Week 1

What an exciting and wonderful week. My eyes are sleepy and my brain is overloaded but I am soaking it all in.
On wed. I spent 9 hours at University of North Florida.
First on our agenda was the UNF health fair (outside) by the bookstore/cafeteria.
We were promoting eating healthy in the dorm-room and the highlight of our booth/table was the yummy food. Because Ramen noodles are a staple on college campus's, I showed people how to "dress-up" ramen and pack in a little more nutrition (and take out the sodium from the seasoning packet).

For our booth I prepared an egg omelet w/ canned beans and rice and canned spicy tomatoes and green peppers. I made the omelet with greek yogurt (which I highly recommend for a fluffy omelet/eggs) and then when my "meal" was ready I served it on small plates.
I prepared the ramen with a little of the seasoning (a pinch) in hot water and then added a cooked scrambled egg and a can of spicy tomatoes.
I would say that our table got a lot of attention.
Also, I highly recommend this cookbook that my preceptor showed me
Lickety-Split Meals
After the health fair from 11-2 we cooled off in the office and then walked around campus promoting another cooking activity.
From 3-6 we went to the fitness center on campus for "Ask the Expert" and I spoke with a swimmer who recently retired (as a junior) and was training for her first triathlon. I was right at home, talking from my heart.
Afterward, we made our way to the Fountains Dorm room for a cooking demo at 6:30 but after waiting until 6:45, no one showed so we called it a day.
These are LONG days but I can't complain. An Ironman is a LONG day.

Today was also a great day! My preceptor had 3 clients at her office and I was able to sit in and take notes.
I am inspired, motivated and amazed by this field and I am so happy to be a "dietitian in training"