoons of hemp oil can meet the daily requirements of vitamin E for healthy adults (DRI: 15 mg/day).

In addition to the above fat-soluble compounds, the oil of hemp also contains high concentrations of phytosterols known to have beneficial effects on health; chlorophyll which is shown to be anti-carcinogenic; carotenes necessary for healthy eyesight and growth; and lecithin for ideal cell-membrane composition and brain function (1).
Hemp seeds are one of the few vegetarian protein sources providing a complete spectrum of all the essential amino acids. The seeds contain 25%–35% protein, and some of the hemp protein isolate products on the market today contain as much as 70% protein per 100 grams – this is a similar macronutrient breakdown to whey protein isolate with 21 grams of protein per serving, and minimal carbohydrates. It also mixes very well in water or juice and compliments the great taste of berries in your favorite smoothie.

The protein in hemp comes from two high-quality storage proteins, edestin and albumin, which are easily digested. When compared to soy protein isolate, the protein in hemp has actually been deemed superior due to its higher content of most of the essential amino acids and methionine, cysteine and arginine (14). Overall, the protein makeup of hemp is highly complete, highly absorbable, hypoallergenic and a great way to get more sustainable, earth-friendly amino acids into your diet.

Hemp fibers are usually saved for production of durable fabrics and specialty papers, leaving the seeds as the food byproduct (1, 14). Of the whole seeds, about half to 25% of the total carbohydrate content is fiber, both insoluble and soluble forms. Some brands of hemp protein powder extracts even contain up to 14 grams of fiber per serving! Theoretically, hemp food products could supply a person with all the fiber they need in one day.

The fruit of hemp is not a true seed, but an "achene", a tiny nut covered by a hard shell. Whole hemp seed contains approximately 20-25% protein, 25-35% oil, 20-30% carbohydrates and 10-15% insoluble fiber (1) as well as a rich array of minerals, particularly phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium, along with modest amounts of iron and zinc (2). It is also a fair source of carotene, a Vitamin A precursor.
The seeds are small, soft and round, making them easy to chew and digest. They taste similar to a pine nut, but contain a different array of beneficial nutrients.

Hemp foods are widely under-appreciated, but carry so many health benefits. They’re an earth-friendly way to achieve more protein, healthy fats and fiber in your diet. Most people can benefit from these products in more ways than one:
• A tasty, organic, vegetarian and vegan food
• Tolerable by those with nut allergies
• Provides a wide array of essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids
• A way to bump up dietary fiber intake
• A new protein choice for smoothies and baking
• Supports hemp growing for a healthier, happier planet

(If you'd like to see any of her references, just tell me the number and I will post it in the comment section).

Here's my new smoothie recipe:
(I've been using 2 tbsp of the Hemp protein in my whey smoothie (serving size is 4 tbsp) and Karel has been using 1 scoop in water w/ his breakfast, in addition to 2 scoops w/ his whey smoothie. Karel said it tastes great w/ water and mixes super easy! Just like with any food/drink, when you decrease/increase the recommended serving size you must recognize how this will affect the nutrition content by decreasing or increasing how much nutrition you are receiving).

Blueberry Strawberry hemp smoothie
2 tbsp hemp protein
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein
Handful frozen (fresh) blueberries
4 strawberries (fresh)
1 tbsp wheat germ
1/2 cup skim milk
1/8-1/4 cup water
Ice (about 6 cubes)

1. Mix all ingredients and blend. Add extra water to meet your consistency needs.


Weekend in pics

Recovery week:
Sun (day after race) - 2 hr easy ride
Mon - OFF/stretching, 1.2 mile walk to Trek store w/ campy (PM)
Tues - 3000 yrd swim/20 min walk on treadmill/glute and hip strengthening, 1.2 mile walk w/ Campy to Trek store (PM)
Wed - 3500 yrd swim/30 min walk on treadmill/glute and hip work, light strength/core
Thurs - 90 min. bike w/ Karel (easy for me, tough for him: 5 x 1 min on, 1 min off), 1.2 mile walk w/ Campy to Trek store (PM)
Fri - 4000 yrd swim/30 min walk on treadmill/glute and hip work, light strength/core
Sat - 45 mile ride (easy) to watch sprint triathlon at the beach
Sun - 33 mile ride (easy) before Karel's race

My recovery week was well needed. I had a lot to do this past week and I was able to spend a little more time cooking (I have a bunch of recipes to post) and walking with Campy. Body felt good around Wed but I like to avoid running for the entire week following my big races which last more than 5 hrs or are super intense.

On Fri I met with my community nutrition dietetic preceptor (for my internship) and she surprised me with fresh veggies from her garden. I know people know me well when I receive fresh veggies (or fruit), cookbooks or grocery gift cards as presents. YUM! My best friend Laura started a garden and we made the best salsa with her fresh cilantro. I can't wait 'til I can have my own garden.
If this little surprise by my preceptor is any preview of my community nutrition rotation, I am sure that 272 hrs will not be enough time to soak in all of the wonderful experiences and opportunities that will come my way while fulfilling my community rotation requirements.

On Sat morning I woke up rather early in order to get to the beach to watch my tri-buddies at our local sprint series triathlon (BFAST). Rather than driving, I rode my bike the 20 miles to and from the beach. Karel had to work most of the day on Sat so he stayed local and did the Open Road ride as a pre-race warm-up. My ride was so relaxing and I enjoyed my little break to cheer on, and take pics, of all my sweaty friends. Congrats everyone!! After my workout I finished up an article and made Karel a delicious pre-race dinner.

This is my little friend that I helped cross the would have taken him at least a week at his pace.

This is Karel's boss (ex-NFL player), teammate and amazing cyclist. Do I even need to mention that he CRUSHED the bike!

After my ride this morning, I did my exercises/stretched, made a delicious hemp protein smoothie (thanks Cass for my Hemp protein..I'll be writing about this soon!) and we hit the road. It was HOT HOT HOT outside! Over 100 degrees, easily!
The Pro 1,2 race started at 11:30 and each lap was around 21-22 miles. His race was 84 miles and the course was rather hilly with lots of turns.
The feed zone was near the start/finish but with such long loops I knew Karel would be suffering during this race. Karel hates racing in warm weather and his body just doesn't corporate. Knowing that Karel would struggle with the heat and staying hydrated, I decided that he should start w/ 3 bottles of sport drink (1 scoop heed + 1 scoop base aminos) and I would pass him water-only in order to squirt on his body as well as sipping w/ his gel (he took 2 gels). Karel said the pace was rather slow during the 3 1/2 hr race but the heat really got to him. I passed him a bottle on loop 2 and 3 and before we knew it, it was time for the finish. Campy enjoyed walking around but because it was so hot, he also enjoyed sitting in the car with the AC :)
The sprint for the finish was on a long straight away. I could see Karel near the front so with my video rolling, I managed to spot him sprinting for the podium. Suddenly, CRASH! Our friend Rad went down (HARD) and broke his new Scott frame and fork (and wheels) going 40+mph because of another rider getting in front of him. Rad was in 1st place for the GC (General classification - best time for all 3 races, sat RR, sat TT, sun RR). Rad asked Karel if Karel was sprinting for the finish and Karel said "Yes, stay on my wheel". Rad is a cat 3 so this would have been a perfect finish for Rad, as well as Karel. However, a guy crossed his line and Karel had to squeeze on his breaks near the finish and Karel ended up missing the podium. As Karel was sprinting to the line, another guy got in front of Rad and Rad fell hard on the ground w/ 2 other guys. Karel ended up 4th ($70 pay out) and Rad, bandages and all, ended up winning the GC because the officials gave Rad the same time as everyone else. Rad was upset about his new bike (2 weeks old) but at least he isn't paying for a broken collar bone and a hospital stay. I was sad for the situation but Karel and Rad reminded me "Marni, it's cycling..crashes happen".

Karel is far left as you are watching the video (white and blue jersey)