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Real Food For Real Life - Podcast Interview

Thank you Real Food For Real Life for the podcast interview!

Scott reached out to me for a podcast interview in late August and a few days after Ironman Chattanooga, our schedules aligned for us to have our podcast interview. I really enjoyed this interview as we kept the focus mostly on nutrition, specific to how to eat and fuel to maximize performance for athletic events, while keeping the body in good health.

We discussed the following in the interview:
  • Details on my recovery post Ironman Chattanooga
  • What I eat after an Ironman to help with recovery
  • Keeping your immune system healthy after an extreme endurance event
  • Importance of fueling/hydrating properly during training/racing
  • How my education/knowledge as a sport dietitian has helped me create success as an endurance athlete
  • Why athletes need to create a healthy relationship with food and stop the off-limit food lists
  • Pre-race and race day nutrition issues and tips
  • Sport nutrition product suggestions
  • Snack suggestions to eat on the go 
Podcast link - Click HERE


A little about eMeals — as America’s largest online meal planning service, we’ve been creating plans for more than a decade by offering a wide range of food styles to meet users' budgets and health goals. In terms of user groups and content, our four key areas of strength are Healthy Eating (in general, particularly around heart health and fitness), Paleo (and its active lifestyle), Family (fostering that bond around the dinner table), and Entertaining.
Real Food for Real Life is for people who never stop searching for solutions and inspiration to improve their lives. While we focus primarily on the Paleo and Clean Eating lifestyles, our goal is to give you real food alternatives for your real life—whether that means eating healthier, managing your weight, simplifying your life or simply getting your family around the dinner table. We’ll do this each episode by bringing you a lively mix of informative interviews with some of the most notable names in food, health and fitness.