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Getting a bit nutty with a plant-based diet

One of the many wonderful aspects of being active is enjoying your passion with others. Alongside the occasional suffering and sweat-dripping, challenging workouts/exercises, there is nothing I love more than meeting people who share my enjoyment for health and fitness. While not everyone I meet is an athlete, I believe that you don't have to be an athlete and "train" in order to live a fun and healthful life. For you must respect your body, listen to it, feed it with quality nutrients and keep it moving....It'll thank you in a big way throughout the aging process.

Meeting people is one thing but I love getting to know people.
A while back I met Veronica at a cycling event (while watching Karel). She was training for the 2010 Great Floridian Ironman Triathlon and we got to talking about training and nutrition. I could feel her passion for nutrition and we both shared a common interest. In her words, she enjoys "the benefits of eating the right foods to maximize my potential". I totally agree.

Veronica created her own product called "Veronica's Health Crunch....where healthy meets delicious" which is licensed with the Dept of Agriculture. Each 1 ounce serving contains 160 calories and meets almost a third of the daily value (per 2000 calorie diet) of fiber. Not only are nuts packed with heart healthy fats but most nuts contain a healthy dose of protein, B-vitamins, folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin E and selenium. Not to mention...FIBER (1/4 cup almonds contain 2.4 grams fiber comparable to the 3 grams of fiber in a small apple).

Veronica was gracious enough to send Karel and me a few 8 ounce sample bags of her nutty creation and I will admit that this is the most delicious nut mixture that I have ever tasted. I am not sure if it is the hint of sea salt, sweetness from honey the touch of shredded coconut but Veronica's Health Crunch is certainly one of a kind and super yummy as a snack or with a meal. The best part about her product is that each bag contains no artificial sweeteners, food dyes or preservatives. The all natural ingredients are straight from the Earth....
Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Cranberries, Honey, Pumpkin seeds, Almond Oil, Shredded Coconut, Sea Salt.

Check out her website for more information and I invite you to order either a 2lb bag or 8 ounce (half lb) bag.
Veronica's Health Crunch

I made the most delicious summer fruit salad this weekend and topped it with my new favorite nut mixture. Enjoy!

Feta cheese
Honey Wheat Germ