Your must-have, go-to lists

What happens when you have an off-day (or start to the day)?
What happens when you feel like you can't stick to your routine/schedule no matter how hard you try?
What happens when life happens and you just feel off?

And what happens if this happens month after month no matter how hard you try to do your best?

It can be frustrating and you may find yourself wanting to quit on your goals, wait for a better time to start something or search for a quick-fix to get back to your routine. 

If this is you, then you need to make a list of your "go-to" items. 

Something that makes you feel good even when times are busy, you are tired, emotional, feeling "off" or stressed. 

I want you to create a go-to list of the following items so that you never have to feel as if you are not making progress. I have also attached some helpful links to help get you started. 

1) Have a go-to meal when you are super busy/tired that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes and feel absolutely amazing when eating it (and satisfied afterward). 

2) Have a go-to cardio and strength routine that takes less than 30 minutes. You can do this early AM or anytime during the day. Never convince yourself that you are too busy for a 10-30 min workout. 

3) Have a go-to healthy outlet when you feel emotional, stressed or exhausted. This outlet (whether person, funny video, location or blog/website) should be easy to access and should lift you up and put things into perspective. 

4) Have a go-to destination when you are feeling bored with your workout routine. Change is a great way to spice things up and often take you out of the comfort zone. But if this doesn't help, identify why you feel off during your workout.

5) Have a go-to routine to get yourself back on track. It shouldn't be more than 4 things that you will consciously focus on to make tomorrow a better day than today. I recommend sleep, exercise, stress management and meal planning. 

Now is the time to get off the computer or your smart phone. 

It's time to start thinking and with pencil and paper, get to it with your go-to list and make sure that list is accessible and visible!