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Keeping yourself healthy

I answer a lot of emails. I just love it. However, I seem to get a lot of questions about what to do when a person is...
Craving sugars
Has a cold
Is not recovering properly
Feeling lethargic during exercise
Feeling lethargic at work

From the popular topics, I get the most questions about what to eat in order to help with recovery, being injured and to get better with a cold. I wish I had a perfect recipe or nutrient for everything, but unfortunantly the body reacts to stress by giving us symptoms that are hard to cure overnight.
I believe that the best way to help with these problems is to prevent them. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't get sick that often but when I do get sick, I get it bad. In these cases, there is very little that I can do (nutritionally) to make myself feel better. In these cases, I do my best with nutrition and just give it time for whatever is in my body to leave. I am a firm believer that being a healthy athlete is a daily effort. There may be days when your body is just off or you just can't seem to not crave sweets but for the majority of the month, you are providing your body with good sources of nutrients.
I find myself preparing the same meal every night. It is my go-to meal. Sometimes I am bored with it so I swap egg whites for tofu or I add in a little rice. Or, I might serve my go-to meal with a pita instead of bread...but there is always a piece of bread with my go-to meal and I never get bored with that :)
But whenever I am bored with my meal and think about something else to prepare (since I don't ever do frozen dinners or an entire meal that can be prepared in the microwave) I start pulling out ingredients and the stove gets turned on...and I am back making my go-to meal and I am love every bite of it.
The concept of my go-to meal is a bunch of veggies and a protein. It works for me. I started to think about my boring go-to meal but it is so nutritious and good for me. I always enjoy making it and both Karel and I enjoy eating it. All I do is cut up a bunch of veggies and my favorites in include peppers, mushrooms, onions, brocoli and tomatoes and I add in frozen corn, tofu, chickpeas, egg whites and sometimes veggie meat. Then comes the marinara sauce or salsa and I top it with cheese.
I think everyone can have a healthy go-to meal. You need to start with veggies because that will comprise the bulk of the meal. If you like cheese, pasta or rice, cook a little of the rice and pasta seperatly and use that as a topping to your collection of veggies. For the cheese, just use that as a topping. I recommend using at least 4 veggies and if there is a veggie that you think you should eat more of (for me it is brocoli) just chop that veggie finely but keep your portions of each veggie equal before cooking.
*If you think your kids (or yourself) will have a hard time eating protein-packed tofu, crumble it up (firm tofu) and then use mozerrella cheese for a topping. You won't know if you are eating tofu or cheese!
Here is my go-to meal the other night.

Although it is easy with my go-to meal, Karel really out-did me with his meal the other night.

And what is a blog about being healthy without my super healthy Campy who is still cuter than ever!