Busy in school

I am getting ready for my last test of the week. I had an examine mon and tues and I am ready for this week (of school) to be over with!! I think I am doing really well in my classes but the studying is getting the best of me. I just want to watch reality shows, ride my bike and go to bed at 9:30. ahhh, what a life I had before I enrolled in school :)
In my global marketing class we discussed the super bowl commercials. My professor had a great website link that I wanted to share. You can check out the interest of people during the commercials, based on a study. Of course, seeing that I am so analytical, I really enjoyed the commercials so much more after seeing how other people viewed the commercials. That's not to say I agree with the subjects in the study however. I had a few favorites, which involved the Pepsi head banging, the Budweiser dog and horse (who didn't love that!) and the Tide stain. I can't stop laughing at that stain! Oh, and when will farrell did his commercial, I was laughing out loud. I just love to laugh and I will probably laugh at anything.

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  • But then we started talking about commercials which weren't aired during the superbowl. There have been great commercials out during the last year, specifically the Burger King commercials where they took away the whopper. I didn't realize that this was a real situation and wait til you see these commercials. Do not watch the second commercial if you are at work or around kids. It has very bad words. I couldn't believe we watched it in class! The beginning is probably the funniest but then it gets bad...maybe they started acting. Gosh, I feel sorry for all those whopper lovers! I guess I would be mad if the stores stopped selling bread, eggs and nuts. What would I do!!???!!!
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