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I was on TV!!!!!

So I heard.... I was in ft.lauderdale on thurs afternoon until Friday mid-morning and I was able to get in a 45 min. walk/jog. My mom and I took my grandparents down to my aunt and uncles house at Lighthouse point. Beautiful area and going back to south florida brought back lots of memories of graduate school. I was anxious to get on my beautiful bike and today's workout for the Gearlink team was bridge repeats. I remember last summer when I was super scared to descend down the sand key causeway, which is a little shorter but a little steeper than the memorial causeway. I didn't have a road bike last fall/winter so my bridge repeaters with the guys were on seduza. Kinda hard with aerobars. Well, now i am feeling super strong and I absolutely love climbing! Karel had a 2 1/2 hour workout w/ 1 hour of tempo riding at a power of 204-245W so he was on his own for the morning. The group and I ended up with 10 bridge repeaters (5 climbs on each side) and you had to stay seated in the small chain ring. What a challenge and all individual effort! After the workout I headed home and ended up with around 45 miles for the morning. Not too shabby with about 20 minutes of repeaters. After a shower and smoothie I headed out with my parents to look at wedding venues. I can't spill too many details yet but I am loving this wedding planning. I am such a fan of playing hostess and I can't wait to have this party with friends and family. Oh, and I can't wait to get married to karel! After an afternoon of getting groceries for my kona party I couldn't wait to watch the Ironman. I've been waiting for a month and a half to watch my race! We had a few people over and lots of food and the coverage was great. Karel and I taped the broadcast on our cable box so that we could fast forward through the commercials. I kept filling in details during the show and I thought the coverage was well done. I'm easy to impress when it comes to the Ironman and to me it doesn't matter if you show the pros or feature an athlete, anyone who does an Ironman deserves coverage. Well, about an hour and 10 min. went by and all over a sudden our broadcast stopped!!! I have no idea what went wrong but we were taping on high definition and possibly something was wrong with the cable. ERRRRRR. What a bummer!! Good thing my parents were taping it and I'm sure there is no shortage of recordings from my tri-buddies. Well, here's the sad part. It's 5:58pm and the LIVE broadcast is over and I receive about 5 phone calls and 2 text messages at once! I answer my dad's call and he said the broadcast was great and I was on TV at the very end!!! ME-on TV! So I told people ahead of time that the ONLY way I would be on TV was if I was behind someone famous that they were featuring or I would be shown at the very end of the broadcast when they show all the pitiful people barely crossing the finish line. Well, I was one of them. That poor person that you feel so sorry for crossing the finish line. I can't wait to see myself (I think) so i will get the DVD that my dad made, tomorrow. Karel and I are riding together to meet the group in the morning so I'm sure I'll hear more about my stardom on TV. clame to fame and I'm being carried out of the finish line chute. :)