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Lake James 50 - race recap

Although the Lake James 50 race was not a key race for me and Karel, we gave it our best effort as that is what race day is all about.
No training session will ever prepare you for all the emotions that you feel on (and before) race day when you want/expect your body to perform and no workout will take you through all the motions of racing as race day is dynamic and you are constantly trying to be proactive to set yourself up for a better next mile, all while trying to delay fatigue.

As I mentioned in my last blog, this venue was absolutely beautiful. The challenging bike and run course allowed us to race and to not be tied to any metrics to control or time goals to achieve.

Rather than writing about the race, I thought I would document this special double win occasion with a video. And rather than just me giving all the play-by-play details, Karel joined me for a special video blog recap from the Lake James 50.

A few extra details that we left out of our recap:


Night before the race (in our hotel room - Comfort Inn, around 7pm)
Marni: Rice + veggie burger + fruit
Karel: Rice + veggie burger, a little chicken + bread (and butter)

Race morning (in our hotel room, around 6am)
Marni: 2 waffles + natural PB + cinnamon + banana and a handful of granola
Karel: Oatmeal + chocolate Bolthouse yogurt drink
Coffee (from french press that we brought) + Water

Race morning (at race venue)
Marni - sipping on 16 ounce water (from plastic throw away bottle)
Karel - 1 bar + 20 ounce water (with ~140 calories in it) to sip on (didn't finish it all)

SPORT NUTRITION: Bike: Marni: 2 x 24 ounce bottles (each with 280 calories, 70g carbs(with 15g as dextrose/cane sugar and 55g as maltodextrin, ~700mg of sodium). Each bottle was a different flavor.
Consumed both (sipping 4-5 swallows of bottle every ~12-15 minutes or a sip as needed)
Extra (JIC - just in case) bottle of 100 calories.
Karel: 2 x 24 ounce bottles (each with ~220 calories, ~550mg sodium).
Consumed 2 "gummy bears" (Margarita Clif Bloks)
Consumed one It's the Nerve before the swim and one before 2nd loop of bike.

Run: Marni: 2 x 10 ounce flasks (Nathan Hydration Mercury 2 belt) each with 100 calories (1 heaping scoop Clif Hydration Cran Razz)
Consumed a total of 1 flask (100 calories and 10 ounces water) in addition to a few tiny sips water from aid station while cooling the body
Karel: 4 x 10 ounce flasks - 1 with gel and 3 with each 1 scoop sport drink.
Consumed 2.5 flasks (120 calories, 30 ounce water) + a few sips of gel flask.

Clothing: Canari one piece short sleeve tri suit, Oakley Women continuity sport bra, CEP calf sleeves, newton socks
Swim: Xterra vengeance wetsuit, Speedo Vanquisher goggles
Bike: Bontrager shoes, Oakley sunglasses flak 2.0, Giro attack (no shield), Garmin Edge 810, Alto Wheels CC-56, Solestar kontrol insoles
Run: Brooks Pure Flow 4 running shoes, Nathan Mercury 2 hydration belt, Clif Bar visor, Garmin 910

Clothing: Canari one piece short sleeve tri suit, CEP calf sleeves
Swim: Xterra Vector Pro, Speedo MDR 2.4 goggles
Bike: Lazer Wasp Air helmet (with shield), Alto Wheels CT-56 front, 86 rear, Bontrager RL road high visability shoes, Solestar insoles, Garmin Edge 810
Run: Oakley Radar vent, Cupcakes with Cal BOCO Gear hat, Nathan 4 flask belt, New Balance Zante V2 running shoes, Garmin 910