Beautiful eating - interview

The word "beautiful" is used in so many ways.
-She's so beautiful.
-That painting is beatiful.
-Nature is so beautiful.
-That view is so beautiful.
-Your hair or makeup looks so beautiful.
When was the last time you talked about your food choices being beautiful?
If beutiful is defined as "pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically", it is concerning that our society is not using the word "beautiful" enough when talking about our diet.
I don't know about you, but the picture below looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I would like to thank Beth Chernosky for asking me to be a guest on her Looking Good Girl website. I love interviews as a chance for me to express my opinion on various topics but also as a way to reach out to other inspiring people. Beth asked me great interview questions and her philosophy shined through with her questions to me!

As many people know, I am all about helping other people learn how to have a healthier relationship with food and the body. I also love empowering women to dream big and perform beautifully with the body.

I just love that Beth's blog/website can be used as a resource for all things that can add beauty to your life and your every day!

I agree with Beth that every person should take time, every day, to do something JUST for yourself on a regular basis.

And why not start with loving the beautiful food that you choose to put into your body.

"This week’s post includes an interview with Marni Sumbal of TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC. After following the TriMarni Facebook page, I reached out to Marni because I have really enjoyed reading about her tips and her overall take on nutrition. What has impressed me is that Marni emphasizes a “food as fuel” approach, yet she does it in a way that totally celebrates food and nutrition through a positive outlook. We’re often bombarded with “Don’t eat this”, “Never eat these foods…”, “Stay the hell away from XYZ”- but that is definitely not the case with Marni’s approach.
Given that food and eating are a big part of most people’s day I wanted to introduce the Lookin Good Girl readers to Marni and her encouraging, positive outlook on nutrition." - Beth

For the full interview, you can check it out here:

Adding beauty with Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition