Create a successful, supportive team

Create a supportive team

Swim team, volunteer team, triathlon team, marketing team.
Family, friends, experts, professionals.

Sometime in life, it's likely that you will be on a team. Many times, this occurs in your career and/or in your sport of choice. But regardless if you are, have been or will be on a team, you probably understand the importance of having a supportive team. 

A team  values your opinion, your vision and your ideas. A team is loyal to you and never stops believing in you.
A team empowers you and doesn't suck positive energy from you. 

Just imagine what your life would be like if you had a team that always showcased your best attributes but also challenged you to be the best that you could be. 

If you are a goal setter, you probably know how important it is to have a team. A team created by professionals/experts who could guide you on your individual path of development. A team that could give you the right information, at the right times, to keep you moving forward by preventing mistakes that in the past, would stop all progress and make you doubt your goal or consider a different plan.
A supportive team enjoys your journey with you - no matter the day. When you have a great day, the team celebrates your high moments. When you are having an off-day, that team doesn't let you give up. If anything, your team never gives up on you. Therefore, you quickly remind yourself that in life, everyone has an off-day. 

You are allowed one too. 

Your team may not share the same passions as you and maybe you pick up a team-mate or two along the way.  But above all your team shares a common bond in that your team is dedicated to reaching goals with you. 

Your team should not sabotage your efforts. Your team should not make you feel like a failure. Your team shouldn't confuse you or make you question if all that hard work is worth it. 

Your team keeps things fun. They make you wake up excited to see what you are capable of achieving...... every single day until you reach your goal. 

Who makes up your team? 
-Psychologist/mental coach
-Furry child
-Local run/tri/bike/swim team
-Social media outlet (ex. blog, website)

Create a successful, supportive team

1) Find a leader - If you aren't in charge of your team, than who will be? Who should you report to and who will hold you accountable? You must respect, trust and communicate with your leader.

2) Know your team - Your team should include like-minded individuals. Similar passions, different backgrounds. Each person should specialize in a certain area so that you have different "expert" minds for different specific topics. Just be careful that your experts do not turn into leaders as you always want to have one guide in your personal journey with many helpers to keep you on your path. 

3) Stay on track - Trust the plan that your leader/teammates have in store for you. Don't let yourself or anyone else complicate the process. Don't let the path of someone else detour you from your own development. Keep yourself honest and patient in your journey and never stop having fun. Be open to modifications/feedback especially when it helps you stay on track. 

4) Celebrate success - The future is uncertain but you can certainly celebrate the small milestones that are experienced along the way. Your team should help you recognize when you are making/have made improvements. Goals require hard work, effort and perseverance. Don't let yourself get stuck on the end result that you don't enjoy your journey.