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I AM a sprinter!!

Morton Plant mease sprint triathlon tomorrow!! I must say that I am a bit nervous. I go up and down with my nerves before a race. I get really excited and pumped up to race and then I think about the fast girls that I am racing with. I never really got nervous racing in my age group, but I think it is a good thing to race Elite. I'm excited to start in the first wave and really push the swim (which I love). I've been working SO hard on my cycling and I know I can be strong on the bike with my new confidence while riding. As far as the run, I love to run and I love to run fast. Even though I consider myself a distance runner (nice aerobic pace), I really enjoy interval workouts on the treadmill. I guess my interval tomorrow will be 3 miles at sub 7 min. pace. I must tell myself if I can "race" a half marathon at the end of a Half Ironman and hold 8 min. miles, then I sure can run my legs off to hopefully get in the low 20's for the 3.1 mile run tomorrow. I really want to do well and show myself that I can push. I always have fun at races but I really want to work this one and show myself what I can do. I'm super excited to see so many people on the course and now that Karel has suprised me that he will bike to my race and pass on his weekly ride to San Antonio, I know I will have a great bike ride! My parents are coming and I really appreciate their support...even at a 7am start time they are still my number one fans at my race and I love having them there. My mom does a great job yelling at me as I run through transistion area..I'm known for passing up my bike on the rack. I guess now that I am racing elite, I will run right through transition if I miss my bike! My dad is my photographer so expect pics on my blog after the race!!!
As of now, I'm excited for the morning....good luck everyone!!



It's almost here. Morton Plant Mease Triathlon. I don't know what I am most excited about, but I am looking forward to racing on sunday! There are so many athletes racing (over 800!) and I know so many people..that always makes for an entertaining and motivating race experience. I am also racing elite where I will be racing for $2000 for the top 5 elite females. I'm really excited for this opporunity and there are a lot of FAST ladies in this field. I say Ladies, cause as usually, most of the top athletes are atleast 5 to 10 years older than me and fast as anything! What an inspiration that these ladies have kids, families, full-time jobs (hehe) and so many daily committments and are still training and racing incredibly! I understand that we all do what we can to pay the bills, but sometimes I feel like I just work so hard just to pay for my trip to Kona for the World Championships. Oh well, the opporuntity may only happen once! :)
This week was tough up until thursday. I finally survived the entire wed night ride in Landsbrook and didn't get dropped! But of course my bike bag fell off right before the last loop and I was so upset that I had to turn around to go and get it. Since the wed ride consists of 5 loops around a 3 mile course, I turned in the opposite direction to meet up with the group before the final sprint. Thursday morning was a time trial swim (650 meters) and I felt really good about my 8:50 time). Thursday afternoon I rode the MPM course again for last minute details of where the potholes, bumps, unpaved parts and turns were on the course. Two days before a race I always sleep-in (ahhh, 6:15am has never felt so good) and I felt really rested since I usually get up before 5am during the week. Tomorrow I will have my race wheels on Seduza and I will have Karel warm-up with me for a couple intervals until he meets up with the group ride. I'm really looking forward to helping at registration for the race tomorrow at 11am. I always try to help with races and if I could help out during the race, I would find a way to race and help. I enjoy handing out packets at the expo because it is a great way to meet new people.
Sunday...well, you know-It's race day!
Good luck everyone!


Sunday's workout leading into Race week!

Sunday was an early morning. Karel headed to San Antonio for his normal sunday ride and I was off to sand key beach to meet a couple triathletes for a swim and a bike on the MPM race course. The swim was good and with the current, I felt fast. Out of the water and onto the bike was good and I biked the course with a couple newbies. I shared tips the entire way for ascending and descending on the bridges...all helpful tips which others have shared with me. I just love seeing the excitement and progression of newbie triathletes. It only takes once to get hooked. Because I didn't have enough money for the meter, I decided to drive home to dunedin and do my long run on the Pinellas trail. I just love running on the trail and seeing all the people along the trail is really encouraging. Also, every couple streets you see a glimpse of the ocean which is really nice. Because I took my time showing the triathletes the course in Clearwater, I didn't start my run until 9:15 am. That wouldn't be so bad if it was a short run after a long bike, but in this instance, I had a 2 hour and 15 minute run in scorching 90+ degree Florida heat!!! Unfortunantly, my fuel belt didn't do the job for keeping me hydrated and I was splashing water on me and refilling my bottles at every water fountain. I was very very hot and I couldn't believe that i covered almost 16 miles in that heat! My black Zoot shorts were covered with salt after the workout and i was cooked for the rest of the day. Once karel got back from his ride, we exchanged a couple stories of how hot we were for our workouts and we were both out for most of the day. We each claimed a couch and snoozed for most of the afternoon. We've been watching the tour everyday which makes for an entertaining evening.
Monday morning was a well-needed recovery day and tuesday morning I swam and did my interval treadmill workout. Tuesday evening I rested and this morning was spin class and 1500 meter easy swim. Tonight will be my last hard workout until the race and I hop to make all the loops with the Gearlink guys for our wed night ride.
I am super excited to race Elite for Morton Plant and race with so many of my friends and familiar faces in the area! Philip Lahaye puts on great races and I know this sold-out event will be great!


I'm Cooked!

What a weekend...Actually, what a WEEK!!! I am cooking here in Florida! The heat and humidity get to you no matter what time you train! Thursday I had a hard time getting in the water after my 4th of July intense bike ride (65 + 1 hour spin class). I just stood at the edge of the pool at 5:20am and forced myself to get in. Every workout to me needs to be a quality workout. Regardless if I am spinning easy on my bike or doing an aerobic long run, I want to get something from everything that is tri-related. I wondered what the Pro's would do the day after a weekly ride and from that point on, it was an easy decision to get in the water. The workout wasn't too hard but I did get 3600 meters in that morning. I followed the swim with a 8 mile run and I was surprised how good my legs felt. Thursday evening I hoped on the road bike and did a nice 35 min ocean swim to get me use to open water swimming. I don't get anything out of the swim for speed, but just for the simple fact that I like being around other triathletes while being in open water.
Friday morning I rode the Morton Plant Mease bike course 2 x's (including memorial causeway 3 x's) and completed 30 miles on my bike before a 7 mile run. Again, I felt powerful with my running and I think all that cycling is finally paying off. A year of kicking my butt on the bike and I'm finally seeing some results. I have great cycling friends (and Karel) to keep me going fast (a.k.a drafting off of) and they give me great pointers.
Saturday morning was a good day. Warmed up with karel to clearwater beach and at 8am we met the gearlink group at CVS. It is never a warm-up when I ride with Karel so with tired legs (FROM WED!!!) I was pedalling my legs off to stay on his wheel. The Gearlink riders met up with the Panera ride and I knew this would be a great opportunity to show myself that I am a strong rider. I have to tell myself that for that little, I always do my best when karel is around. even though I don't see him cause he is always at the front of the group, I just know he is proud of me and hopefully his fast cycling skills are rubbing off on me. I had my other two girlfriends there (Celia and Roberta) so I was in good company that morning. The ride was fast but I kept up. A couple times I feel behind but luckily I caught up to the group in time to not get dropped. After the 54 mile ride, I finished the morning with a 7 mile run. Running at 10:30am is no fun, but I guess it is good Kona training. After my workout I rushed into the shower, blended me a yummy protein smoothie and quickly got in the car to go to Tampa. I first dropped my bike off with Karel for a well-needed tune-up (new chain, new cables) and cleaning. Oh-seduza looks great! I spoke to a room full of Doctors (10 Amazingly nice people) about Triathlons. Most of the talk was preparing for the Morton plant tri this weekend and I spoke briefly about nutrition for sprint triathlons. I really enjoy speaking to people and seeing the excitement from newbies! I remember the day..... Anyways, after my 75 minute talk I had a quick stop at starbucks and i was heading home for a well-needed nap!
this Blog is already a long one so i will leave you hanging before i tell ya about sunday!