I Ran!!!!

Enough said!
I couldn't be more happy right now. My first time running in almost a month. I headed to the Y this morning for a well-anticipated run on the treadmill. "No more than 30 minutes and I'll stop if I feel any kind of pain". So, of course I'm driving to the gym and my head decided to play lots of games with me. Was my foot still hurt, could I really do this, what will I feel when I start to run?I think this is similar to the normal/fake jittery pains you feel during a taper and before a big race. I'm sure everyone has felt their ITBand flair up or a slight plantar fascitis pain right before the start of a race. But of course...there is nothing wrong! As in my case, I was totally ready for this run and my foot was fine. I started off with a walk and after 5 mintues, I put on my music and started to go. Started off a slow pace of 7.5 mph (1% incline as always) and I don't think I could have smiled any bigger. My normal gym buddies (who think I am crazy for running so fast) probably thought nothing of me running today, but to me this was a milestone! After 10 minutes at a slow 8 minute pace, I did a quick set of intervals - 2 minutes at 8 mph (my normal warm-up pace) and 1 minutes at 7.8 mph. Still felt great, not too tired in the legs but the heart rate was just a bit higher than normal. The heart rate wasn't a surprise and after my 30 minute run, my expectation for this morning's workout were met. I was so happy to be running and I can begin to see the light again. If you know me, even the least bit, I absolutely love to run. I love everything about it-from how I feel when I'm running to how I feel when the run is over.
So, although I ran 4 miles today (ok-so I had to complete the 4 miles and I just couldn't stop at 30 minutes) I know I have a long way to go until St.Anthony's. But, as a lesson to us all, when you are training think of where you want to go and not where you have been. The journey is the best part!!! :)
I feel bad for the participants in my spin class tonight. Although I am a sub tonight and wed night, this was a great morning and I know i'll have lots of energy to share!!!