Week in Pictures

What a great week. I went down to New Port Richey to spend a few days with my family. My brother came in from Pitt and it was the first time we were together since my wedding in Oct '08.

I kept myself very busy while I was away with the fam. I spent a few hours taping plyometric exercises for BeginnerTriathlete.com and someone wanted a little attention during my taping session...
(you might not be able to see this so I will work on this video link)

My good friend Laura ran her very first Marathon today! I had a great time coaching her and I could not have been more proud. Campy was soooo happy to see "aunt" Laura and after the race, we went to see Campy's BFF, Beethoven (bman). Also, a Big congrats to Mallory who ran her first half marathon in 1:40.15 (clock time). We have been working out her nutrition-related kinks and I'm super happy for her race performance today!

Karel is doing great...busy at the Trek store during this Holiday season. He's not letting the cold temps get to him 'cause he's been getting in plenty of time on the Trails (MTB). It is cold here in Jax....40 degrees this morning!! Brrrrr.
A special thanks to Karel's mom and dad for sending us lots of yummy cookies and chocolates from Czech!!! I LOVE this time of the year. It takes Karel's mom a few weeks to make all of her Gingerbread cookies but they are super delicious. I check the mailbox every day during the entire month of December....waiting for those yummy treats all the way from Karel's home in Znojmo, Czech Republic. It takes a good 2 weeks for them to come but when they get here they are super yummy!!

Thanks for voting!! Thanks to all of my blog readers I was 53rd out of the top 100 Wellsphere bloggers.