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All Ready!

The bike is looking so good. This morning I took her out (Race wheels and all polished up) and rode with the Gearlink guys. I actually kept up through the whole ride until I started heading home. I had a good 30-mile warm-up ride with a couple high intensity sprints/intervals. It was just great to be out there....
I'm so excited for tomorrow. I just want to race! Not sure if I am excited about a 750 meter wet-suit swim, but I guess I will have to get through the "short" swim. Just seems so short for a wetsuit! hehe. Went to St.pete to get my race packet and browse around the Expo. One of the booths had Zoot clothing and the new line of clothes looks awesome! One of the girls I coach, Sarah was down there with me and it was great to share my excitement with another athlete. Karel is ready to rock n' roll and he is on his way to Orlando for the Spin City Classic. Too bad I can't watch him 'cause the Pro 1,2 race is at 8pm but I'll be cheering him on from Clearwater! GOOOO KAREL AND GEARLINK! My other friend Ryan is GO RYAN!
Oh, I just love cycling, triathlons...anything really!
Thanks to all my friends who gave me a good luck phone call, text or email. I really appreciate it and I'll be thinking of all my "Training buddies and coaches" during my race tomorrow. I better have my sprinting legs on...cause this will be a fast one with the other chicks!


Couldn't Feel Better!

Slept-in until 8:15am. OH YEaH! I guess I needed it after another 37-mile ride in the wind yesterday afternoon.
Also, more Press releases

Feeling ready to rock n' roll on sunday. Helping out at the Tri Shop today so if you don't have your gear for the race, come on by and visit me!
Good luck to all my cycling buddies racing at the Spin City Classic in Orlando. Have fun!


The Bad and the Good

The past couple days have been hard. Strictly speaking of wind and cycling, I am getting my butt kicked out there! Come on now, why do I get head wind in all directions!?! I am not one to complain so I'll look at it as GREAT Kona training. I don't really get mad at the head wind but I find myself laughing and wondering when I will get a break in the wind...NEVER I guess. I've been cycling a lot and feeling really strong. Aside from a little foot pain, I'm counting down the days until my first triathlon on sunday! I don't know why I am so excited for Subaru, but I'm totally ready to race! I can't wait to meet people as well.

Matt was tough on me this morning and I expected a hard workout in the pool. If it wasn't for the other 15 or so people in the pool, I probably wouldn't push myself as hard. Matt hasn't been too happy with me holding 1:30's for a 100 yrds, so he's been giving me crazy speed sets (grrrr) to work on my speed. But I must say that it is working. Today's set was 3x300 (#2 and #3 were with fins) and I was holding around 1:20's for the first 300 and I came in on 3:30 for the last 3oo (remember..with fins!). So now that I know I can hold 1:10 for a 100 with fins, maybe I can do that in Kona in 7 months???

I am super excited that I can announce my new sponsor....ZOOT! As the only clothing I feel comfortable racing in, I just LOVE the zoot clothing line. The first thing that sold me were the pockets in the cycling shorts...what a great idea! The wetsuits are just AMAZING and even the transition bag is great! check out or check out the current press release for Zoot


Major News!

First sponsor for 2007 is announced......keep checking the website for additional sponsor announcements!

It's Getting Close!

It's finally here! The end of the week is approaching and so is my first race of the season! I spoke last night at an all-women triathlon clinic and it was just great! Of course, anytime I talk about sports nutrition I am in "my zone" and I could probably TALK forever but this talk was really special. It was special for the reason that there were SO many new people - newbies (as we call them). I am really looking forward to seeing people at the upcoming races and anytime I can meet someone and encourage her to do a triathlon, I feel like I am serving my purpose as a triathlete. Training is going great and I've had 3 days of great training! Mon was a training ride with my cop friends, tues was a 7.2 treadmill run with Tony after a challenging 2500 pool workout and this morning was the normal spin class that I teach, followed by a 5.6 mile treadmill run. Feeling good and healthy and really really strong. I'm really excited to race! The foot is bothering me at times, but I am keeping it iced (like right now!) and stretched and being a good "stubborn" athlete. Yes-I know I am stubborn at times as we all are with our training.
Last week was kinda rough for me because the training enthusiasm was not all there. I didn't feel like myself and didn't have the energy that I normally have. So I layed off the running for the weekend and tried to get on my bike as much as possible. I'm really spending the time cycling, working on the skills, power and aerobic training and I really hope it pays off this weekend. I know this race distance is not my distance of choice... but I am looking forward to racing at my best and seeing all the awesome ladies out at Ft.Desoto racing with me!


Thanks to my coaches!

A lot of people ask me if I have a coach. Well, the answer is yes and no. I have NO formal coach, nor do I have someone specific to train with, to write me workouts or to help me with my skills and form. *I think I have the nutrition thing under control :)
However, I must also say YES that I do have many coaches in the triathlon community. I'm not sure if I should consider these people coaches or rather as training partners? Well, I look at these special people as coaches.
My friend Tony just wrote me an email and told me that he has a treadmill (speed) workout to do of 8 X 400 at 5K pace after our swim in the morning at Palm Harbor YMCA. We have run side-by-side on the treadmills the past 2 tuesdays and we both kinda encourage each other during our interval sets. Well, Tony is looking forward to me running with him tomorrow because he could use the help getting through the set. Well, I am excited to do the workout with him and have HIM push me along. Although we run at different speeds, based on our different HR thresholds, the workout is great and we both keep each other going. Especially when we do this workout after our 5:30am swim.
Another example was this morning when I spent 2 hours and 10 minutes on my bike with 2 cops that I coach (hopefully them being cops will have its when I get in trouble with the law they will have my back! Hehe-only kidding). They said they really wanted to get in a long ride of over 35 miles and get close to 40 miles. They are training for Ironman 70.3 Florida in hopes of a great race! I was only intending on riding with them for an hour, but I said YES to the opportunity to be on my bike with them. Any chance to be on my bike is great! Not sure if it counts, but I am pretty excited that I put in 300 miles in 7 days of riding. Not to shabby for a newbie cyclist (can I still use newbie??) I worked them hard and they didn't even complain.. and at the end of our 39.5 mile ride (isn't that sad when that happens) they apologized for being so slow and for getting in the way of my normal training speed. I appreciated the nice comment of my "normal" speed (whatever that may be) but I enjoyed being with them and didn't even look at my watch to see how long we had been going. It was a chance for me to practice my skills while working aerobically on my bike. I love training with other people and no matter who is pushing who, I always feel like people are helping me with my training.
I want to give a big thanks to all my coaches out there. It is only when I am around others that I feel like I have a lot of people helping me with my Ironman training. Only 7 months until Kona and I feel strong and excited to step up the training! Although there will come a time (in a couple weeks) where I will have to tailor my training to be a bit more intensive (which means I'll be recruiting the fast triathletes in this community to really kick my butt!) I am enjoying all the help from others who consider themselves "newbies". Be strong, stick with your training plan and be sure to thank all your training buddies...for they are your true coaches!


Investing in the Moments

As most of you all life is overwhelmed with Tri-related stuff. In addition to swimming, biking and running I coach newbie triathletes, I do nutrition consultations for triathlons and I write triathlon articles. So pretty much, I live, breathe, eat and sleep triathlons.
Is this a good thing? Well, it depends how you look at it. Some people enjoy working and enjoy spending hard earned cash on something nice (like a new car or expensive jewelry). Some people enjoy saving money and get excited when something goes on sale. Some people save for months (or years!) to spend money on a well-deserved week-long summer vaca. What do they all have in common? Everyone works hard for the dollar...and eventually, the money (for everyone) gets spent on something. Hopefully that "something" is worthwhile and practical. I enjoy spending money. Who doesn't!?! But in the sport of triathlons, it is very easy to spend money! Carbon-need I say more? But more than spending money, I love training! Now, besides buying the gear to train with (bike, running shoes, goggles, suit, etc.) the training part is free. I spent over 6 hours this weekend (over 110 miles) of cycling and it didn't cost me a penny. Most of all, my investment was in my heart (ok-that sounds silly, I know). Even with the 20 mph NW wind (yes, I check the weather channel before my rides!) on sat, I think I cycled well over 45 miles in headwind and side wind. But, I loved it and so did my heart. As the weather cooled on Saturday night, I did the same thing on Sunday and trained for free. Although the weather was cooler (around 46 degrees when I left!) and I had very numb toes and fingers, I did not mind being out on the Suncoast trail with my friends Christian and Hunter. We had such a great time chatting, not speaking as we paced each other and we really enjoyed being outside. Not one of us complained about the 2 1/2 hr bike ride (aside from me being cold at the beginning and impatient and ready to go right at 7:30am). I didn't even want to look at my HR monitor to see what the time was....I didn't really care. I was investing time in something well worth it and I wasn't even getting paid. Now that is a life. Including myself, I know many people who would complain about working 6 hours on a weekend or 2, 3-hour shifts and not getting paid, but it isn't that bad when you love what you do. Hopefully we can all find things we enjoy in life and make an investment with our time that we will stick with them and not complain or worry about how much money we are making or what else we could be doing instead. Enjoy the moment and live for today!