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    Some thoughts of mine....

    It's pretty obvious that I think Karel is amazing. He is so strong on the bike and he puts up with me :) Karel was unable to ride in the am due to rain so he jumped on the trainer in the evening. I sat on the couch as Karel did his workout and we both watched the Tour '06 for motivation. Karel absolutely hates riding his trainer so he is usually braving all kinds of weather conditions to not miss his workout. As for the rain, we both feel that starting a workout in the rain isn't a safe idea. However, if it rains during a workout, I just feel like a little kid riding my bike in the rain. Because of my evening classes and busy Monday through Wednesday schedule, I've been in need of a little extra sleep and "sleeping in" on mon, tues and thurs. Wed I have to get up at 4:40 to go and teach my spin class but tues and thurs I have found it really hard to be productive after waking up at 4:40am for a morning swim. If I have an extra hour in the morning, I'd rather sleep in and workout on my own than being extremely tired all day. Now that I'm in class, retaining information is a lot easier after a good night sleep. I have been able to get in some great runs and swims but the cycling has slacked a bit. Although Blue is infront of Seduza, my side of the bikes are being neglected this week. Seduza is on a vacation for a while. I let her rest after Kona :)

    This morning Karel and I did our normal Friday lifting together. I usually head to the Y 30 minutes before Karel to get in a 3 mile run and karel joins me at the end and we run together on the treadmill for a 10 min warm-up before our plyometrics. As coach/personal trainer Marni, I've been coming up with great circuits for us by using the BOSU and a medicine ball. What a great workout! we end with a few upper and lower weight training exercises and then always add in the core exercises during the workout and at the end. I just love the core!
    So after my workout this morning I hoped in the pool for a refreshing outdoor 15 minute swim. I started thinking about my season and then asked myself..what season? I haven't signed up for any races, I have no training plan and I don't even know why I am staying so disciplined to work out? As "Marni the triathlete" it is hard to have a conversation with my triathlon/cycling friends with out the question of "what are you training for?" coming up. Amidst my writing, studying, planning the wedding and working out, my leg is starting to heal and I should probably starting thinking about a race. I had mentioned to Karel that I wanted to do some cycling races with him this season but it has been hard to motivate myself to ride my bike without having a triathlon to train for. It just seems as though cycling is just a component to triathlons. After our workout this morning, Karel took a moment to tell me that I would be racing this year and to not tell myself that I won't race. He is right and I appreciate his truthful words. I guess I have been scared to sign up for a race due to the disappointment of not being able to race competitively. I consider myself a very competitive person but I think just having a goal and a training plan would really get my life into gear. I just feel like something is missing. It's that goal that drives you to be the best at everything you do and I am ready to work towards that goal again. As for the races I will do this year.....I will call them events and those have yet to be decided :)


    Did you hear the news?

    FDA Issues Documents on the Safety of Food from Animal Clones
    Agency Concludes that Meat and Milk from Clones of Cattle, Swine, and Goats, and the Offspring of All Clones, are as Safe to Eat as Food from Conventionally Bred Animals

    Hummmm, makes me think about the food I eat....and thankfully don't eat. I really try hard to eat natural and fresh food. I don't do 100% for a few reasons. I feel fruits (with eatable outsides), most veggies and meats should be organic. However, I don't have a high enough disposable income to invest in all organic products. I look for organic brands whenever possible (especially peanut butter, which has hardly any ingredients) but I always look for foods which have to be refrigerated. Karel and I have a shelf which holds all our processed/boxed foods. We always have Oats, instant oatmeal (Weight Watchers Quakers, my favorite), nuts, dark chocolate (Karel would kill me if I didn't let him have his chocolate..which is heart healthy for you in moderation) and a big container of a mix of 3 cereals on our shelf. I find having a mix of cereals is better than having just one. I combine a high fiber cereal, a low calorie puff cereal (which takes up space) and a regular cereal (cheerios, special K, Life, Total, etc.). By combining the cereal you get a lot more variety (I'm all about a little of everything) and you can cut back on calories with the puff cereal taking up most of the space. In our 'fridge, however, I always have veggies, fruits, eggs, egg substitutes, cheeses, lean meats, soy and skim milk, PB, healthy condiments (salsa and hot sauce are our favorite toppers), fat-free cream cheese, spray butter, high-fiber whole grain bread, raisins, Lit n' fit yogurt, string cheese, sugar-free syrup and low-sugar jelly. I'm sure I forgot some things but I keep the same foods in our fridge all the time. I absolutely LOVE cooking and presentation of the food is everything to me! If it looks good, you are more likely to take your time when eating. I am also an experimenter so I'm always up for trying new recipes, in a healthy fashion. When Karel buys the food, he usually gets an educational lesson about the food he bought but he is always a good sport and he loves to learn about food. At first I was worried about talking to Karel about food but I was quick to learn that he actually wanted to know about food labels, ingredients,etc. I'm not trying to be obsessive about food but I really enjoy educating people. For example, the other day Karel brought home a plastic container of Muffins. First thought...plastic container means "this product can sit on the shelf for a while!" However the product had a label which read "No trans fat". So I went to the ingredients to see if hydrogenated oil was listed. There was no hydrogenated oil in the muffin. According to the FDA a product may have .5g or less/serving of trans fat and still list zero trans fat on the label. So check the ingredients for Hydr. oil. If it is there, there is an addition of trans fat (liquid fat turned solid through the addition of hydrogen. Not heart healthy!!). Karel said he bought the muffin because of the label which listed "high in fiber, no trans fats". I went to the nutrition label and there was a lot of fiber but when looking at the calories, there were 280 calories in the small little cranberry, bran muffin! That's almost a meal and hardly filling enough to keep you satisfied for an hour. I absolutely love when Karel brings home new foods because it is an opportunity for me to educate and become open minded to new foods. There is a time for everything and I'm not the person who will tell someone to NEVER eat x-food. However, you must always look at labels to become aware of calories, serving sizes (another big problem in foods when the calories are listed for 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 of the serving of the food you want), ingredients and nutrients. My best advice for athletes is to break down your daily total calories (around 2000-2600, considering you are only exercising moderately 1-2 hours a day) into 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. This way you can break down each meal (ex. 400-500 calories per meal) and focus on healthy macronutrients which are healthy, filling and advantageous for your workouts. Next, add 100-200 calories to your daily intake for each exhaustive hour of exercise you are doing that day. And lastly, add 100-150 calories for pre training and post-training snacks for each hour you are doing a day. By having a starting number and then timing your snacks with your training and not overeating at meals, you should be using the right fuels at the right time to fuel your workout. I won't digress about carbs and proteins at the moment but if anything, I'd be weary to eat anything with the word "cloned" in front of it!