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NFL game

A few weeks ago, our friends James and Jennifer S. asked if we wanted club seats to the Jaguars game on December 18th. We said sure, why not. Karel and I are not NFL fas but I use to be a big basketball and football fan. We had never bee to a NFL game and we heard the game would be good against the Colts. The whole experience was new to Karel and he just thought it was crazy that people come to the game 4 hours before the game and grill hot dogs and burgers and eat chips. Now tailgating is a new word in his vocabulary. :)
We had a great time and it was nice to get out and do something totally different from our normal lifestyle. The club seats were a treat with a variety of gourmet food options (very expensive but good) and very good seats. We also saw Jeff (karel's boss and team manager) and his family there. Jeff use to play for the Jaguars. Can you believe it, football player turned cyclist? He is super strong and a lot leaner than his football days.
Unfortunatly, with a game comes germs and I only had enough room in my purse for my nuts and not my antibacterial gel. That gel goes everywhere with me but silly me choose my nuts instead. So, now I have a bad head cold. I am sniffling like crazy, my throat hurts and I feel like my head is filled with cotton balls. Then I think about my last blog on how proud I am to not get sick. Well, perhaps I keep myself away from germs as much as possible and this just goes to show how easy it is to get a virus when around other people. This is why I always cook my own food and stay in a little bubble when I am about to do a big race. Of course, with taper week, my body is working overtime to heal and repair and I'm not suprised that I got a little cold. I am still doing the race tomorrow but my goals may change as I am running. Karel reminded me that I always tell people if your symptoms are above the neck, usually exercise makes you feel better. As if 26.2 miles wasn't hard enough???

The jaguars were winning until the 4th quarter. We left at the beginning of the 4th and when we got home, the Colts had won.