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Almost time!

The trip back to Florida was well-welcomed with warm weather and a nice breeze. Although the running was great, anything was better than the conditions up north this past weekend. I can't believe the times at Boston even with the bad conditions! Runners are AMAZING! Watching the broadcast of Boston took me back to my wonderful experience of running the Boston Marathon last year. It is truely an amazing experience that I will never forget! Congrats to my friend Christie who is just awesome at running. She is training for her first Half Ironman in Florida this May...Yippie, another newbie Triathlete!
The past two days were filled with training, coaching and catching up with emails. Most of all, I am finally packed for my trip! I leave tomorrow for Georgia!!! I will be spending the next 4 days in Georgia, staying in beautiful Cabins in the mountains, about an hour north of Atlanta. Although I will have to force myself to sit in the car for over 8 hours (I have plenty of reading, scrapbooking and toys to keep me busy!) I am super excited to get there! There will be 10 of us staying in 2 cabins and we will be watching stage 4 and 5 of the Tour de Georgia. While we aren't riding 50-60 miles in the hills (Jared says that's the plan :0 ,I will be relaxing without my computer and my cell phone without service and truely loving my time, relaxing with the guys. Oh, did I mention I will be spending the next 4 days with 9 Gearlink Cycling guys!! That's a lot of testosterone and I'm sure a lot of making fun of Marni! It's just that easy! hehe. And being the only vegetarian with a bunch of guys...that should make for lots of great stories! Don't worry, I always have my camera!
Congrats to all those who raced this past weekend in good and bad weather conditions. A BIG congrats to the Gearlink guys who tested their skills at the Jacksonville Cycling Classic. Karel, once again, surprised us all and pulled out a 36th place crit finish, out of a starting field of over 150 for Pro 1,2 at 8:30 pm. Then, he turned around on sun afternnoon at 12:30pm and raced 98 miles in the wind for an amazing 11th place finish. Ray, Will, Mirek and the rest of gang also did GREAT!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!