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Upcoming Speaking Events and Book Signing

I'm excited to announce two upcoming speaking/book signing events. 

If you live in or around the Charlotte, NC or Roanoke, Va area, mark your calendars! 
Mingle with the local triathlon/running community and ask me your best triathlon training, racing, daily and sport nutrition questions.

I'll also be selling my new book Athlete to Triathlete at a discounted price as well as my other two books Essential Sports Nutrition and The 365-Day Running Journal.

I'd love to meet you, learn more about your athletic journey and personalize your book.

RSVP here: 

Here's what people are saying about my new book Athlete to Triathlete.

"Marni Sumbal's book, From Athlete to Triathlete, is one of the most complete guides for athletes of all levels that I have read. Marni Sumbal is a "real life" Coach, dealing with "real life" people.  Her ability to make the sport of triathlon less intimidating is a wonderful testament to the work she does on a daily basis.  They say, "There are no dumb questions" but let's be honest we all have questions that we are afraid to ask.  Marni's book answers so many questions and lays out such an accessible journey that even if you read the book and never toe the line in an actual race your life will just be better!  Leading a healthy and well balanced life is actually what most of us are after.
Thank you Marni for sharing your knowledge, experience and passion for sport with all of us."

Erin Carson CSCS. ECFIT Strength
Erin Carson has been a Strength Coach for over 30 years.  She has coached some of the World's most successful professional endurance athletes and maintains an online coaching profile for athletes of any age or ability.

"Just reviewed the book, all chapters. Well done to Marni. It's simple and right to the point; it's needed, and it's an easy read."
―Gerry Rodrigues Tower 26

"Marni is a wonderful coach, author and athlete. Her ability to integrate science, wisdom and experience into each individual training plan is rare in the coaching industry. Her passion for performance shines bright with her athletes, camps and publications."

―Stephen A. Black, DSc, M.Ed, ATC/L, PT, CSCS, IDNC

Rocky Mountain HPC
Sports Medicine Specialist
Rocky Mountain Human Performance, Inc
Florida Gulf Coast University
Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida

"Athlete to Triathlete is a fabulous resource for athletes venturing into the sport of triathlon. The book discusses basic training principles, details each discipline, gives helpful tips on transitions, and shares important ancillary training methods such as strength training and stretching for triathletes. Additionally, Marni is a sports dietitian and has a whole chapter on proper daily nutrition and race fuel. The book ends with a great 12-week training plan that can be modified based on athletes’ fitness levels. I highly recommend this book to any aspiring triathlete and if you follow her expertise, you will surely succeed."
―Meghan Fillnow, Fillnow Coaching

"Marni Sumbal's new book, Athlete to Triathlete was an exceptional read, leaving every question answered so an athlete can succeed as they enter the sport of triathlon! She addressed many often-overlooked components that are needed to succeed on race day. I appreciate her holistic approach so the athlete leaves knowing that triathlon is far more than just swim, bike, and run training. I feel like an athlete could succeed in a triathlon knowing nothing prior to reading this book!"
―Kelly Fillnow, Founder/CEO at Kelly Fillnow Coaching Company Fillnow Coaching

"Been toying with the idea of signing up for your first Triathlon? Or maybe you've done one or two, but would like to learn more about this sport? Then this is the book for you. I have been fortunate enough to get an advanced copy to review and it’s amazing! First, I'll start with the negatives! There's only one! I wish I would have had this book two years ago when I was just starting my journey into Triathlons, It would have reduced my stress level immensely!! This book is focused on “Sprint” and “Olympic” Distance Triathlons. These are most likely the event distances that you will be entering as a new Triathlete. She talks in depth about the process of SwimBikeRun, Transitions, Race Preparation, Sample Training Plans and also adds in a healthy dose of Sports Nutrition along the way. I've completed the Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons along with two long distance triathlons (Ironman 140.6 and Ironman 70.3), and I've already picked up a number of new things from this book that will benefit me this season."

― Richard Brown