Joy to carbs

I can't believe that in today's society, I have to put on a game face and boxing gloves when it comes to talking about carbohydrates.

As a sport RD, it just boggles my mind that I have to convince athletes to consume carbohydrates in the diet (and before, during and after workouts) in order to improve performance, support the immune system and to keep an athlete strong and healthy.

It takes a lot of extra effort to encourage athletes to consume carbs (and sport nutrition) when they are seeking body composition changes but since the "experts" are giving unhealthy and unnecessary advice, then I guess it's my job to not only provide realistic, practical and safe nutrition advice but also lead by example.

(As always, with experience as a clinical RD, working inpatient in the hospital, I treat every athlete as an individual and never do I overlook clinical/personal issues when it comes to tweaking the diet. Thus, another reason why I am not a fan of mass marketed diets/diet cults)

As a health conscious, active individual, you'll never see a day in my life without carbs.
No way, never.
Thanks to carbs, I sleep well, my gut is happy, my blood sugar is stable, I think clearly, I have lots of energy, my workouts are great, I recover quickly, I always have a great relationship with food and I rarely experience cravings. 

Oh, don't even try to ask Karel to give up bread for even a day. It ain't happening.

And because Karel loves his European treats and I love Karel, by default, I love European treats too! 

So I bring you Joy to Carbs.
Oh how we love carbs! 

Fresh baguette dusted with coarse salt, local black bean hummus and trail mix from Swamp Rabbit Cafe.

So easy, so delicious, so inexpensive, so nourishing. Beans, rice and roasted veggies. 

Fresh bread (Great Harvest Bread) with argula, tomatoes, spicy mustard, avocado, onion and homemade egg salad w/ vegenaise (thanks Trimarni athlete Kristen for making this delicious meal for us!) and a side of cucumbers (because they wouldn't fit in my sandwich).

Eggplant pizzas (eggplant drizzled with olive oil, topped with fresh tomatoes cooked on non stick pan sprayed with cooking spray cooked at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until firm, then topped with fresh basil and spicy Cabot cheese). Homemade cabbage with caraway seeds (Karel special!) and roasted tempeh. 

Warm crunchy oatmeal, enjoyed while Campy watches for squirrels.
Oats (typically 1/2 cup), frozen berries, chia seeds (2 spoonfuls), cinnamon (love it!), a little dark chocolate, nuts (ex. walnuts, pecans - spoonful, chopped), banana slices and milk. Cooked and topped with a little granola. 

Quinoa with steamed veggies topped with cheese and a side of cooked tempeh.

Trimarni office snacks for a busy day of working for me and Karel!
Saltine crackers (a great snack option for athletes in the 48 hours before the race!), hummus, raw veggies, grapes and dates...and mint Dove dark chocolate.

Crumbled tempeh, mixed veggies (leeks, peppers, mushrooms, corn), fresh basil, quinoa.